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What can you expect from Reconstructive Surgery?

What can you expect from Reconstructive Surgery?
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

What can you expect from Reconstructive Surgery?

Do you have a child who was born with a birth defect, such as cleft lip or palate? Are you a woman who has undergone a mastectomy? Or, perhaps you’ve experienced a traumatic injury or disease that has permanently affected some part of your body that you want to be fixed.

We understand that Accidents & Trauma can cause great damage to you physically & mentally. That’s why reconstructive surgery has been a relief to many. Receiving Reconstructive surgery is a brilliant way to repair any damage caused by accidents & trauma. If you are in the Hyderabad area, you might benefit from a reconstructive procedure from Dr. Venkata Ramana from Contours

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What can you expect from Reconstructive Surgery?

Reconstructive procedures are done to improve body parts that were damaged by trauma, accidents, congenital defects, or other problems.

It can restore lost functionality and improve the appearance of the affected body parts. This type of procedure can also be able to improve the appearance of your breasts after a mastectomy as well.

What are the different types of Reconstructive Surgery?

If you can imagine the number of injuries, accidents, birth disfigurement issues that can arise in our imperfect lives, then the reconstructive procedure will help you repair it. Whatever it may be.

Types of Reconstructive Surgery
Treating Burns
Burns can create large significant scars on one’s body. Not just appearance, sometimes burn scars can heavily affect specific areas of your body making it difficult to do physical chores & other activities.

For example Contours Hyderabad in addition to providing reconstructive surgery to improve scars on your nose, lips, and other areas of your face, also improves the patient’s ability to use their shoulders, legs, hands, and other body parts.

Because reconstructive procedures in Hyderabad uses sophisticated techniques like skin grafts, donor flaps to correct the damage without harming the movement of the body part

Reattaching amputated fingers & Repairing Hands
The reconstructive procedures can also be used to reattach a finger that you might have lost during an accident. Successful attachment depends on how quickly you receive the right medical attention for the amputation

In Contours Hyderabad and other Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center, this issue is treated by transferring tissues from other areas of the body. Your doctor will also reconnect your blood vessels and reconstruct your tissues. Loss of finger may cause great mental stress for the affected individual & even grasping ability of hand decreases,

Reattaching one’s finger improves the functionality of your hand and enhances your ability to grasp objects with your fingers.

For the whole hand, there is Hand Reconstructive surgery to improve carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon problems, bone fractures, and other issues.

Birth Defects & Reconstruction Surgery
Facial defects such as cleft lip, cleft palate can cause breathing problems, snoring & even affecting sinus. Facial reconstruction surgery can correct these facial defects.

Other Birth Defects like Club Foot, webbed feet, extra toes can also be treated with Reconstructive surgery

Reconstruction of Breast
Sometimes if you have breast cancer, mastectomy is conducted to remove all the breast tissue to treat the cancer. Mastectomy can also be preventive measure for all the women who had breast cancer in their close family.
Reconstruction of the breast can be a great way to rebuild the breast & restore confidence

Breast reconstruction in Hyderabad can be conducted using tissue from a different part of your body. Alternatively, doctors also use implants to improve the appearance of your breasts.

What are the benefits of Reconstructive Surgery?

Mental Benefits
Developing scars or burn rashes can cause a significant negative effect on your mental well-being. After mastectomy, one might feel less attractive and may find it difficult to face society.

With reconstructive surgery, one can undo all the damage & feel like one old self. This definitely restores confidence & self-esteem.

Physical Benefit
Reconstructive surgery in Hyderabad has obvious physical benefits. Not just improving appearance but restoring the physical ability of affected body parts.

For example, hand injuries can affect the movement of hands which in turn makes typing, drawing or other chores extremely difficult. Receiving a hand reconstructive surgery will improve the functionality of your hands helping you to stay productive at your job

Why Contours

Contours is India’s No.1 Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Center (Times Health Survey 2019-20)
Dr. Venkakta Ramana has almost 18 years of experience in this field. With him, reconstructive surgery in Hyderabad is 100% safe & our every customer is satisfied.

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