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Facial Reconstruction Surgery in Hyderabad

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Facial Reconstruction Surgery in Hyderabad


Mid facelift treatment addresses the earliest signs of ageing that will help in keeping the face sculpted by sharpening the facial appearances. Also known as cheek lift treatment the surgery actively participate in elevating the cheeks and eye area that will provide fulfilled to the entire face. The results of the surgery are permanent and the recovery is quicker. There are few non-surgical procedures of the facelift treatment that will help in elevating the lower eyelids as well as the upper cheeks. Since the non-surgical procedures and very time consuming and the results are temporary the surgical treatment of mid cheek lift healthy population to improve their official appearance. With the gradual increase of age, the skin of the face becomes looser, fat is deposited underneath and the quality degrades. A mid facelift is thus considered as a one-time solution that will not only help in tightening the skin by removing wrinkles and creases but will also help in improving the quality of the skin so that it becomes more sculpted.



Details about the procedure

Consulting an expert is very essential who will help in scheduling the entire surgery. During a mid-facelift treatment, the flap of the skin present on each side of the face has tightened the back so that the contour is visible. Further, if there is an excess skin present on the face after contouring it is removed. In addition, the fat deposited underneath the facial skin is removed to improve the appearance as well as the quality of the skin. Since mid-facelift is a cosmetic concern that increases with age, it is very essential to consult a Doctor Who will help in conducting the entire surgery with the utmost ease.

Things to do before the reduction surgery

The doctors will review the entire medication history of the patient and will perform official exam m. With this exam, the surgeon will be able to gain an idea of the entire bone structure, fat distribution as well as the quality and shape of the skin. After asking the patient expectation regarding the facelift surgery the doctor will schedule the time for the treatment. The doctor will prescribe some dietary restrictions. Smoking and drinking alcohol must be avoided before 2 weeks of the surgery. Further the day before the surgery the patient will be asked not to eat or drink anything. Medications like Aspirin or any kind of sedative without the approval of the surgeon is strictly prohibited.

Postoperative measures

Few risks associated with the post-operative treatment of the maid cheek lift surgery. Loss of blood, incision scars, nerve injury, skin loss and hair loss are the after-effects of the surgery that can increase the complications of the treatment. Apart from that bruises, moderate chest pain, irregular heartbeats are common after-effects that are observed therefore it is very essential for the patients to keep the doctors updated about the entire after effects. Taking medications recommended by a doctor, taking rest by keeping the head elevated, applying ice bags to reduce the swelling are the remedies that must be considered by the patients.


Contourshyd.com and its surgeons

Contourshyd.com is an eminent brand that facilitates their patients with utmost comfort and ease. The doctors of the clinic are very efficient and with their amicable behaviour, they are able to treat the patients effectively. Contourshyd.com has various packages and unique equipment for each treatment. The nurses are also efficient who actively participates and collaborates with the expert doctors for performing every surgery.

Cost of the treatment in India

The standard cost of the surgery varies from 80,000 to 1 lac. However, depending on the face area and the quality of the skin the prices varies. In addition to that, the price of the treatment package also varies as per the geographical location of the clinics. Since in the metropolitan cities, the availability of the facilities is more, the prices of the packages are also more.

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