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Cleft Palate Surgery in Hyderabad

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Cleft Palate Surgery in Hyderabad

An Overview of Cleft Lift and Palate Repair Surgery:

When the baby takes birth with a hole or an opening in the palate roof inside the mouth or the upper lip a cleft lift and palate repair surgery becomes necessary to conduct. This is not a rare defect and can be commonly observed in babies. These defects can be of many types such as a baby can have an opening in the upper lip, only in the palate, can also have both the defects together. Sometimes the upper lip of a baby can have a cleft only on one side. On other occasions, the clefts can be on both sides of the lips. The clefts can be only a very small opening. Some of the openings can stretch from the gums of the upper jaw up to the nostril. In the early stage of the pregnancy a baby’s nose, gums, jaw closes in together. The opening forms when these parts cannot come together properly.



The Sequential Procedure of Cleft Lift and Palate Repair Surgery

In order to cure this condition the most commonly used surgical technique is to conduct reconstructive surgery. For cleft lips, the surgery is done after one month from the birth of the baby. General anaesthesia is given to the baby and the time taken for the surgery can extend up to one and a half-hour. In this surgery, what a surgeon does is he reorganises the muscles and the skin of the lips by utilising flaps. The local tissues are rearranged in order to repair the openings and to close them. In case of an opening in the gum, the surgeons conduct bone graft surgery. This operation can be conducted when the child’s age reaches up to 9 years. This surgery can be conducted within 9 to 12 years of age. In order to treat the opening in the palate, the muscles and the linings of the mouth palate are reorganised by the surgeons. General anaesthesia is applied in this case also and the tentative time required for the operation is one and a half-hour. In this surgery, the surgeon’s do0 not need any extra tissue. The babies need to be operated within the time of one year from birth. In case of the severity of the health scenario, the time span required for the surgery can extend.

Things to Know Before the Surgery:

The parents who seek to operate their babies need to be very careful about certain facts that the children need to get proper nutrients so that no complications can arise during the operation. The parents need to be careful that they do not smoke in front of the baby or treat them carelessly. These operations are mostly conducted at a very early age of the babies so the parents must take proper care for them.

Postoperative Measures:

As these surgeries are conducted at a very early age of the babies after the surgery, the babies are needed to be treated very carefully. The parents need to feed the babies carefully and the diet must be a complete diet consisting of all kinds of nutrients. The parents need to train children to speak properly. Speech therapy can be a very useful measure. Sometimes these operations can affect the hearing abilities of the children and that can be treated by applying or implementing listening therapies. The children who undergo these operations need proper care from the parental figures or the caregivers so that they can survive or handle the surgeries.


Contourshy.com and the Doctors Appointed In This Clinic:

In the case of operating the babies, the parents need to be very conscious about choosing the right doctors and a good clinic. Contourshyd.com is a very reliable clinic when it comes to these kinds of operations. The doctors of this clinic are very dependable and have handled many such cases. They are sympathetic towards the parents and suggest them the best possible ways to treat their babies.

Cost of Cleft Lift and Palate Repair Surgery in India:

Nowadays different NGOs are coming up to help the babies and the parents of not so well off families so that they can treat their babies without any cost. Generally, the cost for cleft Lift and Palate Repair Surgery in India ranges from rupees 10,000 to rupees 12,000. In big cities, the clinics charge more as they take extra care and advanced facilities for the babies so that the surgery can be made easier and less stressful for the babies. In rural clinics, such operations are not even an option. In order to help poor parents, the NGOs come up to help them.

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