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Ultrasonic Surgery Liposuction in Hyderabad

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Ultrasonic Surgery Liposuction in Hyderabad


What is Ultrasonic liposuction ?

For those having difficult trimming the fat from specific areas of the body one of the popular and safe cosmetic body contouring procedure you take is liposuction. If you prefer something less invasive the perfect option is Ultrasonic Liposuction UAL. It has good results with instant benefits. It is same as the ultrasound method if you ever been suggested an ultrasonography or abdomen and pelvis but here it involves ultrasonic waves. As the name implies , this procedure uses simple ultrasonic waves to get rid of fat cells .

Ultrasonic liposuction is type of fat loss procedure that liquefies cells before the removal. Its easy safe and simple procedure involving fat loss. Ultrasonic assisted liposuction is a non invasive cosmetic procedure designed to eliminate persistent excess fat deposits in the body.




These five easy steps will help you understand the procedure :

Step 01

Consult a good physician. It is best to gather all the proper information before taking on advantage of such procedures to ensure to avoid any risks that might occur before and after the procedure.

Step 02

Your measurements are taken before the procedure with photographs to see the difference after the procedure as well. Please note that there is significant difference between the ultrasonic liposuction (UAL) and vaser liposuction .While both utilize ultrasonic waves to break down fat cells, Laser liposuction will physically need to extract melted fat cells using the cannula . This particular procedure of (UAL) utilizes ultrasonic waves to get rid of fat cells by transforming it into free fatty acid which are far more comfortable for the body to flush out. This procedure can help you in getting rid of extra layers of the fat not only in the mid section of the body but also on thighs hips and chin.

Step 03

As the fat cells break down and turn into free fatty acids , the body will be able to remove it from the urinary tract system. Using high ultrasound frequency waves will breakdown the fat cells without the need for any invasive procedure. The broken down fat cell membrane can then be easily absorbed into the lymphatic system , which will carry over it directly to liver to be flushed out from the body .

Step 04

After each session the measurements are taken again to see the difference as the results are instant and long lasting depending upon the body weight

Step 05

Most doctors will recommend you to follow a low fat diet and low carb diet with avoidance of alcohol during the first four days of each session . This procedure involves breakdown of fat cells into free fatty acids which are easy to burn down by exercise and flush out of the body .

Preparation before the session

A healthy and nutritious diet with proper consultation is advised throughout the treatment which will help the patient not to deposit fat and will help them metabolize the fat effectively. For people having difficult time getting rid of their double chin , this procedure is very effective and painless and helps in toning the jaw line.. For abdomen it is the most common procedure done by majority of the patients. There are instances where in there is excess deposit of fat giving awkward shape to the back which can help getting rid of fat cells. Consider this procedure for spectrum of fat deposits in the difficult areas .


After each session the patient can expect to return to their regular routine and work with no issues whatsoever. Patients can expect results in couple of weeks after the entire procedure has been completed.Results may vary with seeing little difference as multiple sessions are required to see drastic difference .Patients are advised to do their part and maintain healtherir lifestyle to take care of their fat loss and exercise in their daily routine .this will help optimize the results.


Cost in India

Before we into average liposuction cost and breakdown , note that since it is a considered as a cosmetic procedure it is not covered by any medical insurance. You can consider it by inquiring about the payment plan with your doctor about how many sessions are required . Each session can cost around 3000 to 4000 rupees and the package of 10 sessions would cost about 40000 rupees depending on the areas covered.

About Contours

Effective solution to all your problems can be provided by Contourhyd.com with their well developed team of professional and dedicated cosmetic surgeon. They have vast experience in all kind of procedure with effective results which will help you to achieve the desired contour and silhouette and they work towards maintaining the same professional and efficiently .They are the best in the India guiding you to achieve the best in you .



Remember there are parts which have these fatty deposits where you body has tendency to store fat. To tone it effectively you would need the same.

You would need around 10 – 12 session for each part of the body with one week gap but this can effectively suggested by the cosmetic surgeon

Yes since this is  non invasive proceand does not involve any cannula to drain it , you can return to work and your daily activities immediately.

It is more of fat loss procedure where patient find it difficult to burn fat thereby taking care of bone weight and muscle weight

Around 60 – 80 minutes is required per session and in proper clinic a timer is allocated in the machine itself

Ultrasonic Liposuction with faster recovery period. Patients can continue along with their daily routine as well.

The effects of this cosmetic procedure should be quite visible by the 4th and the 6th session . You will also be given strict diet and regimen that you should follow to boost the overall effect of this procedure.

Remember your body has tendency to localize in the particular areas of body parts . You need to check the amount of bad fats that you consume like oily and fried food. Keep in mind that this procedure is not designed for weight loss but for fat loss.

The perfect age of 15 and above is essential.

To burn those bat fats effectively you can follow a regieme of walking everyday for 30 minutes and increase it to 40 minutes.

Your body has tendency to deposit fat in affected area. You need to boost your metabolism and digestion power to burn fat.

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