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Double Chin Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad

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Double Chin Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad

About double chin reduction

Double chin is caused due to an extra layer of fat that is deposited beneath the chin. In other words, it is the condition of deposition of submental fat that forms layers of under the chin. Double chin is majorly a result of weight gain, where people suffering from obesity and hyperthyroidism suffer the most. Further, due to gene abnormality, the skin of the face loses out resulting in the formation of a double chin. The idea of double chin reduction gained the limelight as it actively participated in tightening the loose skin cells and enhancing facial appearance. Several non-surgical methods are introduced that helps to get rid of the double chin problems. Facial exercise being one of them. Apart from that, surgery treatments are performed nowadays, that helps in the reduction of double chin easily by consuming less amount of time.



Details about the procedure of double chin reduction

To gain sharp facial features, with the help of exercise, one can easily get rid of the unnecessary double chin. Straight jaw jut, ball exercise, pucker up, neck and tongue stretch, bottom jaw suit are the effective measures that will help in the reduction of double chin from the face. In the case of excessive weight gain, following a properly balanced diet, the possibilities of the return of double chin in the future can be prevented. Lipolysis and mesotherapy are the common double chin reduction techniques that will help the patients to go through a painless treatment. The process is painless as before the initiation of the surgery numbing agents are used so that the pain is not felt. The surgery involves injectable methods where drugs are injected that helps in the dissolve of the extra fat by making the chin tightened.

Before the double chin reduction surgery

The best way that is considered to get rid of the fat lying beneath the chin is to follow a proper healthy diet. In case, if a patient is confused about the approach towards the surgery, one must consult a dietician who will participate in drafting a healthy diet to lose bodyweight. If a patient is trying to undergo the process of surgery, consulting a relevant doctor is very important. The doctor will not only assist the patient about the best method to reduce the deposition of excessive fat in chin forming a double layer but will also take care to prevent further fat deposition. In case of diabetes and people with high blood pressure, there are high tendencies to recover double fat chin even if surgery is performed. Therefore, before the surgery, the patients must intake proper medicines and reduce smoking and alcohol consumption to sustain better results.

Postoperative measures

In the case of double chin reduction surgery, lipolysis is normally used that helps in the meeting of the fat to contour the cheekbones and face areas. Local anaesthetic agents are used to numbing the areas for treatment so that no pain is felt. Lipolysis only removes fat but the surgery of the excess skin underlying is removed with the help of mesotherapy. With this process, the skin is also tightened as the fat pores are stooped. No, as such,side effects are there apart from a few bruises, swelling and pain, but one must maintain a healthy balanced diet with exercise that will probably restrict the further deposition of fat.


Contourshyd.com and its surgeons

The safest way is to undergo a surgery that will not only assist in gaining sharp facial features within a less amount of time but are also side effect free. Contourshyd.com is an effective brand that provides a variety of offers regarding double chin reduction surgery. Affordable mesotherapy, lipolysis methods are available in the clinic of Contourshyd.com. The medical team has a positive reputation in the country and the nursing team is well trained who actively participates in making the patients comfortable. The entire team collaborates during every surgery. The clinic also has a dietician who can recommend proper balance diet to the patients.

Cost of double chin reduction in India

The standard cost for the reduction of a double chin with the help of surgery is Rs. 85,000 to 1lacs. Since the cost is highly dependent on the availability of the facilities, in metropolitan cities, the prices of the packages are low. As per the availability of the expert surgery consultant, the prices vary. Moreover, geographical location plays a crucial role as densely populated places offer packages that are more flexible but the rural areas are restricted to one of two varieties of services.



Double chin is considered as the excessive deposition of fat layers beneath the chin that can be reduced by adopting exercise, following a proper diet and even undergoing surgery.

Ball exercise, pucker up, tough stretch are the most common types of exercise that help in the reduction of a double chin. Apart from that following a healthy diet by avoiding oily food can also reduce fate. Surgery can be performed that will help in the reduction of a double chin.

Surgery is the easiest way to get rid of the fat underlying in the chin surface. Nowadays, several affordable packages will help in the reduction of chin fat.

No, the surgery is not painful as numbing agents are applied prior to the treatment.

Minimum 4-5 sessions in a gap of 10 days are required.

25-40 is the best time to undergo surgical treatment of double chin reduction.

Face swelling, sudden infection, blood vessel disruption are common after-effects of the surgery.

Frequent doctor visit and keeping them updated about the facial condition is the essential follow up that one must consider.

Yes, people with diabetes and high blood pressure can undergo surgery but consulting a doctor is must.

There are several benefits of double chin surgery out of which one is the improvement of facial appearance.

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