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Lipo Surgery in Hyderabad

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Lipo Surgery in Hyderabad


Want to flaunt your face features and hour glass body like celebrities? Here is the key to it. Fat deposit tends to reocur or your body has a tendency to deposit fat in particular areas which is difficult to lose through dieting and extensive weight training in the gym. There is a key to losing this kind of fat through lipoplasty. This is a procedure of higher grade and efficacy. It involves liposuction with suction assisted lipectomy. The procedure can slim thighs and hips and flatten your abdomen shape your calves or eliminate double chin where your body tends to deposit or store fat. This could not only be associated with belly fat but also with the tendency to store fat in the hips where the natural metabolism fails to work. To reshape your figure with help of lipoplasty and enjoy the results for a longer period of time with its efficacy.




Here are the easy six fixing steps of lipoplasty which will guide you about the procedure and help help you return to work easily in few days with that perfect contour .

Step 01

Consult the best cosmetic surgeon who will study your face or body carefully and provide you the best technique.

Step 02

Before the liposuction , the surgeon will mark the areas of the body treated . Your surgeon will select the appropriate technique based on the treatment goals , the areas will be treated. Some lipoplasty procedure may require local or regional anesthesia. the procedure may last for several hours depending on the extent or fat removal.

Step 03

Fat is removed inserting a small hollow tube called the cannula through one of more tiny incisions on the area to be suctioned. Incisions are placed often within the thin lines . This is usually an art gifted to a cosmetic doctor not anymore a skilled developed .Guided by the physician the suction fat literally vacuums away the unwanted fat

Step 04

Lipoplasty can be performed on the several areas of the body at the same time to achieve the slimmer contour of face and the body with those shape features .

Step 05

The fat removal technique depends on many factors and must be determined by individual basis .Choice of technique is much less important than choice of surgeon to take care through his art and skill and be certified and complete professional

Step 06

After the procedure expect some minor pain swelling and bruising. You are usually advised to wear tight pressure garments which helps reduce swelling for few days .

Preparations to do before the treatment:

Before the procedure discuss with your surgeon what to expect from the surgery . Your surgeon will review your medical history and ask about your medical conditions you may have and any medications supplements or herbs that you may be taking . Your surgeon will recommend the best suitable pan and design for you the best suitable treatment and technique according to your body needs . Your surgeon may advise you to stop taking certain medications or blood thinners that you are on for sometime

Result and recovery

Your skin may look bumpy and wavy or withered due to uneven fat removal so its important to choose a good cosmetic surgeon who not only reduces fat but also helps to contour your body and face for that slimmer appearance. Even if few pounds are gained weight is evenly distributed that’s the best part of treatment for long lasting results .Because of the individual factors the results may vary. Here the measurements are taken into consideration for the slimmer contour rather than body weight of the person. Remember Lipoplasty is not a substitute to weight loss and its more for the inch loss to be taken care of and give your that elegance of slimmer contour. Remember its the art of the surgeon that he sculpts his patients with least complications forseen. Resumption of work is possible in one or two weeks and some form of exercise is possible .


Cost in India

This will be based on the individual factors and individual needs depending on the areas affected and covered. Multiple areas can be covered at the same time and the extent of fat removal would also affect the cost of treatment in some sectors of India Apart from technique the physician or doctor incharge would also cost. But in India the cost go lipoplasty is around 80.000 to 1 lakh rupees

About the contourshyd.com:

The contourshyd.com is a recognized leading aesthetic clinic devoted entirely through the aesthetic surgery and cosmetic medicine of face and body . They have extensive experience in the complete spectrum of surgical and non surgical aesthetic procedures . They adhere to strict code of ethics in taking care of each and every patient .



Healing is gradual. There might be some fluid retention following the slimmer contour but that will subside in the weeks time or so following surgery

Every surgery carries some risk .Complications include bleeding , infection , poor healing and reaction and response of the patient .

Significant complications of lipoplasty are rare

Results are permanent as long as patient maintains postoperative weight

The patient may be able to return to work in few days .

You may need a additional maintenance treatment for best results

There are no risks involved. It is a painless procedure with a good expert doctor who will help you in dissolving fat with his well guided team

Mostly it will be maintained with a good nutitious diet to be followed which will help boost your metabolism and does not allow to deposit fat.

Liposuction is useful for contouring under the chin,neck,cheeks, upper arms ,breasts,thighs,abdomen, buttocks , hips, thighs ,knees and calves and ankle area and other difficult areas of the body.

A matured healthy individual above the age of 18 can go for this procedure

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