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Laser Stretch Mark Removal in Hyderabad

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Laser Stretch Mark Removal in Hyderabad


Stretch marks occur in our body when the outer layer of skin becomes weak and stretches in patchy or linearly arrangement. For many, stretch marks are a part of their lives and it can occur during a weight loss journey, puberty, hormonal changes or pregnancy. While some people accept it to be a normal thing, there are many, who lookout to get rid of these scars. Nowadays there are different treatments available for stretch mark removal and the primary aim of these treatments is to reduce the patchy arrangement so that the skin appears to be normal.



How Stretch mark removal treatment is done?

The advancement of modern medical science has invented different procedures for stretch mark removal and it may depend on skin type, pigmentation of the skin and your doctor will suggest a suitable procedure according to need. There are three most common types of stretch mark removal treatments available for patients and these are micro-needling, fractional laser therapy and excisional surgery.

The micro-needling procedure is one of the most effective techniques for stretch mark removal and with this procedure, there are no risks of pigmentation abnormalities. The doctors will create small fixed depth injuries beneath the skin. The injuries will be healed quickly ensuring complete removal of the stretch mark. Some doctors prefer augmentation of nano fat injections or platelet-rich plasma injections to achieve the best results.

Fractional laser therapy removes the stretch marks with tiny beams of light that will penetrate on the skin resulting in hundreds of microscopic holes. The holes contribute to the production of collagen by breaking old skin cells and the healthy skin cells help to heal the damage by producing new skin cells. This procedure is less invasive and the results can be seen within just a few days. Minor side effects like itching, swelling, redness may occur and in such cases, one needs to consult their doctors.

Excisional surgery can be described as the most effective option for stretch mark removal and the procedure is done by cutting a particular portion of the skin in order to remove the marks. There are certain limitations and this procedure can be performed when doctors can obtain a sufficient amount of excess skin in that area.

Preparation for stretch mark removal treatment

Fractional laser therapy is the most popular technique for stretch mark removal and people need to be prepared accordingly. It is advised to the readers to find a good clinic where they can avail all the modern facilities and treatment from the best doctors.

One needs to get an idea about the side effects or risks before choosing a procedure and it will be helpful.

You should stay away from pain killers and blood-thinning medications ahead of the surgical procedure. A consultation with the doctor will be advantageous and they will provide the best suggestions.

Cigarettes or other tobacco products can negatively impact on health and it may result in delayed recovery.

After the surgery (what to expect, recovery and results)

Laser therapy is a less invasive procedure for stretch mark removal and there is little or no recovery time. Following a fractional laser therapy, individuals are likely to come across issues like itching, minor swelling, redness of the skin and it can be treated with Vaseline or Bacitracin. People are advised not to use lotions or deodorants on the same of surgery and gentle soaps can be applied in the treated portions. Blisters or burn injury may occur and one needs to consult the doctor in such cases. Direct exposure to sunlight must be avoided up to a few days from surgery. In case you opt for excisional surgery, the downtime is likely to be a little longer compared to fractional laser therapy.


Cost of treatment in India

The cost of stretch mark removal can be different depending on various factors. The approximate expense of fractional laser therapy for stretch mark removal will cost around 5000-15000 INR and it can vary from one to another. The approximate cost for excisional surgery for stretch mark removal may cost up to 130000 INR in India and there are different factors as well.

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There are different treatment options available for stretch mark removal and these are micro-needling, fractional laser therapy and excisional surgery.

No. There are several risks like burn injury and infections.

Excisional surgery is the most effective technique to get rid of the stretch marks forever.

Swelling, redness, itching, temporary blisters and burn injury may occur from laser therapy and these are the most common side effects.

Your doctor will instruct post-operative care following the surgery.

There are several clinics in this country that offer world class treatment. You will surely find one if you search thoroughly.

Infections can be treated with proper medications and you can consult your doctor in such cases.

Patients are advised to take adequate rest following surgery. Smoking and consumption of alcohol must be stopped before and after the procedure. Direct exposure to sunlight must be avoided.

It will take 4-6 weeks to see the final results.

You can make an appointment for your doctor and he will instruct accordingly.

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