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Gynecomastia Doctors in Hyderabad

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Gynecomastia Doctors in Hyderabad


This is quite a sensitive issue about male having breast as it part of human female body. But catching a natural glimpse is quite common issue in males seen all over the world . This can be considered as endocrine disorder or fat deposits in the breast that the stored fat tends to deposit in chest. Generally male have flat chest and should not have “fat” chest. So how do we remove this fat from the breast tissue. There are some on invasive methods and some invasive methods to getting rid of this breast tissue in males. This enlarged tissue is seen in males of all ages if they are obese. Obesity is disorder that needs to be rectifies at root cause .Its an embarrassing male problem and sone should accept it gracefully and find a solution to it.Once it tends to resolve the chances of it reoccurring is less as the body has tendency to deposit in the tummy area




Here are the steps involved in Gynaecomastia surgery

Step 01

Consult a cosmetic surgeon : With help of a skilled qualified surgeon you can restore a naturally masculine appearance to your chest.

Step 02

Male breast reduction surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure.

This cosmetic surgery procedure removes excess fat and glandular tissue to restore a flatter and more masculine contour to the chest. Currently male breast reduction is an effective treatment for gynaecomastia that has long lasting results .A skilled approach is essential .Your chest is measured and your photographs are taken before the surgery

Step 03

Choosing a surgeon having skilled and experienced with  board certification is essential step. The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia and involves a small incision on each side of the chest.

Depending on your need the cosmetic surgeon would make incisions along the portion of edge of armpit to remove excess fat and glandular tissue at the same time sculpting a new contour that looks naturally to the body

Step 04

Surgical tissue excision is required in case of sagging breast tissue in men who have stretched tissue will require this procedure . Tissue excision allows the surgeon to remove more amount of glandular tissue which cannot be treated by liposuction alone

Step 05

The location and the length of incision will depend on the surgery. A trained qualified experienced surgeon will take care of incisions so that they are not visible after surgery. Measurements and photographs are again taken after surgery .


The results are quite achievable and can be well maintained depending on the progress and prognosis and overall improvement of the patient. While vigorous exercise is typically off the limits for about 3 weeks , many men return to college or work within several days after the procedure. However it is important to note that everyone heals a unique pace of recovery. Typically patients feel ready to work within one week

Preparation before Male breast reduction :

A detailed case consultation about the patient is essential if he is on any medications as it involves an out patient department procedure. A cosmetic surgeon will mark essential markings on the body and take photographs of the same to reduce the glandular tissue. A general anesthesia is required to reduce the pain during surgery.


Cost in India

The cost in India depends on the kind of clinic you choose. Remember to choose an efficient clinic with expert doctor’s advice an trained team who can guide you perfectly about the procedure. The cost about the entire package would be around 75,000 to 95000 rupees .

About ContourHyd.com

A well qualified and certified board surgeon with immense experience is our expertise at ContourHyd.com. You can be rest assured after the surgery with minimal pain and the healing under proper guidance of the expert team. Go for the effect of contouring your chest rather than just reducing the fat from breast tissue with effective results . With professional team of doctors we can achieve this surgery with good success rate but remember this is not easy as there are endocrinological factors affecting it which has great impact on the patient so the breast tissue needs to be removed and reocuurence prevented under care of board certified surgeon.who gives immense care under expert guidance is highly effective and more accurate and can be used in variety of conditions where difficult areas needs to be targeted. At ContourHyd.com the expert targets to be highly accurate in fat reduction with minimum of post surgical complications. A expert plastic surgeon would help you in achieving perfect contours who simply need some additional help to burn stubborn fat which does not goes away . At ContoursHyd.com we help in body sculpting which is an art.



Yes If you are given compression garment kindly wear it as it will enhance your comfort and help your chest heal.

Your doctor will prescribe you some painkillers which needs to be taken after the treatment as you might suffer from minimal pain for 1 week.

No it will involve removal of the glandular tissue as you know that male breast is a gland and can have fat deposits in those certain areas .

In one week time you will be able to heal well and return to work.

The perfect age of the candidate for this surgery is above 18 years of age as there are chances of hormonal fluctuations prior to that age .

A well qualified and trained  board certified professional cosmetic surgeon will perform the surgery with minimal incisions which will have no post surgical marks

Male breast reduction results are meant to be permanent. The excess fat and glandular tissue that is removed is gone for good.However its important to maintain healthy lifestyle .

Significant weight gain , steroid use or certain medical conditions can cause recurrence of the problem . Additionally drugs that influence testosterone levels can also cause this problem .

A experienced skill cosmetic professional surgeon can help you maintain it long term .

You can maintain a low fat and low carb diet to maintain the effects of surgery for long time .

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