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Rhinoplasty Surgery in Hyderabad

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Rhinoplasty Surgery in Hyderabad


A nasal hump is commonly an inherited trait. Personals with nose hump usually get it genetically from their forefathers. But lesser cases of nose hump arising out of trauma or injury from childhood or recent time is also documented. A nose hump surgery is an operative measure to get rid of the unwanted hump and witness a clean appealing nose. The bump generally comprised of cartilage, in lesser incidents of bones, is shaved down neatly in nose bump surgery.




The surgical intervention of nose bump operation is intended to redefine the outward profile of the patients. The shaving or filling of the bump enhances the look of the nose to much height.
The first step before commencing the operation includes our surgeons to closely evaluate the composition of the hump. Our doctors have alternative treatment for different cases. The location, composition and the magnitude of the hump is analysed all together to choose the method of surgery. The internal air channel, the shape & size of the nose, texture of your nose skin and the cartilage flexibility are thoroughly examined by our doctors.
If the hump is majorly composed of bone, the marginal bone is surgically removed. This reduces the appeal of the hump and gives the nasal bridge a straight and aligned look.
For patients with humps composed of excess cartilage, the cartilage is trimmed away by our specialised doctors. This helps smoothing the nasal line and even reducing its fullness.
After the mode of operation is decided which kind of anaesthesia suits the patient well makes the commencing step of the surgery. In case of minor operation a local anaesthesia is well suited. For more complex ones, our doctors usually suggest general anaesthesia.
When the hump is medium or small in size a closed nasal or intra nasal operation is the usual trait. In such cases the hump is reached through the passage in the nose through slits made on the inner part of the nostrils. Through the cuts our doctors access the hump made out of tissues or bones and the act is done extremely gently. When the hump is robust or comparatively bigger in dimension, the demand for bigger amount of tissue removal arises. Thus an open surgery is then the best option. In such cases cuts are made in line with narrow tissue strips placed in between the two nostrils. This exposes the area in a much better way and facilitates greater visualisation. A spreader graph made out of cartilages is also utilised in many occasion in order to widen the airway passage and hence enabling better breathing of the patients. An optimum amount of removal is done in order to avoid post operative bruise. At the end of the operation tiny sutures are utilised to close the cuts.
Approximately 30 to 90 minutes is the customary span of a nose hump operation.

Preparation to do before the treatment

Before the surgery date is fixed in accordance with your schedule and convenience, we believe in an open meeting with you. The meeting takes place among our clients, our specialised doctors and other professionals of our team.

In the first step our doctors records your detailed medical history. Which kind of medicines you are on and whether you are allergetic to any sedative is noted carefully.

At this time you are definite to reveal your expectation out of the surgery. What kind and extent of reduction you desire should be clearly comprehended to our team. The shaping and restructuring of the hump could be of varied form; we derive a clear picture of your concern and hence proceed.

Photographs of the hump are then captured from numerous angles. These photos are then fetched in our designing software and manipulated according to your wish. The output is presently to you. Whether you are contended with the outcome or you wish to change a bit of design is documented carefully. Our doctors even suggest the best possible trimming and reshaping structure at the time.

Lastly your overall health check-up is carried out to measures parameters that could affect the operation directly or indirectly.

After the procedure (expect, recovery and result)

The recovery time from the operation varies according to the procedure of the surgery. In case of closed surgery, you are expected to be fit much quickly. Swelling is common and you must not panic. The extend of repositioning of the bones and tissue removal directly determined if the healing time of the swelling. But the swelling is sure to eradicate in few weeks.

Immediately after the surgery a bit of congestion and stiffness is the usual trait. Doctors in major cases would pack your nose carefully to help heal the area fast. The removal schedule of the packing depends again on your recovery.

Avoid strenuous work and exercise after the surgery. The swelling and bruising will heal fast within a week.


Cost in India

Rs 40000 to Rs 150000 is the general billing amount of a nose hump surgery. But your exact bill completely depends on the complexity of the surgery.

About the contourshyd.com and our surgeons

Whenever wishing to go for a nose hump surgery, you must take into account certain extremely important deciding factors. The reputation and customer service of the clinic you are relying on is crucial. We at contourshyd.com are a team intricately picked based on our capability, experience and artistry of work. We take care of your demand and are sure to deliver the best.



Yes diabetic patients take longer to recover.

If your hump is minor a try could be made, but to get the best outcome surgery is the best option.

Infection and timely healing are the elementary risks.

Fluid or blood can get collected under the skin after the operation.

It can easily be removed by drainage therapy.

Closed operation is featured with less risk.

Getting back to work after a week of the surgery is fine.

After one has attained 18 years of age nasal hump operation is safe.

Monitoring for few hours is enough.

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