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Ellman Radio Frequency in Hyderabad

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Ellman Radio Frequency in Hyderabad


Warts are rough skin growths that occur on the epidermis that is the surface layer of the skin. Warts protrude up from the normal skin surface. The central part of warts can have dark dotted areas which are the blood capillaries that bring blood into the skin growths. These growths are not malignant and are in most cases quite harmless. Many people opt for removal of warts as they hamper the beauty of the face or other body parts. In some cases, if these growths occur on the skin of the palm or sole of a foot then movement can be very painful. Due to the infection caused by HPV virus or Human Papillomavirus, a part of skin grows faster than normal skin, which causes such skin growths. Warts are not contagious in a high degree but can spread through cuts or wounds on the skin. If warts grow on some body parts, then eventually they can spread to other parts of the body. Removal of a wart can be conducted by using Ellman Radio frequency Wart Removal surgery through which by using radio frequency the skin growths are removed.



The methods or step-by-step procedure of the surgery:

Warts can be removed from the skin by using Ellman Radiofrequency Wart Removal surgery. The surgery depends on the position of the wart on the body and its size. The Ellman Radio frequency Wart Removal surgery aims at removing warts from the skin leaving a minimum scar. For removing warts, this procedure of surgery utilises a device that has been termed as Ellman Electrode loop, which shaves warts from the surface of the skin, peeling layer after layer. The affected person is given local anaesthesia by injecting anaesthetic in the affected body part. Within 15 to 20 minutes the surgery is completed. This method of wart removal is the best option that leaves the least possible scars on the affected areas.

Things to remember before the surgery:

The patients need to know that Radiofrequency wart removal surgery is a safe procedure. The surgery clears off warts by peeling it out layer after layer. In case of severity, the operation time may extend a bit, but in most cases, the surgery is conducted quickly within 20 minutes. The patients must follow the doctor’s advice before the surgery and needs to follow all instructions. The patients need to undergo a test before the surgery that will determine if the skin growth is cancerous or not.

Measures That Are To Be Taken After Operation:

After the surgery, the operated part of the skin needs to be treated properly. The patients must take the prescribed medicines in the correct dosage. The patients need to follow the advice of the doctor to avoid any kind of postoperative complications. The patients need to avoid exposure to direct sunlight for at least 3 to 4 days after the surgery and also must not apply any kind of makeups or substances containing harmful chemicals in the areas of the skin that are under Ellman Radiofrequency wart removal surgery.


Contourshyd.com and the doctors appointed in this clinic

In the sensitive cases of the skin or any kind of dermatological surgery patients need to go to doctors who are experts in this field and first and foremost concern is to find a good clinic that can offer the best advice to them. Contourshyd.com is a very reliable clinic in this respect and the doctors of this clinic are also highly experienced in treating this kind of skin problems. The doctors here are concerned about the complete recovery and well-being of the patients. They try to arrange the best facilities and to provide highly satisfactory surgery results.

Cost of Ellman Radio Frequency Wart Removal Surgery in India

The cost of Radiofrequency treatment is costly. It ranges from rupees 22,000 to rupees 25,000 per unit of Radiofrequency in India. In the Metropolitan cities, the clinics offer the facilities of such surgeries and they charge high. In the rural areas, the clinics usually do not offer the options of surgeries like this. Some small cities today are building clinics with advanced setups that are delivering the choice of undergoing such surgeries to the patients. In smaller towns or cities the financial charges are a bit lower than what the big and posh clinics charge.



This is a surgical process for using Radiofrequency through a device known as Ellman electrode loop to remove warts. Using this device the wart is removed layer by layer. Treatment in this procedure leaves minimum scarring on the affected skin parts.

The total time required for the surgery is generally 15 to 20 minutes only.

People belonging to all age group can opt for this surgery. It has been observed that people belonging to the age group of 20 to 30 mostly opt for this surgery.

The cost of this surgery in India ranges from rupees 22,000 to 25,000 per unit of Radiofrequency.

For complete recovery, 5 to 7 days are required at least.

An anaesthetic injection is injected under the wart affected skin therefore while surgery the patients feel no pain.

This procedure of wart removal is very safe and complications are rare. Although in some cases soreness, redness, skin damage can occur.

The patients need to apply the prescribed medicinal ointments regularly and must also intake the medicines suggested by the doctors at the right time.

There are no dietary restrictions as such but drinking a lot of water and taking healthy meals is suggested.

Yes, both male and female can opt for this surgery.

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