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Skin Tightening Treatment in Hyderabad

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Skin Tightening Treatment in Hyderabad


These are a type of temporary suturing material used very commonly nowadays for the purpose of cosmetic treatments. It restores the skin’s firmness and form in a very subtle and noninvasive manner but it does have a visible effect. The new modern threading technique has also been accredited by the FDA, so it is all the more safe and secure to experience now.




The thread-based face lift treatment is a non-invasive procedure with minimal scarring or pain and hence, highly preferred by patient lately.You will have to be under local anesthesia while the procedure is done. The face will be wiped clean and disinfectant will be applied to avoid any contact with the infection. The suturing material or the material of the thread used for the process is almost invisible on your skin after application. It makes the recovery easier.

The thread material is biocompatible so it gets absorbed by the skin over a certain period of time which is usually approximately six months.The threads are available in variable designs and sizes for using according to the requirement. These threads have to be placed very strategically over the face only after determining the extent of skin lifting required.

This procedure has a passive effect on naturally increasing the collagen production in the treated area as well. As the sutures are placed in the skin, the body’s healing reaction is also stimulated in that area, which encourages the collection of excess collagens in that area. This collagen concentration will further result in the firming of the skin in that area naturally and internally as well. The collagen formation is also helpful for a long-lasting effect even after the suture material is absorbed.

The entire procedure takes approximately upto 30-45 mins of time for completion properly.


It is adviced that you do a thorough research about the procedure and the doctor you are going to for desired results.Stop taking any blood thinning medications after consulting your physician.Your dermatologist might give you anti-haematic drugs 2-3days before the procedure in order to avoid the formation of hematoma (clots of blood).

You will be told to use antiseptic shampoo a night before the procedure if the needle has to be inserted in your scalp as well.For your own benefit and safety, it is recommended that you give your entire medical history properly to your doctor before starting the treatment.Before and after pictures will be clicked to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment for your skin.

After treatment (what to expect, result and recovery)

Do not rub the area where the treatment has been done for atleast a week.Wash your face only after a few hours of completion of the treatment, but do not apply pressure in the process. You will have to sleep on your back for atleast one to two weeks and be very careful that you do not place your face facing directly downward on the pillow.

No facial massage therapy can be done for a time period of two weeks atleast, in order to avoid bruising the sutures placed.Exposure of the skin of treated area to any harsh chemical products might cause irritation and inflammation so avoid using such products.If there are any type of complication occurring after the surgery, which does not heal in a short time then you need to see your doctor immediately.


Cost in India

The cost of facial threading is comparatively low in India and also reasonable. For a procedure with such great results, that too without using any invasive surgical methods, facial threads will cost you between ₹1,00,000 to ₹2,25,000. As compared to the other surgical procedures for similar kind of results you will have to pay almost double the price and also bear with additional pain. The cost of the treatment procedure will be determined by the quality of the threads used and the area of the skin being covered.

The contourshyd clinic and our doctors

At contourshyd, we are bound to present you with the best treatment using the most advanced technologies and equipment’s. Our doctors will provide you with explicit work and you will get absolute satisfaction from all the aspects involved in the procedure. We know how to maintain your trust with full sincerity.



It gives an almost immediate result as soon as the procedure is completed. There might some minor settlements after the procedure is done, but mostly the results are clearly visible within 30-45 minutes of completion of procedure.

As the sutures are essentially hooked to the skin, there might be some pain after the procedure is completed, but the pain is mostly mild and bearable and can be easily controlled with over the counter pain killers.

Yes, you can begin with your exercise immediately after the thread lift treatment is completed, but you have to ensure that you don’t do any vigorous exercise uptoatleast two weeks after the procedure.

Firstly, you have to avoid any rubbing or massaging of the treated area for atleast two weeks. Do not expose your skin to the sun directly, apply a natural sunscreen with SPF 30 atleast. Wash your face very gently.

Yes, the modern facial threading technique is approved by the FDA as a noninvasive procedure, becoming the go to option for the patients.

There are minimal to no side effects of face threads if the process is done with perfection and expertise. If your doctor follows all the guidelines for the procedure correctly, then the outcome will be absolutely perfect.

There are 2-3 varieties of threads approved by the FDA, which are used as per the requirement of the patients. The number of threads depends solely on the area to be covered and the result you want.

Yes, it is a very safe and secure procedure when performed by certified experts.

No, face thread lift treatment is not permanent. It will last upto a maximum of 18 months and then you have to get it done again to maintain the look.

It takes around one to two weeks for the skin to completely recover from the treatment.

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