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Corrective Jaw Surgery in Hyderabad

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Corrective Jaw Surgery in Hyderabad


Jaw correction, also termed as orthognathic surgery, realigns jawbones and correct those to improve tooth set and facial appearance. An effective procedure prevents malocclusion problems and even helps in getting rid of the facial skeletal disorders that cannot be treated by braces. In case of dentofacial deformities like mandibular prognathism, maxillary prognathism, difficulty swallowing and chewing, the jaw correction surgery will act as an approach as it will help in boosting confidence with a proper facial structure. Therefore, it is considered as the corrective option that helps to resolve the jaw-related problems along with a speedy recovery.



Details about the procedure of jaw correction surgery

The jaw correction surgery is usually performed inside the mouth so that no external facial scar is visible. Sometimes, small incisions are required in case of the fixation of the teeth set. Several kinds of defects are there that present regarding the deformity of the jawbone since birth. Thus, it is considered as a useful treatment that will help in overcoming the long-term problems by improving the process of chewing, swallowing. Facial imbalance can cause great trouble that can even initiate speech problems. Therefore, undergoing a three-dimensional CT scanning process, consulting expert orthodontist regarding the oral and maxillofacial surgeries, patients can gain relieve regarding the proper balance of the jawbone through the jaw correction surgery.

Prior to the jaw correction surgery

Expert oral and maxillofacial surgeons perform the proper jaw correction surgery. It is considered as a painless surgery as it is usually done under the influence of anaesthesia. In the hospital, there is a requirement for the stay of 4-5 days, where the patients will be provided with enough sleep comfort and will be put on a liquid diet. Before the entire process, the nursing staff of the clinic will ensure that the patients are restricted from smoking 4 weeks before. Few lab tests, X-rays, photographs of the jawbone conditions of the patient will be recorded prior to the initiation of the surgery. In addition, with the help of the advanced software predicted of the jawbone after the surgery will be designed.

Postoperative measures

Few risks are associated with the jaw surgery that must be taken care of by the orthodontists. The risks include excessive blood loss, jaw fracture, loss of a jaw portion, need for another surgery, jaw joint pain and many more. Therefore, the medical team needs to look after the patient post-operative treatment by providing them with utmost comfort and care. The diet is to intake liquid for at least 2 weeks. Strict restriction to avoid tobacco must be followed by the patients. Proper medications must be taken to control pain. In addition to that, strenuous activities must be avoided. Apart from that, the entire process will result in the improvement of facial appearance.


Contourshyd.com and its surgeons

There are several medical brands present across the global arena who are effectively participating in providing the patients with the unique treatment of jaw correction surgeries. Contourshyd.com is one such premium brand as the nursing staffs of the clinic is super supportive that helps them in keeping their brand image strong. They have a positive reputation, as the team of orthodontist comprises the harmonious blend of experienced as well as the young learning experts. The medical unit includes nursing staff, well-trained dietician, experienced attendants for 24*7, patient advocates and many more. The entire unit collaborates and performs their duty well to manage and take care of the patients and provide them with comfort after every surgery.

Cost of jaw correction surgery in India

The standard cost for individual sitting for the jaw correction surgery procedures in India ranges from Rs. 50,000 to 1 lakh. Considering the geographical locations, demands of the customers along with the supply of the facilities the rates changes. In the metropolitan cities, the clinics charge higher as they tend to provide advanced facilities. On the contrary, in rural areas, the rates fluctuate. It is also dependent on the availability of the skilled orthodontists and the sittings and the kind of treatment they are going to undertake.



Orthognathic surgery is a corrective jaw treatment that helps in the fixation of the facial jaw problems. The oral & maxillofacial surgeon who actively participates in minimizing the facial imbalance by enhancing the appearance generally performs the surgery. Misalignments are reduced and the combination of the upper and lower jawbones are maintained with the help of this surgery.

Minor misalignments are corrected with the help of jaw correction treatments. For a few major corrections, surgery is needed.

Mismatch in the combination of the upper and lower jaw, difficulty chewing, swallowing, deformities like maxillary prognathism requires jaw surgery that will help in fixing the asymmetry of the facial structure. In case, when the upper jaw is not developed but the lower jaw appears too forward, there is a possibility for the jaw correction surgery.

The orthodontic treatment is the basic approach that helps to reduce facial imbalance with the help of facial exercise, Maxilla osteotomy, Mandible osteotomy and many more. Aligning with surgical therapy, the experts help in retaining the facial structure well.

With the help of CT scan, X-ray and photographs the surgeons get an idea regarding the surgery plan. In addition, with the help of sophisticated software, the future prediction of the face is also derived.

Initially, both the jaws are held together with the help of orthodontic elastic bands, wires as well as braces. This helps in the quick recovery and positioning of the jawbones. Apart from that, designed bone plates are incorporated.

Chin surgery is accomplished simultaneously with the jaw correction surgery. Many times temporomandibular joint (TMJ) surgery is performed aligning with the orthognathic surgery to reconstruct the jawbone.

The surgery will facilitate better chewing and swallowing processes. Further, it will enhance the facial appearance and boost self-confidence.

There is no certain age limit but it is preferred to carry out the surgery above 16 years for boys and 18 years for girls.

Consulting an expert orthodontist can solve the initial criteria. Further, regular check-up, understanding the need for the surgery, will help the patient to get ready for the surgery.

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