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Face Fat Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad

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Face Fat Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad


The idea of buccal fat removal revolves around the concept of the removal of the fatty tissues from the face. The fat is removed from the inside part of the mouth. This process is a very subtle one that requires an immense level of precision and results in facial contouring. The proportions of the face can be improved through this surgery. Sometimes the facial tissues are not symmetrical; especially, the soft tissues and these tissues can be removed to escalate the proportion of the human faces. Through the process of buccal fat removal surgery, the heaviness that can be observed in the lower part of the faces of the aged people that includes the sagging of the cheeks or double chin can also be corrected. Fat is deposited in the face in different segments. The fat is collected in the superficial layers and tissues that connect distinguish these layers. Fat pads are created due to the separation of the layers of fat with these tissues. The fat compartments keep altering. Some of these grow big while some shrink in volume. These kinds of changes result in the alteration of facial contours. With the increasing age, the deposition of fat in between the layers of facial tissues increases. The buccal fat pad starts from the upper middle portion of the face and extends to the lower part of the face. As the fat compartment has a vertical shape the fat deposit results in the downward shifting of the fat pad. The Buccal fat removal surgery removes the fat from the face and helps to make human faces look more proportionate and slim.



Step-By-Step Methods Of Fat Removal:

This process is a combination of the fat grafting as well as liposuction of the chins. In order to remove the buccal fat from the face of the patients, local anesthesia is applied on them the patients remain completely awake when the surgery is conducted. The fat pad is removed through an incision that is made in the mouth of the patient. This incision is made at the backside of the oral cavity, beside the second molar teeth in the upper jaw. After that, until the buccal fat pad is seen the facial fibers are separated but no incision is made. By applying external pressure, the fat is squeezed out by opening a thin casing on the fat pad. The fat is sterilized and is removed. Next, the rest of the fat pad is placed in its place and the oral incisions are closed. The total time that is needed to complete the surgery is more or less half an hour.

Things That Are Important to Know Before surgery:

The patients need to know that the removal of buccal fat can change the contouring of the face but cannot change the size of the cheeks as that can happen due to the jaw size. The time needed for the surgery is not too much but the results of the surgery can be fully observed within a few months after the surgery is completed.

The healing Process:

After the surgery, the patients can observe swelling in the face but such inflammations reduce and dissipate within the period of two to three weeks. When the swelling reduces, the facial proportions become more prominent and the face looks slimmer. About seven to ten days are needed for the facial tissues to recover after the completion of the buccal fat removal surgery. Within this period, the patients are advised to intake food in semi-liquid condition especially for a few days after the surgery.


Contourshyd.com andthe Surgeons of this Clinic:

In case of surgeries that require an extra level of precaution as well as precision such as the buccal fat Removal surgery, patients must select a clinic that will provide not only a good service but a great one. Contourshyd.com executes these surgeries with special care and the doctors appointed in this clinic are all very experienced and stupendously skilled. They strive hard and deliver their full effort to make the patients feel comfortable and look deeply into the matter so that the patients get satisfactory results after surgery.

Buccal Fat Removal Cost in India:

The cost of buccal fat removal surgery in India ranges from 25,000 Rs to 40,000 Rs. In prominent cities, the cost is a bit higher as the clinics provide services that are far more advanced and state-of-the-art. In smaller towns, the price range is a bit lower.



This surgery removes the fat from the fat pad and helps in improving the contours and proportions of the human face.

In most cases, people belonging to the age group of 20-40 go for this surgery. Patients belonging to any age group can, however, opt for this surgery.

The anesthesia that is applied to the faces of the patients can sometimes cause some damage to the facial nerves. Cheek numbness, lumps, seroma, unwanted infections are some of the risks that are associated with this surgery.

The fat is removed by making an incision in the backside of the oral cavity and squeezing the fat out by applying external pressure.

Normally the surgery takes about half an hour to be completed.

During the surgery, local anesthesia is applied to patients so the patients do not feel any pain.

For complete recovery, two to three weeks is needed after the surgery.

Generally, the results of this surgery are permanent. Although the face can be enlarged again if someone gains a lot of weight.

Sometimes the patients can observe facial swelling after the surgery, which reduces with time.

Doctors advise the patients to take food in liquid or semi-liquid form just after the surgery.

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