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Facial Scar Treatment in Hyderabad

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Facial Scar Treatment in Hyderabad


Many wounds after healing also leave a permanent scar on your skin. When the scar is prominently present on your face, it also interferes with your self-esteem and confidence as a result of hampering your look. Especially in your years of youth any kind of speckle on the face can cause a big blow to your self-esteem. So, with the development in technologies and more awareness amongst the common people, everybody wants to undergo treatments for removal of such scars from their face.



Treatment Procedure

The scars on your face take more time to heal as the skin in the area is constantly exposed to all the external factors. It gets difficult for you to keep any ointment or medication in place without rubbing it off your face. So now there are very easy and minimalistic procedures which can help you get rid of these scars.

Dermabrasion being one of the most popular procedures to remove scars. This procedure is carried out using wheels or wire brushes. It exfoliates the skin in the scar area with utmost care and only on the top layer. So, in the process, the scar tissues present in that layer of the skin also comes off. It is a noninvasive procedure which does not involve any High grade risks or side effects for most of the people.

Chemical peels are also another technique used for the treatment of facial scars. In this process, mild acids are used in monitored manner on the upper layer of skin. This use of acid peels off the layer of skin and exposes the underlying layer for formation of new skin in that area while getting rid of the scar tissue as well. According to the nature of the scar, these peels can work on deep layers or only on the superficial layer of the skin.

Laser therapy is also used for scar removal. Here, the intensified laser light is focused on the scar tissue to burn it and remove it.

Pretreatment preparations

You have to be very careful in selecting the doctor for these procedures to ensure a perfect result and avoid any kind of mishap.Extra care should be taken in case of chemical peels.Your skin should be absolutely clear of any chemical products or ointments before the procedure.Avoid excessive sun exposure atleast two days prior to the treatment.Do not consume any blood thinning medications from atleast a week before the procedure is to be carried out.

Get yourself checked beforehand for any kind of allergy from any of the specific chemicals being used in the process.You should ensure that you are not suffering from any such disease which will prolong the healing process after treatment.Keep yourself and your skin properly hydrated.

After the treatment ( what to expect, recovery and results)

You have to avoid any sun exposure completely at least up to two weeks after the procedure.In case of chemical peels, the dressing needs to be done properly and you should get your dressing changed several times a day as per the requirement of your skin.

Absolutely no chemical products to be used on the treated area for one week atleast. Do not scratch or pick on the treated area however strong the urge is. No usage of hot water on the skin for a week after undergoing treatment. Do not rub your skin for washing or any other purpose. Take the post treatment medications regularly on time to avoid any infection and ensure proper healing.


The contourshyd clinic and our doctors

We at contourshyd, are entitled to provide you with the best treatment plan after proper diagnosis of your disease. We have few of the best doctors in the field who will give you the desired results with absolute perfection. We analyse your condition and work on the root cause of the disease to eradicate it completely.

Cost in India

The cost of treatment mostly depends upon the technique being used and the number of scars or area of the scar. In India, a scar removal procedure for the face will cost you starting from ₹15000 upto as high as ₹50000 or more also. It also depends upon the doctor or Dermatologist whom you are consulting.



Many kinds of facial scars tend to fade away with the passage of time on their own. But, many a times these scars need to be removed through medical procedures by expert surgeons or Dermatologists.

Yes, all the procedures involved in removal of facial scars are very effective. Your scars will be completely removed in the first session only for most of the cases. Whereas, some cases might require repeated sessions.

No, scar removal procedures are usually non invasive to a certain extent so there is no painful experience associated to it as such. You might experience a little tingling and stinging which goes off on it’s own.

Yes, any kind of technique used for scar removal will give you a permanent result by removing the scar from your skin forever.

Laser therapy and dermabrasion both are very minimalistic invasive procedures used in order to remove the scars. These are also easy to carry out with least chances of any side effects.

In very few cases, some kind of inflammation and swelling in the treated area might be seen. Although, these symptoms are also self-arrested within a few days only.

Yes, all of the procedures involved in treatment of scars are absolutely safe for your skin. These procedures are approved by the FDA and do not harm your skin in any way whatsoever.

Most of the times you will see an immediate effect after the procedure is completed only. While in procedures like chemical peels it might take a week to show.

For most of the treatment procedures the recovery will take a maximum of two days. Whereas in case of chemical peels, especially if it is a deep peel it might take upto three weeks to completely heal and the skin gets back to normal.

Keeping your skin clean is absolutely necessary and also try to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated to the most.

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