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Wrinkles Plastic Surgery in Hyderabad

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Wrinkles Plastic Surgery in Hyderabad

Overview of the wrinkle treatment

Wrinkles are the uneven tone of skin that can occur in any body part. The phenomenon mainly occurs due to excessive exposure to sunlight. Wrinkles are generally of two categories that include deeper furrows and fine surface lines. With the help of advanced technology, there are also several methods that are introduced over the years that reduce the chances of wrinkles. The non-surgical treatments include the application of several cosmetic moisturizers, using a facemask to avoid direct sunlight and many more. Apart from that, there are many surgical treatments including plastic surgery, laser resurfacing, injections and many more.



Procedures of the treatment

A few procedures are there that are involved in wrinkle treatment like the chemical peel extraction, glycolic acid peels, dermabrasions, using alpha-hydroxy acids, retinoid and many more. Sometimes due to heredity disorder, the possibilities of wrinkles are observed in the offspring’s. Retinoid is one of the essential medical treatments that help to reduce the possibilities of wrinkles by peeling the pigmented surfaces. Apart from that, antioxidants can also come as a rescue to reduce wrinkles. With the help of superficial peels like glycolic acid peels, ultrasound therapy and injecting Bacterium extract to relax the muscles; the doctors can easily reduce the wrinkle lines and prevent their return.

Things One must follow before the treatment

Injection treatment with Bacterium extract is considered as the ideal method as it helps in blood circulation evenly. There are several anti-wrinkle injections available in the market, but the use of Bacterium extract will not only participate to rejuvenate the skin but will prevent the wrinkles to occur further. The first thing that is essential for the surgery is to consult with an expert doctor. Apart from that, considering the prescribed medication and guidelines, patients should take necessary steps that will help them to go through a painless treatment. Before the treatment, the patients should restrict themselves from smoking and drinking alcohol.

Recovery Measures Taken After Wrinkle Treatment:

For quick and better recovery after wrinkle treatment, the patients need to resort to some post-treatment measures. The doctors advise the patients to go out in direct sunlight, as the exposure to UV rays can be harmful. The patients need to use the sunscreen moisturizers or creams that are prescribed by the doctors. The doctors also ask patients to stop smoking and also to avoid excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks. Rest is very much needed and the patients need to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours. The prescribed medications are needed to be taken in proper dosage and timing.


Contourshyd.com And The Doctors Of This Clinic

The patients who are looking for wrinkle treatment, they need to rely on the best clinics which offer such treatments facilities. The patients need to consult the doctors who can give expert advice regarding wrinkle treatment, be it non-surgical or surgical. Contourshyd.com is a clinic that patients can put their trust on, as the doctors of this clinic are highly skilled and competent. The doctors have vast experience in these fields and they can understand the problems faced by the patients efficiently. The doctors here try to keep the patients satisfied and offer them a supreme degree of comfort. They discuss the best options with the patients and look into their past medical records. The doctors try to instruct the patients in a way so that no post-treatment complication occurs.

Cost Of Wrinkle Treatment In India

The cost of surgical wrinkle treatment in India ranges between Rs. 100000 to Rs. 300000. The clinics located in the big cities offer the best possible treatments and they charge more from the patients. The clinics in the small towns offer a more affordable wrinkle treatment package to the patients. For non-surgical treatment, the cost is much lower.



Wrinkle treatment is the unevenness of the skin tone that is majorly caused due to sun exposure. Apart from that, excessive smoking can result in the formation of lines wrinkles.

There are several surgical and non-surgical wrinkle treatments that help to fade the fine wrinkle lines. The surgical method is less time consuming that comes with rapid wrinkle fixing solutions. Apart from that, medical treatments like applying anti-wrinkle creams, undergoing retinoid treatment can also reduce the possibilities of wrinkles.

The non-surgical method is not at all painful, sometimes pain comes with the surgical processes. With the help of local anaesthesia, the wrinkle treatment is considered as the painless treatment.

Wrinkles are the cosmetic concern that can be easily treated if taken proper care. Several benefits lie with wrinkle treatment. The facial appearances are improved and the skin quality is heightened.

Few risks are also associated with wrinkle surgery. Blood loss, blood vessel infections are the common effects. Apart from that, swelling of the face is observed.

In India, the cost of wrinkle treatment starts from 1 lakh rupees and ranges up to 3 lakhs. In the big cities where the clinics offer high-quality treatment, the cost remains higher than the cost charged by the clinics that are located in smaller towns or cities.

For non-surgical treatment, the patients can be called for more than one seating. For surgical treatment, the time required is one hour.

Mostly the aged people opt for wrinkle treatment. The middle-aged people who begin to observe the signs of ageing go for wrinkle treatment.

The doctor’s advice the patients to intake food that is rich in vitamins. The patients need to avoid smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol. Spicy food needs to be avoided and a lot of water intake is needed.

The results of wrinkle treatment are usually permanent.

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