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Breast Silicone Implant Procedures in Hyderabad

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Breast Silicone Implant Procedures in Hyderabad

What is Breast Implant?

Breast Implants are a cosmetic procedure to make and give your breast a fuller appearance and contour. Using an implant to rebuild the breast is a procedure that requires art. Some women with smaller breasts may need the idea of having bigger fuller breasts to accentuate their vital stats. But remember it should be in accordance with your body shape and contour which requires specific technique and skill. Women have the choice of implants filled with Silicone or saline water for breast implants. It is important to discuss these options with your surgeon as there are several choices that can be made for the style of implant. Carefully go through the procedure and technique followed. Many surgeons prefer smooth implants for their softer and natural feel.




Step 1

Consult the surgeon. This is very crucial from the point of view of choosing the correct technique and the insertion of implants. As implants are available in different shape and sizes.

Step 2

During the procedure the implants are inserted into the breast tio change the shape size and make them look even more even

There are two types of implants:

Silicon implants are most common type and likely to look more natural and they are less wrinkled and there are saline implants as well which tend to rupture or fold but the saline can be safely absorbed by the body .You should discuss pros and cons of each type of implant with your surgeon along with size and shape of implant where they will be placed behind the breast or behind the breast muscle

Step 3

The surgeon will make a cut below the breast in the skin next to the fold. He will position the implant accordingly too change the breast size and shape. The shape of the implant is also important and have two implants tear drop or round. Generally , round implants conform best of the natural shape of the breast and offer women favourable results. Tear drop or contoured implant scan be favourable for women who have parts of breast removed during the previous surgery.

Step 4

Stitching the incision and covering with the dressing. The operation takes between 60 – 90 minutes. You may be able to go home same day. Implants can be placed behind the submuscular chest muscles. Placing of the implants is also important as submuscular implants typically offer better results for thin women or hoping to change drastically their breast.


Results and success rate is good. You should be able to move around soon after having breast implant surgery. It may take few weeks to fully recover after surgery, so you should take a week off or two off work. You should not drive for at least 1 week. Some surgeons recommend wearing sports bra 24 hours a day for up to 1 month of breast surgery (check with the surgeon). Avoid lifting heavy weight or strenuous exercise for at least a month after surgery.

After 6 weeks you should be able to return to your normal activities. After 2 months your breast will look more natural and you will be able to stop wearing sports bra. Its safe to sunbathe and fly if you have breast implants. Your surgeon should explain you how likely all the risks and complications are and how you need to take care if they are. Remember to be in safe and skilled hands as this is a cosmetic surgery and requires great attention aftercare.

About Contours

At ContoursHyd.com we take care of the skilled procedure and our surgeon is highly experienced and gifted with this craft of body contouring with the shape of the breast and size of the body. His expertise is marked with correction of the uneven breast which may require breast implant with nipple reduction. He is the apt person in the field to give desired results for the same. Entrusting him with your precious body is what our patient believes can be true with his art and skill which makes him have unbelievable and long-lasting results.


Cost in India

The cost in India depends on the top reputed clinic for cosmetic surgery in a well-advanced place of the city. It is important to note that the surgeon’s procedure is of prime importance and also his technique with the art of surgery and the cost would depend on the type and style of implant depending on the surgeon so its important to note that the value of surgeon or the doctor rather the cost. Because contouring is an art and skill so the cost varies depending on 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh rupees depending on the city.

Cost in India

The cost of the surgery will vary depending on the professional expertise of the cosmetic surgeons and the technique or combination therapy of the surgery. Professional guidance is necessary for valuing the procedure with the step-wise approach so it’s important to analyze your body and then go for the procedure. It is strategically important to follow the protocol and the cost would vary from 80,000 to 1 lakh depending on the procedure of cosmetic surgery



Any female who is matured and above the age of 18 where the hormonal changes have taken place.

This is best suggested by your surgeon about the type of contouring implant. But generally the silicone implants are best suited for the patients going for the breast implant surgery.

Bleeding or infection may be involved after the surgery to be taken care.

The quality of implant and the technique of procedure by the surgeon is of prime importance.

Many women have shown that women who get implants are not at increased risk of getting breast cancer.

This question is best answered by the surgeon about the breast size which suits your body frame after analysing the body shape and size.

No you will not loose any sensation of nipple.

Yes you will be able to breastfeed after implants.

If you are in perfect and safe hands this question will not come to your mind.

You will have to contact your doctor if you have done any strenuous exercise and he will be able to correct that.

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