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Butt Implant Surgeons in Hyderabad

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Butt Implant Surgeons in Hyderabad


Butt enlargement surgery is performed to create volume or to enhance the size of buttocks. Several people have small-sized butts and they are not happy with the size of their butts. Flat butts or small butts negatively affect the contours of the body. Most women opt for butt augmentation surgery as it improves the contours and figure of the female body. Butt augmentation improves the shape, size, and contours of buttocks.




Butt enhancement procedure is achieved fat transfer, using implants or a combination of both. Which technique is appropriate for you that depends on the size of the butt, skin quality, skin elasticity, and your goals.

Butt implant: The procedure is performed under general anesthesia to make you feel comfortable. Then your surgeon will make incision toward the top of both upper buttocks. Now the silicone implant (particularly created for your butts) placed in your buttocks. The incisions are closed skin adhesive, surgical tape or sutures. The entire procedure takes 2 to 3 hours to complete.

Fat transfer: butt enhancement through the fat transfer method is also performed under local anesthesia. Excess fat is removed from other areas of the body (abdomen, thighs or back) through a gentle liposuction procedure. This excess fat is then inserted into the different layers of buttocks through incisions.

Before the surgery:

Be in good health, healthy weight and healthy lifestyle.
Find a good cosmetic or plastic surgeon, consult about the surgery and tell your issue and expectations.
Tell the surgeon everything about your medical history, current conditions, supplements, and medications.
Quit alcohol and smoking 1 week before and after the procedure.
Follow all the instructions provided by your surgeon.

After the surgery (what to expect, recovery and results):

You may have mild pain and discomfort after the procedure that can be relieved by painkillers. You can sit and walk immediately after the procedure. You have to wear a compression garment for 1 to 2 weeks for better healing. You can resume your work after 3 to 5 days post-surgery. Avoid exercise for 2 weeks after the surgery.

The outcomes of large buttocks surgery are visible immediately after the procedure. Post-surgical swelling resolve and incision lines get fade over time. As you recover after the surgery you can notice the fulfillment of your desire for larger butts. Results of butt enlargement surgery are permanent.


Buttock Augmentation Cost in India:

The cost of butt augmentation procedure varies depending on the extent of surgery, the city where you are getting the surgery and the experience of the surgeon performing your surgery. The cost of but enlargement surgery in India is much inexpensive than in other countries. It ranges between Rs. 200000 to Rs. 400000.

About us and our surgeons:

Contourshyd.com offers the highest quality plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures with world-class facilities. We have the best cosmetic and plastic surgery professionals in the world. Our surgeons are qualified, experienced, well trained and masters in their field who understand the needs of patients and provide the best possible services. We are providing a variety of body contouring and plastic surgery services at affordable prices. Contourshyd.com provides high-quality patient care in a safe and comfortable environment. Patient safety and satisfaction is our main goal.



You are the right candidate for butt augmentation surgery if you have lost weight and natural shape of your butts, you feel that your butts are too flat or you are not happy with the appearance of your small butts.

Butt implants or enhancement are permanent and this procedure has a high success rate. The patient may require to follow up surgery in the future (several years later) to maintain the results.

Usually, solid silicone implants are used for buttock enlargement and they can’t rupture or leak inside the body. It’s not an issue.

Usually, body contouring procedures like butt enlargement surgery are considered very safe. Possible side effects of butt enhancement procedure include pain, scarring, infection, an allergic reaction and blood accumulation underneath the butts. Chances of side effects are lesser if performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Butt enlargement surgery is proved in increasing the size and shape. This procedure is more popular in women and it changes the entire appearance and attitude of a person.

Your butts’ will be fuller and rounder and your waist area will look slim. You can feel that you have a well-shaped figure. There may be some swelling for a few weeks which will go over time. You will see a gradual appearance of true results over time.

You can resume your normal activities within a week after the surgery. You should avoid high force activities for 2 weeks after the procedure.

Fullness and improved shape can be noticed immediately after the procedure. Swelling may remain for 1 to 2 weeks. The grafted fat or implant gets stabilize within 3 months post-procedure after that you can see the final results.

In case you don’t have enough fat in your body, it is not possible to enlarge your butt through the fat transfer method. In that case, your surgeon will go for buttock implant surgery.

This is a very common question. It will feel normal as you feel before the implant. Butt implants are placed in the upper part inside the gluteal muscles of the back.

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