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Microdermabrasion Treatment in Hyderabad

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Microdermabrasion Treatment in Hyderabad


It is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment to sand your skin by gently confiscating uneven and thicker outer layer and giving it a rejuvenating appearance. It is used to lighten scars, discoloration, stretch marks, sun burn or other skin issues or conditions.Eliminating of enlarged pores, age spots like fine lines and wrinkles are also treated with the mildly abrasive instrument in this process. It thickens the collagen of your skin, resulting in a younger looking skin. It is applicable to all skin type and complexion.




Microdermabrasion can be conducted by licensed skincare professionals that may not need any supervision of any healthcare provider. There are mainly two processes to conduct a microdermabrasion treatment. Under one approach tiny crystal particles stream from a handheld device onto your skin. Simultaneously a vacuum attached to it suctions the exfoliating crystals along with the loosened or dead skin.

Another approach involves the use of a diamond – tip wand that gently removes the dead skin giving it a rejuvenated look.

There is no requirement for anaesthesia or numbing agent during the treatment. This process may last for half an hour.

While in the process of exfoliating the superficial skin cells you may experience mild scratching on the targeted areas. A mild moisturiser and sunscreen is applied to your skin after a microdermabrasion session.

Preparations to do before the treatment:

Contact a specifically trained and licensed professional for microdermabrasion treatment. Discuss your treatment goals extensively along with your medical and surgical background. Your surgeon may evaluate your health status and recommend on the potential risk factors. A course of treatment is advised to you based on your treatment goals and expectations.Photographs are taken of the selected areas of your skin that need to be treated.

You will be asked to avoid maximum sun exposure, tanning ceams or waxing of the areas 1 week before a microdermabrasion session. Use of exfoliating creams and masks must be avoided atleast 3 days before the treatment.

After the procedure (expect, recovery and results):

There is absolutely no downtime after a microdermabrasion session. You may join your daily activities immediately after the process.

You are advice to keep yourself hydrated as much as possible. Use only mild and gentle products for your skin. Use of topical acne medications must be restricted for atleast 1 day after the treatment. You must protect your skin with a good sunscreen as your skin becomes highly sensitive to the sun for the next few weeks.
Noticeable result of a new polished skin is witnessed instantly after the session. Your skincare professional will guide you about the number of sessions required to fulfil your expectations and needs. Periodic maintenance treatment depending on the severity of your skin concern is also recommended by him/her. Mostly two microdermabrasion sessions are recommended in the first month which is followed by one session per month as per maintenance plan.


About the contourshyd.com and our surgeons:

Never compromise when it comes to choose the right clinic for your skincare treatment. Visit contourshyd.com and find the best hygienic clinic for your microdermabrasion session. Skilful skincare professionals with experienced staff for assistance and latest equipment conduct the sessions for the ultimate satisfactory result. We maintain total transparency with our patients throughout the procedure.

Cost in India

The cost of microdermabrasion depends on the amount of skin areas covered in the treatment. It may start from Rs 800 – Rs 1200 per session to Rs 2500 per session. It cost may also depend on the clinic you are visiting. Opting for treatment packages than individual sessions can be more cost-effective.



It is a non-surgical minimally invasive treatment for skin resurfacing with fine crystals for effective exfoliating dead skin cells and rejuvenating superficial layer of the skin. It balances the skin pigmentation along with improvement in elasticity and texture of the skin.

This depends on the severity of your skin concern and your expectations. In the beginning of the procedure 5 – 8 sessions are provided within a gap of 7 – 10 days apart. Maintenance treatments are required for every 2 – 3 months for extended results.

Yes it is completely safe. The procedure is not at all traumatic or painful and there is absolutely no downtime for resuming your daily activities. Following of pre and post treatment instructions is necessary.

Yes.You may feel certain tightness or dryness right after the session. However, effective moisturiser is applied on the treated areas specially followed by a good sunscreen to protect your newly polished skin from direct sunlight. Refrain using makeup for the day of the treatment to allow your skin to breathe and regenerate.

There is no downtime necessary after a microdermabrasion session. You may immediately start your daily activities. Although you may experience mild redness on your skin due to the treatment that will eventually fade out within few hours.

You will instantly witness result of the treatment after the session. Your skin will show improvement with multiple sessions and also depends on the skin type of the individual.

Any healthy adult can go for microdermabrasion with minimal skin imperfection or minor skin condition. It works well on acne affected skin, having signs of aging, sun damage or any discoloration.

People having deep scars, undiagnosed lesions, active keloids, recent skin infection, warts on the face, acne, skin cancer and unstable diabetes must refrain from opting microdermabrasion. Pregnant women must also avoid microdermabrasion. People with deep scar or with severe skin defects must go for chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing.

It might feel little discomfort but is quite painless. Anaesthesia or numbing agents are not required. You may feel mild tightness and heat that it will ease out quickly within few hours.

The result may last for several months depending on the post-treatment skin care. For best result, six treatment sessions are necessary over a period of few months. Following regular maintenance treatment is also important for extensive results.

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