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Female Pattern Baldness Treatment in Hyderabad

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Female Pattern Baldness Treatment in Hyderabad


Hair is the most coveted possession for a woman, as it naturally enhances her beauty by leaps and bounds. In the contemporary times, female pattern baldness is one of the most commonly seen conditions in women. It is the state where women loose hair in the form of bald patches on their scalp.



Treatment Procedures

Early detection is appreciated for better results upon treatment. In the early stages, women are mostly able to cover up and camouflage the bald spots easily by changing the hairstyle and covering the bald spot in the process. Hair transplant is not a very popular option for treatment of female pattern baldness but it still might be used. Low-level laser therapy is given to the scalp in order to instigate and refuel the shrunken hair follicles and show some activity. A cold laser light procedure is used for this purpose, so there is no pain, invasion or burning sensation in the process. It has now been scientifically proven, that such laser therapies instigate hair growth but it is not solely responsible for hair growth.
Concentrated blood injections in scalp are a trusted and approved procedure for stimulation of hair growth. In this process blood is drawn from your body through syringes and then spinning down the blood to extract concentrated plasma from it. This plasma is then injected into your scalp to increase nutritional content and encourage hair growth in the area in turn. It is also a painless procedure with minimal invasion and accurate results.

Pre-treatment preparations

Almost all the treatments for female pattern baldness are based on blood flow. It is necessary to enquire about the procedure thoroughly and only opt for a board-certified doctor for best results. It is recommended that you get a complete blood count test done and any other blood test relevant to the treatment procedure should be done beforehand. You should not be anemic or suffering from any disease like diabetes as it increases the risk of treatment. You are advised to consult your physician and stop taking any blood thinning medications at least one week before the procedure.

Smoking and consumption of alcohol should be avoided to prevent any toxicity in the blood stream. Avoid using any chemicals on your hair or scalp 2-3weeks prior to the treatment procedure, to avoid any unwanted reactions with the chemical.

After the treatment (what to expect, recovery and results)

Avoid using shampoo or any irritant chemical products on your scalp 1-2days after the treatment. Take proper diet rich in vitamins and minerals to balance out the blood flow. Avoid going out in the sun directly; use a hat to cover your head mostly. Take the post treatment medications given by the doctors on time regularly.


The contourshyd clinic and our doctors

We at contourshyd, are provide you with the best treatment plan after proper diagnosis of your disease. We have some of the best doctors in the field who will give you the desired results with absolute perfection. We analyze your condition and work on the root cause of the disease to eradicate it completely.

Cost in India

For concentrated plasma injections, a minimum of 3 sittings is required over a period of 3-4weeks which will cost you between ₹20000-₹25000. While, laser therapies will be a cheaper way out for around ₹8000-₹12000 but it may vary depending on the quality of product used and the doctor you are consulting.



No there is just a minimal discomfort caused by the procedure and no major painful experience.

The entire procedure take 4-5 weeks to be completed but the results of new hair growth in the area can be seen after 2-3 months after the procedure completed.

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