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Mesotherapy for Hair in Hyderabad

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Mesotherapy for Hair in Hyderabad


Mesotherapy is a treatment method for skin and hair. Here, doctors inject nutrients, medicines, hormones, enzymes and other substances into the mesoderm. Its uses are skin revitalization, tightening, fat and cellulite loss and alopecia treatment. It improves the local blood circulation and changes the micro-environment of cells. This helps restore the original health of the area.



Procedure of Surgery

The doctor uses a needle to create a series of perforations in your scalp. The doctor may do this by hand or a mechanical gun. In mechanical mesotherapy, the doctor only creates micro-perforations. This induces growth of skin proteins elastin and collagen. This tightens the skin and prevents further hair loss.In chemical mesotherapy, single drops of chemicals are also injected in the perforations. These improve blood circulation and provide nutrition. They counter the hormone causing hair loss and enhance skin structure and metabolism.
Each session can last about half an hour. At first, one session per week is necessary. Once it starts working, the doctor will schedule sessions twice or once per month. Four months is the average treatment period.

Preparations to do before treatment

One should consult with their doctor at least a month in advance to talk about the procedure. Your doctor should tell you to stop using blood thinners and painkillers. Consult with the surgeon about any allergies you have to the mesotherapy chemicals. Inform the doctor if you have diabetes. You should not have mesotherapy then as it will cause severe bleeding.

Also report any disease of the heart, liver or kidney. Many of the chemicals used do affect their functioning. Do not get the procedure if you are expecting or lactating, as it can affect the baby.Go on a light, balanced diet during this time. Do not indulge in drinking or smoking.Do not use harsh treatments on your hair either. Irritated skin may not react well to the treatment.

After the procedure

You can return to your normal lifestyle right after a session. You may shampoo your hair with a regular shampoo within 24 hours. Since mesotherapy is non-invasive for all practical purposes, no extra care is necessary. A healthy diet and exercise regimen is enough.
But you should keep your hands off your skull and not comb in a harsh manner right after. This may irritate and injure the perforated scalp. Also do not use any chemical treatment before 24 hours.If you feel any irritation, pain or swelling, immediately see your doctor.


About Contourshyd

Mesotherapy is a process that will not be successful unless it is in the right hands. Contourshyd has the best doctors and staff that will ensure that you get the most out of this treatment. We provide top-grade treatment that is also cost-effective. For best results, we recommend Contourshyd for mesotherapy for your hair.

Cost in India

Mesotherapy is quite a costly procedure. Per session may cost between ₹15,000 to ₹40,000 depending on the area covered. Thus, if one treatment requires an average of four to six sessions, the total cost will be in around ₹60,000 to over ₹2,00,000.



Hair mesotherapy is a method that helps to heal ageing and weakening scalp dermal layers. It gives support to the structural proteins and provides nourishment to the hair. In essence, it is a therapeutic method with restorative and tonic effects.

Mesotherapy is a well-known treatment for alopecia, but it also works for other kinds of hair loss. Mesotherapy introduces medicines around the follicles that counter DHT, the cause of alopecia. It also injects structural and supplementary substances to strengthen and nourish hair roots.

Mesotherapy is not a permanent solution for hair loss. It depends on a lot of factors. This includes how well one receives the treatment and can maintain it. Mesotherapy works the same way as supplements. So even after getting it, one might need to continue other, more targeted treatments.

The average lifetime of mesotherapy is 12-18 months. For best results, you should complete the course your doctor has recommended.

In PRP or platelet-rich plasma treatment, the doctor takes blood from the patient. This is then processed to make it richer in platelets and injected into the scalp. This helps trigger hair growth and increase hair thickness. In contrast, mesotherapy uses nutrients, medicines and organic chemicals to rejuvenate the scalp. This effects increased hair growth and health.

Mesotherapy is pretty much a painless procedure. Most doctors use a numbing cream to reduce any pain, but it is not necessary. The only pain is due to the needle pricks, which is no more than getting a tattoo.

Depending on the patient, mesotherapy may cause some side effects. The most common ones are swelling, irritation, bruises, bumps and allergic symptoms. More serious symptoms are pain, nausea, infection, allergy and scars.

Mesotherapy works better than topical applications because it reaches deeper into the skin. In contrast, topical applications work only at the surface. Doctors can achieve even higher penetration by using a low electric pulse. This opens up channels in the dermal layers and guides the chemicals through them. This produces even better effects.

It is best to avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours before as well as after the procedure. This is to prevent excessive bleeding and bruising from the treatment.

Most people need about 4-6 sessions for the completion of their mesotherapy treatment. At the least, three are necessary. Whereas very few people get asked to come in 15 times. The number for you will depend on how fast the treatment starts working and how effective it is.

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