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Nose Surgery Doctor in Hyderabad

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Nose Surgery Doctor in Hyderabad


Rhinoplasty is the reconstruction surgery done for the nose. Complex rhinoplasty pertains to revision rhinoplasty as well. Which means it is kind of a secondary process used for correction of the primary process of rhinoplasty already done. The complex rhinoplasty is so called because of the reason that it has a lot of complexity involved as it is working on something which has already be done and disturbed for once.

This option is usually chosen by the patients themselves only, mostly due to dissatisfaction from the esthetics of the previous or primary rhinoplasty procedure or maybe due to some problem in breathing.



Procedure of the Treatment

It is extremely necessary for you and your doctor both, to have a clear picture of whatever you are expecting out of this surgical procedure. As there is little to no scope of correction post this surgery because it is already working on a damaged case. This is a very intricate procedure.This kind of surgery is mostly performed under general anaesthesia as the time required for the surgery is quite long. But, in some exceptional cases, your doctor might go for sedatives and local anaesthesia only.

In case of a minor corrections required, like if there is excessive tissue left in some area of the nose after the first surgery and you only have to get that removed, it will take a lesser time and is has a lower level of complexity as well.

For most cases of complex rhinoplasty, the doctors usually prefer doing an open surgery by removing the flap of skin over the nose for a clear view of all the tissues, bones and cartilage beneath it. It provides the doctor a complete space to work properly. The incision is very minor and the scar can easily be healed post surgery.

There are cases where the nose has been made very thin and you need to add on the bulk. In such cases, the doctor will have to take cartilage grafts from your ear, ribs or temple area and place it on the nose to give it a proportional symmetrical look. The surgery provides not only esthetic effects but also makes breathing problems better.

Pre treatment preparations

It is a very complex procedure, so selecting your doctor is also the most essential part of treatment preparations.You need to look for a board certified doctor with great experience in the field only.Stop consuming alcohol a few days before the surgery has to be done.You need to stop smoking from atleast a week before the procedure is to be carried out.

With the consent of your physician, stop taking and blood thinning medications one week prior to treatment.Do not indulge in any chemical treatment of the face atleast two weeks prior to treatment.Get all your laboratory tests done to ensure you do not have any condition which will make the healing procedure complicated.Get yourself checked for any kind of allergy to any drugs and medications.

After the treatment (what to expect, results and recovery)

For one to two weeks after the surgery you must sleep with your head elevated, for proper healing.Do not try to blow out from your nose very forcefully atleast for two weeks post surgery, as it might hamper the form of corrected structure.Do not indulge into smoking for two to three weeks post completion of treatment.You might experience some bruising or swelling specially swelling in the area of your eyes, but this condition will start improving within 48-72 hours of surgery. There may be slight pain and discomfort also which can easily be controlled by medications.

In some cases, there is a little blood discharge from the nasal cavity, for which a dressing is placed in the area for absorption.You have to avoid rubbing or scratching the area where the effect of surgery is seen.Do not try picking your nose for two to three weeks or else you will tamper the healing Procedure.There might be a stuffiness in your nose which will go away within a week post-surgery.


About contourshyd and our doctors

We at contourshyd, have an expert team of doctors ready to face any situation and perform any kind of surgery related to our field. Our doctors are the best at what they do and are always armed with ways to get through any complications coming their way. At contourshyd, we ensure that you get the best of services. We always try and help you elevate your overall look esthetically as well as functionally at the most genuine rates.

Cost in India

The cost of this surgical procedure is highly dependent on the level of complexity of the surgery being done. On an average the cost of complex rhinoplasty will start somewhere around ₹50,000 and will go up to as much as ₹2,00,000. This cost will vary depending on the components of surgery and the doctor you consult.



As per all the reports from various sources, the success rate of rhinoplasty is between 85% to 90%. Although, this rate of success will surely be increased if you go to a board-certified doctor with special expertise in the field.

It takes almost six weeks for the bone to heal and another two to three months to get the entire structure of your nose back to normal. This includes the time taken for the scar formation to heal as well and then your nose will look absolutely compatible to the rest of the face.

No, thankfully this procedure does not involve very high risks or complications post surgery. The small risks that you may encounter will be discussed with you by your doctor before starting the procedure only.

For the most we can say that the results achieved through rhinoplasty will last for quite a long time which might actually be permanent only. Some rare cases may experience relapse or may require a little touch up after a few decades.

The entire procedure is mostly carried under general anaesthesia, so you will not experience any sensation during the procedure. As far as Post treatment period is concerned, you may experience pain and swelling in the area but it can be controlled by medications and easily heals within a week.

Yes, rhinoplasty can make a crooked or titled nose straight by fracturing and replacing the nasal bone under controlled conditions.

You can gently remove the residue from the nose or dried blood on the outside of the nose but do not try getting inside or blowing your nose.

Fortunately, rhinoplasty does not have any Major side effects. Anything like stuffiness of the nose and swelling goes off within a week or two.

The cost of rhinoplasty is completed dependent on the complexity of the surgery. But, the results that you achieve are completely worth the money and the rates are also reasonable in India.

Closed and open rhinoplasty are the most common types. Primary and secondary rhinoplasty are also another classification.

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