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Dimple Creation Surgery in Hyderabad

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Dimple Creation Surgery in Hyderabad


Dimples on your cheek are considered as a mark of beauty. Although, not all the people are blessed with this beautifying feature on their face. Dimples are said to be enhancing the beauty for both the genders male and female. So, many people around the world nowadays, are going through surgical procedures to achieve this beauty feature of a dimple. Various techniques are used by the surgeons for creating dimples easily.



Treatment Procedure

Dimples are basically formed due to a certain kind of deformity in a muscle known as the zygomatic muscle in your cheeks. Strands of this muscle tends to fold in and dip into a specific point which results in the formation of a dimple upon muscle movement in that area.This procedure of dimple creation is carried out under local anesthesia only.

Most of the times the patients have a particular spot decided in their minds where they want the dimple to be seen. So, in the clinic, the patients will mark the point in their own sitting in front of the mirror. In cases where the patient is indecisive of the positioning of the dimple, the surgeon must mark the spot through cosmetic and anatomic analysis of the face.

Basically, in this procedure, the surgeon aims at creating such a scar in that area, which is attached or fixed to it’s underlying muscles. So, as and when the scar goes on healing, due to its attachment to the muscle beneath, it will also form a depression which is an enhanced dimple.The patient can opt for either unilateral or bilateral dimple creations. Although, most of the times people go for unilateral dimple creation only.

Pre treatment preparation

It is adviced that you do a thorough research about the procedure and the doctor you are going to for desired results.Before and after pictures will be clicked to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment procedure and the extent of formation of the dimple.

Stop taking any blood thinning medications after consulting your physician.Your dermatologist might give you anti-haematic drugs 2-3days before the procedure in order to avoid the formation of hematoma or clots of blood which might occur during the healing process of the dimple.

After the treatment (what to expect, result and recovery)

You will get a perfectly positioned dimple only of you choose a certified doctor and follow all the instructions properly after treatment also.

Do not expose the skin to direct sun without any protection for a week.You must avoid rubbing the treatment area for at least a week after treatment.You should not do any extensive vigorous exercise till the scar heals completely.

No facial massage therapy can be done for a time period of two weeks at least, in order to avoid bruising the sutures placed.Exposure of the skin of treated area to any harsh chemical products might cause irritation and inflammation so avoid using such products.


The contourshyd clinic and our doctors

At contourshyd we have the most dependable and well trained doctors with years of experience which will make your experience very pleasant and fruitful with us. We are also entitled to serve you with the best and latest equipments available in the respective field of treatment. We provide a very well organised and fuss free set-up with maintenance of proper hygiene as well. The cost of treatments is also quite affordable keeping our patients’ comfort in mind.

Cost in India

The procedure to create these beautiful features is known as dimples on your cheeks. This procedure is comparatively low priced in India. It will cost you anywhere between ₹15,000 to ₹25,000 for dimple creation procedures with perfection to be done in India.



Yes, dimples which are naturally occurring specially on one side of the face or one cheeks are a rare sight to see.

Yes, the naturally occurring dimples are mostly seen owing to the genetics of a person. As they are a dominant trait you can inherit a dimple very easily and there is high possibility of inheritance.

Yes, dimple creation surgeries are very commonly performed nowadays and many people across the globe are going through such surgeries.

Yes, dimple creation surgeries are extremely non invasive and very safe when performed by board certified surgeons using proper techniques.

The effect of dimple creation will be completely visible in around one to two weeks after the completion of the procedures.

A surgically created dimple will mostly last till you live and in rare cases where it does not last forever, it will still stay in place for a few decades at least.

The people, who have naturally occurring dimples, might experience that in some cases as you age your dimple either fades a little bit or vanishes. This is because the muscles in the area loose their tonicity.

The rates for dimple creation surgeries in India are quite reasonable and not so high. Although, according to the number of Dimples you want and the doctor that you are choosing for yourself the expenses of the surgery keeps varying.

According to certain medical organizations, Dimples are indeed caused due to the presence of a defect in the timidity and tonicity of a particular muscle in the cheek area.

No, dimple creation surgeries have a very minimal invasive approach which does not usually have any kind of adverse effect on the skin, muscle or anywhere in the body.

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