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Asymmetric Breast Correction Surgery in Hyderabad

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Asymmetric Breast Correction Surgery in Hyderabad

What is asymmetric Breast Correction?

Every single woman have uneven breast. Yes that true in reality. And every woman or girl should accept that with pride. Womanhood should be taken with pride and confidence A woman has various feminine features that she develops in her course of life and accentuates her body. It is enhancement of her shape and size which makes her more curvaceous. It is generally seen in 80% women that both the breast are never equal in size and shape. A minor correction may always be needed. Such women may not need to worry anymore, because the problem can be analysed and taken care of. Breast symmetry could be in size or shape, position of nipple or sagging. The milder asymmetries may not need correction but when volume difference is more as observed asymmetry correction is needed. Women may face psychological stress. Extreme asymmetry when one breast fails to develop




Here are the essential 4C’s that needs to be followed for the procedure

Step 1

Consult the cosmetic surgeon. It is important to consult your surgeon who will be able to give you details regarding the breast asymmetry. He will be able to guide you the best possible combination procedure. Procedure for breast correction is tailored as per individual needs while one person might requires breast implants other might need reduction of breast.

Step 2

Check your measurements and identify the problem. Its important to check your measurements and size as demark the areas and borders of correction of breast especially in the axillary or the armpit areas. Before and after photographs are taken to analyse the size and shape of breast.

Step 3

Contouring the breast. It is essential to check the extra fat deposits in the areas of breast tissue. Its important to evaluate the problem from the crux and identify the procedure required along with the root cause of the problem.

Step 4

Combination therapy for contouring and correction of asymmetry of breast :

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast uplift
  • Nipple repositioning
  • Fat transfer augmentation



The results are best when two breast have similar procedure either lifting or reducing or two implanted breast. The results of procedure to make the breast symmetrical are immediately visible. Finally results occur a few weeks later after the swelling resolves and breast size and shape settles. The incision lines later tends to settle over a period of time. Overtime the breast can change due to weight hormonal fluctuations and various factors. However your new enhanced breast contour can give you some confidence whether at work or at home. Recovery depends on the surgery procedure that is done. If you have an implant, then the standard implant procedure is 6 weeks. The aftercare procedure usually involves follow ups for wound healing and scar care advise.

Preparation before the surgery

Depending on the procedure for the surgery, preparation will be required. Eating healthy and nutritious diet is required before the surgery. The doctor will review your entire medical history about the medications that you take and will advise to stop the blood thinners if any. Remember to discuss with your doctor about the procedure and the consequences of the surgery.


About Contours

A highly specialized skilled professional surgeon with knowledge of advanced techniques at contourHyd.com knows the best for you whether it implants or lifting of breast or reduction or enlargement. An artistic and creative approach and following an aftercare protocol for the breast surgery is the aim of the surgeon here and his expertise lies in correcting breast to make them look identical which is the most difficult part. They aim at performing corrective same procedure on the breast.

Cost in India

Depending on the brand of the clinic and the boardcertified surgeon and moreover the condition of the breast as well as procedure involved correction will be required. It may need certain amount of sessions to uplift or reduction of size through liposuction may be required, Once the cause is identified of asymmetrical breast and then the procedure or combination therapy is worked upon to get desired result. Depending on all these parameters, the cost or the surgery would vary from 80000 to 1 lakh rupees per session.



Any female who is completed breast development and is distressed by the asymmetry in size, shape or level of nipples or position of breast should consider a consultation with the cosmetic surgeon

Depending on the procedures there could be risk factor such as scarring and sensitivity of nipple.

Patient should be matured female over the age of 15years old

There may be various factors such as age fat deposits hormonal fluctuation which may change the breast size in future.

The type of procedure like breast implants can affect the breastfeeding in children. However going for liposuction surgery or augmentation can be carried on.

There are no side effects of surgery. however after care needs to be taken after the implant breast surgery.

Recovery is quite simple and swift. Any incision marks will be present in the folds of the skin and recovery of these marks is a gradual process.

Depending on the choice of this procedure, It can be decided whether it’s a painless procedure however sedation is given during the procedure so that you don’t get pain.

There are various procedures like artificial silicone implants or fat transfer with breast augmentation. Your surgeon needs to analyse your breast and accordingly do the procedure. This provides the most natural augmentation possible

You can go for silicone implants which look more natural as compared to the saline which are just salt water filled and even if they break, there are no side effects

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