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Nose Plastic Surgery in Hyderabad

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Nose Plastic Surgery in Hyderabad


The tip of the nose plays an important part in the aesthetics and appeal of the face. Many people have complaints about their nose tips. Nasal tips can display a variety of abnormalities, including broad tips, low tips, bent tips and depressed tips. These issues affect the overall look of the face. Looking good matters to everyone, and abnormalities of the nose tip might be an important reason to hinder the desired look an individual want.

Nose tip plasty or nasal tip plasty is a special kind of surgical procedure that is varied and optimized according to the requirements of the candidate undergoing the procedure. Getting a clear understanding of the needs of a particular patient, helps in the right surgical treatment to enable them to get the optimal shape, size and contour of their nasal tips. The surgery is minimally invasive and requires very little time. It can also be done in an outpatient facility. Augmentation and correctional rhinoplasty is mainly used to treat such cases and requirements of nasal tip modifications.



Surgery procedure

The surgery procedure is applicable for people of all ages and gender and has no limitations or restrictions on those criteria. Various people have different kinds of expectations and requirements for their nose tips. While some want to look younger, some want a daintier, more feminine nose. The surgery effectively smoothens the tip and alters and enhances its shape according to the requirements of the candidate and the overall facial structure.

The procedure is a short and efficient process usually needing about a day of visit to the hospital. It is also done in outpatient facilities at various hospitals and medical centers which specialize in such jobs. It is done under general anesthesia and incisions are made on the inside and outside of the nose. These are then dressed with protective medical materials to prevent infection. The operative procedure usually requires around 2 to 4 hours on an average and the patient is released on the same day or the day after.
Aftercare suggestions are provided until the procedure shows its complete effects.


Nasal tip plasty requires minimal preparations and is a quick and efficient process. Before the surgery, the patient needs to consult with the surgeons and consultants to provide a clear idea of the requirements and provide pictures of the front, side and all angles of the face and the nose to help the specialists optimize the ideal solution and nose tip alteration job to best suit their desires and overall facial structure to provide the best look to the person.

Recovery and results : After the surgery

The procedure takes an approximate of 2 to 4 hours to be completed. It usually requires a day long stay at a certain medical facility. The recovery time ranges from a week to ten days for a full and complete recovery from the surgery, and that is the general downtime due to the procedure. There would be stitch marks, swelling and bruising in and around the nose during the surgery which is completely eliminated by the end of the stipulated time.

The procedure provides permanent and lasting results that are irreversible. Aftercare suggestions are provided to patients to follow rigorously after the surgery for the best results. The recovery period is essential and one must take extra care of the nose while washing their faces, or blowing their nose. There might be minor itching, grogginess and irritation in the nose. It might also cause mild pain around the tip region.


Cost of nose tip plasty in India

India has become a top medical tourist destination in the past decade. This is due to the advanced treatment technologies and the top doctors and healthcare professionals working in the country. Ranging from the most advanced technical equipment to the most experienced and qualified doctors all across the world, India has become a top destination for medical treatments for people all across the world.

When it comes to plastic and cosmetic surgeries and nose jobs like nose tip plasty, India has the best and most advanced facilities providing optimal services at the most cost-effective prices. The average range of a nose tip plasty job in India costs around INR 40000 to INR 1,00,000. It is completely dependent on the medial facility, the surgeon and the requirements of the patient.

Contourshyd.com : Cost-effective and best nose tip plasty in India

Contourshyd.com is one of the most renowned plastic and cosmetic surgery centers in the country, and the best one in Hyderabad. They have the most competent and experienced professional, who work relentlessly with the most advanced medical equipment to formulate ideal nose job solutions and a range of other cosmetic surgery solutions for various people and their requirements.

They have the best plastic surgeons and staff all across the country and the world working in a team to provide optimal treatments to the people. Their experience and expertise in the field is unparalleled. Nose tip plasty is one of their specializations and they have provided successful surgery procedures to several people all across the world.



Six weeks following the procedure is the general average time required to get rid of all bruising healing and scars.

Nose jobs are usually permanent and lasts forever. Upon proper aftercare and maintenance, the optimum and long-lasting results are achieved.

Nose tip plasty, a form of rhinoplasty, has a quick recovery process. During the recovery time, sensation of mild pain and headaches exist. Grogginess and runny nose and feeling of discomfort might last for a few weeks.

Apart from the risks of anesthesia, slight bleeding and chances of infection, it is an overall safe procedure if all the guidelines are followed and maintained.

The procedure usually takes between one and two hours. It might take longer for special cases and requirements.

Surgeon, who operates more than hundred cosmetic nasal surgeries a year, is preferred.

To be frank, cosmetic rhinoplasty can be operated at any time but only after the complete nasal growth. The growth usually completes by the age of 15 in girls and by the age of 16 in boys.

The truth about the Cosmetic rhinoplasty is, it becomes more and more challenging with the increasing age. To get the better result out of rhinoplasty it must be done in early adulthood or mid-to-late adolescence.

Breathing functions can never be performed through any surgery as its goes natural.

It depends on the inflammation and swelling.

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