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Rhinoplasty for Big Nose in Hyderabad

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Rhinoplasty for Big Nose in Hyderabad


Human noses appear in diverse configurations and extents, be it thin, straight and large or broad, flat, and rounded. Hence, a balanced and even nose size is all subjective. Although there aren’t any specific guide to the perfect pleasing nose since that depends on individual to individual. However, there are some standard guidelines that surgeons take help to evaluate the exact size of the trunk of a patient in comparison to the face. Nostrils that generally need treatment are known to be too large or oversized to get them in the right proportion. Some scientists have discovered the reasons due to which these variations in the nose sizes occur. It includes genetic factors, some factors related to the bone structure, cartilage, etc. There are also some traits of the nose which tends to adapt to its geographical temperatures. It is famously known as rhinoplasty.




Nose treatment is a plastic surgery procedure of re-shaping the big large nose to meet its fundamental requirements according to the face structure. This procedure gets performed on a person by cosmetic surgeons. It happens when the person is not at all satisfied with his/her nose structure. One more reason can be the instances that occur with the patient, such as impaired breathing issues. Breathing problems can be because of the defect in the nasal passage or the structure of the nose, which causes trouble. The focus in every operation performed by the surgeon would vary considerably. Some of them being-

These are typical unpleasant operations wherein patients receive anaesthesia depending on the criticality of the surgery. According to the desires and goals of the patient, the surgeon will perform the surgery. It might be successful or not since it’s quite delicate.


One should avoid taking any medications like aspirin, Advil, etc. It has that these medications increase the chance of bleeding. If you smoke, then immediately put a full stop on your smoking habit. Any exposure to sunlight at least before two weeks of the surgery. If, in case of emergency, one needs to go out, then apply suncream with SPF 30+ without it don’t even think of traveling. Do not drink and eat anything before 12 hours of the surgery, not even water and fruits. Wearing jewellery is not allowed to refrain from carrying them. If you wear glasses for vision, then you are allowed to wear that while coming for the surgery but no contact lenses. Also, avoidance of any make-up, be it face or eye along with the nail polish, is not entertained. While getting ready, make sure you wear loose-fitted clothes and not the slipovers.


You need to take care of your nose very delicately along with the bandages. It would be best if you did not blow your nose for at least two weeks after the surgery. The doctor will remove your nasal cast after the follow-up within a week. But you need to make sure that you don’t eat many chewy foods. The nasal cast should be kept clean and dry, avoid it getting wet. If in case it gets wet, then pat the cast gently and try to dry it off. There isn’t any need to worry if you get swelling after the removal of the cast since it’s pretty standard.



The cost of this treatment depends on the complexity of the case. It may vary from 40000INR to 200000INR. It also solely depends on various factors like state, hospital, surgeons, etc. The above figure does not include any other expenses incurred in the treatment. The cost may consist of surgeon costs, medical tests, hospital bills, etc. If you got health insurance, then this treatment might save your money in the pocket. If we compare the prices abroad to the price in India, the treatment here is quite affordable.


Here in contours, you have choices to get your large nostrils issue solved just in time. And you’ll see a visible difference in your nostril structure after the treatment. We are professionals in delivering the operations and resolving predicaments of this type. The services performed in contours will be adequate to contend and answer our client’s problems as the procedures and all the dressing will get done in private cubicles and ambiance. Therefore, there is no uncertainty and uneasiness of anything. Hence, for the perfect nose structure, Contours is the best option.



It costs you a minimum of 40,000 INR to 2 lakhs INR.

It depends on the complexity of the case, but in a general scenario, the success rate of rhinoplasty is quite high than expected.

Nose jobs are generally much safer and involve fewer risks. But if we see in a broader platform, we can say that any surgery, not only rhinoplasty, can go wrong. So, I hope only for good and consult the best.

The duration of this surgery lasts not more than three hours in average complex cases.

If you want to save money, then you can try for the insurance or the packages offered by hospitals or clinics.

You will feel slight discomfort and pain because of the cast, but you will soon get rid of it as the days pass.

It will be removed in 5-7 days post the surgery.

After the cast gets removed, you’ll recover with a couple of days.

No, as for now, there isn’t any alternative to the treatment of giant nostrils except rhinoplasty.

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