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Hair Fall Treatment in Hyderabad

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Hair Fall Treatment in Hyderabad


One among four humans suffers from hair balding in India and this problem is not a secret to anyone. What might seem like a small problem that could go unnoticed is actually one of those problems that affect people on a regular basis. Hair transplantation has been proven to be a successful, effective and easy way to get back hair and also the confidence in people. But what actually is hair transplantation? Hair transplantation is a simple process of taking off hair follicles from one part of the body (known as the donor part) and putting it on the place where there is less or insufficient hair (known as the recipient side).




The process is widely known as follicular unit extraction or FUE harvesting and is considered as the best process for hair transplant. Individual follicular with hair are removed from a particular area. The hair is adjusted in a particular manner such that it resonated with the fashion trends and/or preferences. The process of FUE takes either one long session or multiple small sessions. The reason why people prefer FUE is because of its natural process and positive results.

Preparations to do before the treatment:

While you are planning to get your FUE treatment done, it is important to ensure certain things for safety. For treatments like these, every little thing matters. Make sure you inform your doctor about the medicines that you have been taking, as you’d be advised to stop consuming certain blood-thinning medicines, anti-depressants etc. You’d also be advised to lessen the alcohol consumption as per the need in case you take it. Do not cut or trim your hair at least two weeks prior to your surgery. The hair transplant incision would be hidden in your body. If required, the surgeon would cut your hair. Be confident about the doctor/surgeon and only then take the final call.

After the procedure (expected recovery, results)

Once you are done with the hair transplant, you might get worried about couple of things. Some of these problems are not worth the worry. Here’s why.

While you just got your hair transplant done, it might not well be all glory instantly.
In the beginning you are likely to face problems like hair fall. Do not panic. It is natural. It’s in fact, the beginning of way for new hair to grow. However, if it becomes excessive or continues to fall even after two weeks of your FUE hair transplant, consult your doctor. Consume pain remedial tablets. If your plan becomes unbearable or if you are unable to concentrate on everyday errands, take proper pain killers as recommended by your surgeon.


About the contourshyd

It is significant to choose a reputed, authentic and trust-worthy clinic with a team of doctors, staff who have expertise and experience in this and uses advanced types of equipments. Contourshyd.com offers the best hair transplant treatments with guaranteed results. Our doctors/experts are experienced in hair transplant treatments. Our staffs are very cooperative and caring. We prioritize our patients’ comfort and safety before anything else and provide the optimum satisfying results to one and all.

Hair Transplant Cost in Hyderabad

This is comparatively as a hair transplant cost in hyderabad is somewhere between 25,000 to 1,00,000. It is cost-effective because it is a one-time investment and once cured makes you feel confident and ravishing about your appearance. FUE hair transplant process is considered as the safest and most trusted process because of its credibility and assurance. It is done by medical experts, surgeons and is hence assures conviction.



Hair transplant is the process of eradicating hair follicles from a certain part of the body and transferring it to the recipient part of the body that has less hair.

An FUE hair transplant is a permanent solution to all your hair problems because hair follicles are transferred from one area of the body to the other. The process is done in such a way that new hair grows from the transplanted area and hence the natural process of hair growth continues.

Hair transplant is not painful at all because it is done under a local anaesthetic procedure which makes your body parts numb during the entire process. And when it lessens its effect, the procedure is done.

Avoid taking anti-depressants or blood thinners. Take advice from your surgeons about the same.

Hair transplant is a simple process and usually patients recover as early as 2 to 5 days to go back to work. The hair may start to fall out within two to three weeks of the surgery but it grows back within a couple of months.

Avoid scratching or rubbing your face too much. Avoid direct contact to sunlight.

Hair transplants are usually safe if you take care of the little things that matter the most. It is very important to get your hair transplant done from expert surgeons or doctors because in these treatments, the experience speaks for itself.

Hair transplant usually costs anywhere between 25,000 to 1,00,000. One must ensure that compromising quality because of extremely cheap rates may make them suffer later in future. In delicate treatments like these, choose the best, without compromising on the quality.

Hair transplants are usually more successful than other remedies or medical treatments that are used for hair growth.

Unlike organ transplants, in hair transplants you are the donor as well s the receiver of your hair. It’s not possible to transplant someone else’s body part.

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