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Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment in Hyderabad

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Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment in Hyderabad


What is Vaginal rejuvenation surgery?

Want to hold on with your youth as long as you can Go for vaginal rejuvenation surgery which falls in the category with promises of vaginal tightening , stopping the incontinence of urine , elimination of vaginal dryness and more. Childbirth is one of the delicate phases of woman.Being a mother brings a bundle of joy. You wish to experience that as the word MOT-HER in which the word is imbibed so its the mother who looks after the child’s emotional and physical aspect. Her womb provides him shelter for good nine months. Remember childbirth and age can change woman’s vagina and there are some women who wish to reverse those changes. There isn’t one vaginal rejuvenation technique , there are many creams . Injectables that are meet to improve the quality of vagina. There are alo surgeries and laser treatment which promises to tighten the muscles and improve its look. Majority of females seek for vaginal rejuvenation after childbirth. This cosmetic procedure is going to restore the part of your body the way you were at 18 years of age




Step 01

Consult the cosmetic surgeon. Remember you are wanting to turn the clock back again and entrusting the surgeon to do that or may be for functional reasons mainly incontinence of urine . Consult a best surgeon for that.

Step 02

Recently laser technologies have been introduced for vaginal rejuvenation. Talk openly with your doctor as to what are the intentions behind the surgery. Is it the beauty of the vagina or the functional aspect or the sensitivity of womanhood. Basically in the rejuvenation surgery the G-spot amplification is triggered.

Step 03

The frontal wall of the vagina holds highly sensitive spot G-spot for female arousal . The procedure involves injecting collagen in the frontal wall of vagina to increase pleasure

Step 04

Since collagen is injected the best feature of this vaginal rejuvenation would also help to tighten the vagina walls. Speak to the expect for the reasons of vaginal tightening . He is the best person to guide you.

Preparation before the procedure

Sedation may be required. Local anesthesia so that you don’t feel the pain at the spot of the treatment. Utmost care has been taken to maintain hygiene to prevent infection. Even you need to make sure that you maintain hygiene. Talk openly with your doctor about your feeling and concerns . Targeted kegel like exercises can tone weak vaginal walls and loose vaginal muscles and enhance arousal. Counseling can address issues of self esteem and confidence. You need to know aftercare and regular follow up sessions are equally important for the healing of the vagina


For most women recovery is swift and smooth.Visiting the doctor for once in 10 days is very crucial as doctor may advise you aftercare. You are ready to be more active . Remember healing is essential A healthy diet is prescribed to you after surgery. Hygiene is the most important step towards cleanliness. Remember you have started to recover and doing some pelvic exercises will help in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Light walking is advised. Wearing loose fitted comfortable cotton clothing for few days is essential for faster healing and better recovery process


Cost in India

The cost in India varies on the technique that you would prefer whether laser stimulation or injectable and above all the kind of clinic and brand you choose. The cost would vary from 1 lakh to 2 lakhs rupees depending on the entire package of aftercare and pre and post consultation charges. You can inquire with the clinic if the include the aftercare within the package . A good reputed clinic would take the accountability of the patient as they cannot take the entire responsibility as each patient responds differently as far as complications are concerned. But we can assure you that the accountability of the patient should be taken care in aftercare procedure .

About Contours

This is a top international clinic of reputed brand where patients all over the world visit for their repair and reconstructive surgeries. We have a specialist team of therapist guided by professional cosmetic surgeon who can guide you about the procedure and take you along the course of the treatment professionally and smoothly. Our expert physician will let you know after thorough consultation to go for this rejuvenation with confidence and experience the reversal stage of life which can be highly appreciated by the kind of work and protocol they follow at ContoursHyd.com



A mother after childbirth or females reaching the menopausal stage requires rejuvenation vaginal surgery.

Talk and consult your surgeon . Depending on your age he can guide you what kind of rejuvenation technique is required.

There are no side effects of vaginal rejuvenation surgery .

Infection or bleeding if hygiene is not maintained could lead to possibility of infection.

No surgery will not affect the future pregnancy.

Going for laser technique or injectables are the options for the vaginal rejuvenation therapy.

Yes there will the vaginal tightening after childbirth . It possible to get reversal changes to experience the same sensitivity as before.

Depending on the technique whether laser or injections it is advised to take 1 week rest after the rejuvenation procedure.

Yes you can resume work . But any physical activity should be done under the guidance of the surgeon.

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