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Nose Reshaping Surgery in Hyderabad

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Nose Reshaping Surgery in Hyderabad


Nose reshaping is a kind of cosmetic surgery also known as rhinoplasty (simply a nose job). It is mainly to change the size or shape of the nose and to improve nose functions. Mainly it serves two purposes –

  • For restoring the functions of the nose like breathing or to resolve any birth defect.
  • For cosmetic reasons like for improving the beauty and appearance of the nose.




Rhinoplasty requires Anesthesia for comfort while having a surgical procedure. It includes general or intravenous sedation. The nose is numbed by sedation and the patient will not be able to feel the pain.

After anesthesia, the incision is done. Rhinoplasty is done in two ways-

By incisions (external cut) skin covering bones and cartilages is corrected as per the requirement to reshape the structure and to restore the functions.

The surgeon can change the shape of nose bones and cartilage accordingly and it depends upon how much it needs to be added or removed. If the septum has deviated then it can be straightened and also projections reduced inside the nose.

Preparations to do before treatment

Choose a board-certified surgeon who is specialized in nose reshaping and who have experience in this field.
Ask the professional whether this treatment is beneficial to you or not.
The physical and medical examination is done and photographs to be taken for preoperative planning. Avoid taking any kind of anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin or herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding. Avoid smoking and sun exposure at least a week before surgery.

After the procedure (what to expect, recovery and results)

After the surgery splint is placed in the nose which helps in retaining the shape of the nose. A splint may also be placed inside the nostrils to stabilize septum which is a part of the nose and is between the nostrils.

The patient might have headaches or puffiness in the face, which can be managed with the medication.

The patient should avoid any kind of exertion for some weeks after the surgery like running, strenuous physical exercises, swimming, excessive chewing, blowing the nose, etc. exposure to the sun must be avoided. There can be discoloration around eyes or swelling or numbness, if so then apply the ice packs to reduce discoloration and swelling.

The results of rhinoplasty are long-lasting. During this time there could be gradual changes in the appearance of the nose. Rhinoplasty can result in swelling and numbness in the nose for months because it is a sensitive part. Although it is a simple and safe procedure its healing can take some time.


Cost in India

In India rhinoplasty ranges from Rs. 50000 to Rs. 300000 depending upon the treatment, city, experience of the surgeon and mainly upon the complexity of the surgery.

About our clinic and surgeons

It is very much important to choose a clinic that is reputed and has an expert team of doctors, good staff and have all the facilities and types of equipment. Coutourshyd.com provides the best nose reshaping treatments and gives guaranteed results. Our doctors are experienced for this treatment and staff is very caring and cooperative. Amongst all our foremost priority is to give comfort to our patients and to solve their queries and give them satisfying results.



During operation time anesthesia is used. It can be local or general as prescribed by the doctor or as per the patient’s wishes. The nose is numbed due to sedation and there is no pain. After surgery, there is little pain and is mainly swelling or stiffness. For any discomfort, medication is there.

After surgery new nose is supported by a splint for 5-7 days. After removing splint, the nose remains swelled for 1-2 weeks but not necessarily. After two weeks it is not that much visible.

No, it is not because it is a challenging one. It this surgery several factors are involved. Nose shape is a complicated 3D shape. Changes made during surgery can often be small but lead to major alterations in appearances and functions.

It is an operation of low risk and breathing is improved after reshaping the nose. Nose and breathing are interrelated so there are rare chances of disturbances in breathing.

It is not an exceptional case as all the surgeries bear risks but rhinoplasty bears minimum risks. There are some chances of infection or bleeding or scarring but by the time they will be healed.

Smoking is not any kind of barrier for nose surgery but it can slow down the healing after the surgery. Only for this reason smoking should be avoided at least for 2 weeks before the surgery and should completely be avoided for at least 4 weeks after the surgery.

There is no such need to stay in the hospital. Mostly every patient can leave the hospital safely but the patient can be asked to stay for one night if there is any problem that requires monitoring.

Certification should be the specialty that is of main concern. Choose the surgeon who has performed rhinoplasty and is master in this art.

While you are in the healing stage in the early postoperative period, you have to avoid touching your nose. After the doctor’s advice, you can touch and massage your nose. During the early stage after the operation keep your head elevated and this will improve and fasten the healing. Some of the physical activities should be avoided which are full of exertion (yoga, jogging, volleyball, basketball, etc.).

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