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Trauma Reconstructive Surgery in Hyderabad

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Trauma Reconstructive Surgery in Hyderabad


A trauma patient is a person suffering from a life-threatening or very serious injury as a result of certain events like gunshots, or car accidents or falls, etc. The injuries from trauma may affect various parts of the body that may include internal organs, the extremities or the brain. A reconstructive trauma surgeon does have specialized training on reconstructive trauma surgery to restore the function of damaged parts after traumatic physical injuries.




Normally patients undergo treatment for trauma immediately after a traumatic incident and can get care at the closest facility. However, despite the best efforts, there can be disfigurement or functional issues related to the parts suffered due to a traumatic incident. In such a case, reconstructive trauma surgery can be of immense help and it can help to restore and rebuild the functionality after recovery from various types of trauma.

Among various types of reconstructive surgeries, the most widely performed reconstruction surgery remains the reconstruction of breasts after mastectomy. Virtually all types of post-traumatic surgeries like facial reconstruction surgery involve repairing soft tissue injuries using stitches. The microsurgery technique can help to treat the salivary glands, facial nerves, salivary ducts, and there can be a correction of soft tissue asymmetry deficiency or misalignment after an initial traumatic repair.

There are many serious facial injuries that involve repairing the facial bone fracture, and with the repairing of the facial bone, the form and function of facial form can improve. The surgeon uses a plate and screws fixation to stabilize the facial structure and may cut the tissues, nerves, blood vessels and the facial bones using a variety of surgical techniques. You will be under anesthesia during the procedure and the surgeon will carry out the whole procedure while you are asleep. 

If your bone is asymmetric and the bite is off, a post-traumatic procedure can help to correct and improve the condition in many cases. Other parts of the body may act as the donor site for donating the bones and tissues. In most cases, such procedure takes around four to 12 hours and in some cases more than that depending on the complexity of the cases.

Preparation for the surgery

The surgeon may ask you to get blood tests and also to adjust your medications before surgery. You should quit smoking well in advance of the surgery to get recovery faster and to avoid possible complications. There can be special instructions that you should follow after surgery and you should arrange your own transportation after the surgery.

Expectations after the procedure: 

There can be permanent marks for the soft tissue injuries, despite undergoing the best closure procedure. Your physician may advise you about the need for secondary scar revisions to improve the appearance of bothersome scars. Your physician will also provide an aftercare plan and there will be scheduled routine checkups also. You should get plenty of rest and the right nutrition and it can make a lot of improvement to the recovery process.


About Us

Contours Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Center (www.contourshyd.com) is a world-famous clinic for plastic and cosmetic surgery of various types. We can perform very complex reconstructive surgeries also for which a talented team of surgeons from various disciplines joins together. We have the best technology and infrastructure to perform Reconstructive Trauma Surgery of various kinds and our success results are very high. 

Cost of surgery in India

The Reconstructive Trauma Surgery can be a very complex procedure and it may require the help of several expert surgeons from different fields. Depending on the complexity of the service, the cost of surgery in India can vary anything between Rs 75, 000 to Rs 3,00, 000.



Before you meet with your surgeon for the first time, you should frame a list of questions to ask the surgeon. You should research all the procedures and should write down the questions that you want to ask the surgeon. You should also tell about any recent medical tests such as the blood or urine test and should inform your surgeon about any medical complications.

Each type of surgery has its own risks that depend on the type of procedure and the health status of the patient. Reconstructive surgery can improve the function as well as the aesthetics of the damaged areas, and in the process, there can be some complications that may heal with the passage of time.

Normally reconstructive surgery does not require any other procedure if there is no further complication. If the procedure is for a temporary purpose, it can last for a year whereas if the procedure is for correcting the anomaly, it will last forever.

Any person suffering from a very serious or life-threatening injury that resulted from a traumatic experience like a gunshot or car accident, etc can undergo such surgery. Normally people under 40 having BMI less than 25 and psychologically stable, and having no habits like smoking can undergo such surgery.

There will be a varying amount of pain depending on the surgery and your doctors may prescribe suitable medicines to make you comfortable. You should always follow hygiene and wash your hands and change dressings at the surgery area regularly. You should take precautions against going into the sun.

Cold compresses may be very effective to reduce the soreness and bring down the inflammation. Use the creams recommended by the doctor to apply at the incision site regularly to get relief from swelling and redness quickly.

During the procedure, you will be under anesthesia and you will not have any pain. 

Normally, you can resume work after two weeks of surgery; however, it will depend on the complexity of the surgery.

Yes, as it is important for your surgeon to check the areas of incision and to adjust the medications according to your condition.

After getting permission from your surgeon, you can resume your normal exercise schedule.

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