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Microvascular Surgery in Hyderabad

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Microvascular Surgery in Hyderabad


Sometimes may be due to an injury, your hand can cause considerable pain or sometimes without any specific medical problem, your elbow, hands, fusion fingers or wrist may obstruct specific work or daily task. It may be due to an elbow or wrist condition that may be limiting your range of motions and curtail your normal activities. A hand and microvascular surgery may be a good option in such cases to restore the normal functions. 




During hand and wrist microsurgery, surgeons use a specialized operating microscope and also precision instruments. It helps the surgeons to perform an intricate operation on the nerves, blood vessels, and soft tissues. It is a very critical process, and years of experience and a high level of training are highly important to perform microvascular surgeries successfully.
Doctors can perform microsurgery procedures to repair the wrists and hand, which includes tendon, blood vessels, nerve, skin, and joint damage. The surgeon will apply medication for making you comfortable during the procedure. The choice of anesthesia includes local anesthesia or general anesthesia and intravenous sedation.

Tendon repair remains the most common hand and finger injury repair surgery and here the surgeon repairs the retracted tendon to relieve the pressure on the median nerve in the carpal tunnel. The surgeon makes an incision from the middle of the palm to the wrist to access the constricted tissue that is causing pressure on the nerve and reconnects it to restore normal operation.

Surgery can repair several other birth defects like the repair of fused fingers called syndactyly by separating the two fingers to provide a normal appearance, full range of motion, and normal finger growth. Also, there are techniques like local flap procedure or skin grafting that can create flexibility at the site of incision for providing growth and movement of the fingers. The plastic surgeon may choose one or a combination of procedures to achieve the goal and the surgeon may use removable or non-removable sutures depending on the condition.

Preparation for the surgery:

Before the hand and microvascular surgery, the surgeon may ask you to do a medical examination and get lab testing. The surgeon will also recommend taking certain medications and stopping smoking well in advance of the surgery. You should not consume any anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements and also should stop taking aspirin.

Post-surgery expectations: 

The surgeon will apply bandages and dressings to keep the surgery site clean and sometimes may use splint whenever required. The doctor will also advise oral medication to expedite healing and to reduce the risk of infection. Follow all advice of the surgeon including hand therapy exercise that is critical to improving the flexibility, strength, and movement of the hand.
Continue with the hand-therapy schedule, and also make follow-up visits with the plastic surgeon that will help to get quick recovery after the surgery. The advancement in hand surgery can accomplish miraculous improvement in reconstruction and replantation. There can be a very good improvement in some problems like carpal tunnel syndrome with certain changes in work habits, and in the case of microsurgery, it may take a year to reach restored function.


About Us:

If you are looking for the best place for your hand and microvascular surgery, you should contact the Contours Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Center (www.contourshyd.com) immediately. We have a team of highly skilled doctors with a long experience that can perform the different types of surgical procedures for damages in hand and wrist and can provide a normal life. We have set up an excellent clinic for the best quality of plastic and cosmetic surgery with world-class infrastructure, and the latest tools and tackles.

Cost of the surgery: 

In India, you will get a very affordable price of hand and microvascular surgery. A patient can get very high quality of service and support from an expert team of surgeons though depending on the complexity of the surgery, the cost may vary.



A plastic or orthopedic surgeon can deal with a condition in the bone and muscles with additional training to perform hand surgery.

The clinics should have a unique facility for operations and should have reputed and experienced surgeons. Moreover, the clinics should have an excellent review of the hand and microvascular surgery.

If you are having discomfort or pain in your hand, and if you do not have a diagnosis, you should schedule an appointment with a leading hand and microvascular clinic. In the clinic, you will get a thorough examination and recommendation about your condition.

As per research, women have a much greater chance of having carpal tunnel syndrome than men as women have smaller hands than men.

It is possible to attend both hands having problems with carpal syndrome in one operation though it may increase the pain and discomfort after the surgery.

Local anesthesia can be enough for carpal tunnel release surgery and it can be a very simple outpatient operation. The patients can go back to the home on the same day of the operation.

It a minimally invasive approach done with an advanced surgical tool called an endoscope inserted inside the palm through a small incision. There are a camera and light in the endoscope tube and the surgeon uses a small instrument to carry out the surgery based on the magnified image on the screen.

It can dramatically decrease the risk for completion and can help to get faster recovery.

The choice for treatment for the trigger finger in one hand or both will depend on the patient though it is possible to do it in both hands in the same operation.

The fingers curl during sleeping and may cause the afflicted tendon sheath to become increasingly irritated. A person in such a case may wear a splint while sleeping to get relief.

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