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Crows Feet Surgery in Hyderabad

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Crows Feet Surgery in Hyderabad


Ageing is a natural and gradual process, but it comes up with signs like fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and patches. Some areas of our face are more delicate and susceptible to the signs of ageing, and the corner of our eyes becomes the first target. It originates from the corner of the eye and leads to complex spiky wrinkles, which may be visually disturbing for some individuals. Giant cosmetic industry and medical professionals were unable to formulate any medication or cosmetics for its permanent cure. Crow’s feet, being common yet disastrous for aged people grow over time and generally take over that area resulting in wide wrinkle line around the corner of your eyes. Due to smiling, our orbital muscles get tighten and shortening the length of the muscle with respect to our skin and generates minute wrinkles. As the manifestation of crow’s feet takes place due to the formation of different facial expressions (especially smiling), changes take place in the collagen and different elastic fibers and making those lines more prominent with time. According to the requirement of the patient, different surgical and non-surgical methods are prescribed; most common are collagen injections, bacterium extract injection, chemical peels, silicone filler injections and laser resurfacing.



Surgery procedure

Not all patients with crow’s feet are recommended for surgery; it depends on the condition of the affected area. Majority of these above-mentioned procedures only come with a temporary fix but have a higher chance of developing more of it. Patients may opt for a combination of treatments.

Collagen injections: It’s easy yet an effective procedure to follow. The only downside to this procedure is that it lasts for a few months. When someone goes through healing procedure, the collagen tends to dissolve, and generates new lines.

Laser skin resurfacing: As crow’s feet is a stubborn area to act on, a laser can be a great way to resolve your problem for several months. The laser can provide you with younger-looking and flawless skin by decreasing the fine line and wrinkles and give you a rejuvenating skin. As the area near your eye is so gentle and delicate, application of the safest co2 laser also can generate minute discoloration and scarring. Crow’s feet are the toughest to fight with even the most reliable laser available.

Chemical peels: Chemical peels can be an effective way to fight other skin problems but hold only a little percentage while it comes to crow’s feet.

Silicone injections: Silicon injections, if injected, can give you a puffy appearance, but with time, it may look unnatural and lead to discoloration in some cases.

Extended blepharoplasty: This procedure includes tightening the skin around your eyes, extending the skin over the rim of the eye and reaching up to the temple area. The surgeon stretches the skin giving it a stretched and smooth appearance, but in some extreme cases, those incisions lead to a visible scar. The surgeon starts by skin marking; then anesthesia is provided. Skin incisions are made from where fat excision is practiced, and later eyelid sutures are given.

Bacterium extract injection: Till now, this procedure is considered as the most effective way to combat crow’s feet. It is generally a kind of toxin that is compatible with human tissue are injected, making the fluffy and stretches the skin. It works by paralyzing the orbital muscles temporarily. It lasts from several months to a year.

Before the procedure (preparation)

Before such a complicated procedure, you must get in touch with your doctor about your family history and any medical conditions. The doctor must know all the necessary details and all physical exam results to conduct such surgery. There should be a critical question-answer session between them. The surgeon should discuss all the possible outcomes, their expectations and cases with abnormal symptoms. Taking proper measures as the procedure can trigger breakout and cold sore. The patient should stop consumption of any type of blood-thinning medication or supplements. Smoking should be avoided for general health and recovery. As this is an eye surgery or treatment, it may bring some complication with the vision of the patient, so, any friend or family member is advised to be present with the patient.

After the procedure

As it will have incisions and sutures, so, puffiness, swelling with some discharge is expected. Self-cleaning and use of ointment is advised, that will prevent scab formation. The patient might feel itching with little discomfort. During any medical emergency like allergy, shortness of breath, you should immediately contact your doctor.


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Cost of procedure in India

India is the most visited place for all your medical treatment have turned out to be the one-stop destination of all facial and plastic surgery solutions. People from all across the country and from different parts of the globe for crow’s feet treatment. India can offer a wide range of options and economically feeble package to its people and to outside people, which makes it an affordable and convenient solution for any individual. The cost of crow’s feet may vary according to different surgical options. Non-surgical options are on a bit affordable side which ranges between INR 30,000 to INR 70,000 and surgical operation vary between INR 1.2 lacs to 1.8 lacs.



Patients need to attend three to four sessions per year to maintain and see visible results.

It generally lasts up to 2 to 3 hours and performed with local anaesthesia.

Treatment usually takes about one week to show remarkable results.

Crow’s feet operation is suitable for a patient of any age group but usually practised for patients of old age.

The patient will not feel any pain during surgery, but later the patient can experience little discomfort.

This surgery usually takes out excess fat and gives a fluffy appearance and a smooth surface.

It generally takes about one week to be presentable at your workspace.

Usually, the sessions may range from 6 to 12.

There are no negative impacts of this surgery. Our injectables have been used for several patients and no harmful issues until now.

A combination of both the botox and fillers will work.

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