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Ear Lobule Repair in Hyderabad

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Ear Lobule Repair in Hyderabad


From time immemorial, ears have been used for ornamentation purposes, especially by women. A split ear can occur due to excessive use of heavy earrings for years. Sometimes the split ear is a deformity that is present from birth. Widened ear piercings due to ear gauging can often lead to the inadvertent tugging of the earlobe over time resulting in a split.The process in which the split ear is repaired is known as Ear Lobule Repair. Earlobe tears are more common in women; however, in today’s world, it has been increasing in men too due to piercings. People who have thinner earlobes are more susceptible to such damage. In split ear, when the external ear gets readily exposed, it is prone to injuries. So, it is important to get the split ear repaired through cosmetic surgery.



Surgery Procedure

Ear lobule surgery is not a complex procedure. It usually takes less than an hour to complete. Therefore, it is generally performed on an outpatient basis. It is done under local anaesthesia. After prepping the patient, the earlobe is wrapped. A very tiny area of healthy tissue around the earlobe is excised. Both the ends are conjoined and sutured back together by balancing the symmetry of the ear. The dressing is then done for protection. For bigger problems, sometimes the creation of flaps is also necessary. Earlobe surgery at times is combined with other facial rejuvenation or aesthetic surgeries.

Preparations to take before the procedure

You must consult a good cosmetic surgeon. This surgery can be done on the day you consult your doctor, so make sure you have already booked an appointment. After a good examination of your split, the surgeon will clean your ear and perform local anaesthesia to numb the skin around your ear. The preparation is an important step before performing the surgery. The ear is draped carefully, and then the surgery is performed.

You must stop the intake of herbal supplements and certain drugs that increase the risk of bleeding.

After the Procedure (what to expect, recovery, and results)

After the surgery, a little rest should be given. The patient is usually allowed to go home immediately after the surgery. You must avoid any pressure on the ear at this time. The patient will be instructed on taking care of the wound. Application of an antibiotic ointment is a must to prevent infection. The patient may also be given oral pain medications to get rid of the post-operative pain. It can take at least 3 months for your scar, which is a double scar (on the front and back of your ear) to soften and fade.

You must take great care in avoiding wearing heavy earrings after you go for re-piercing when the wound has well healed. Stud or smaller earrings cause less damage than large earrings that dangle. When wearing any other earrings, you must exercise caution to prevent a split ear condition again.


About the contourshyd.com and our surgeons:

Ear Lobule surgery is a procedure that requires dexterity and good skill. Contourshyd, a plastic and aesthetic and cosmetic surgical centre in Hyderabad, is an ideal place for such a quick and effective surgery. It offers the best Ear Lobule or Split Ear surgeries and it houses the best of surgeons in India.

Cost of the Procedure in India:

The cost of Ear Lobule Surgery in India ranges between 50,000 INR to 60,000 INR.

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