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Congenital Disorders Treatment in Hyderabad – Birth Defects

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Congenital Disorders Treatment in Hyderabad – Birth Defects


Birth defects can affect the lives of babies adversely with several types of functional abnormalities. Among the functional abnormalities, cleft lip, clubfoot, cleft palate, and many other deformities are there. Comprehensive rehabilitation is possible through surgery for a child suffering from birth defects and provides the child with a normal life. 




There can be different types of birth defects and treatment may also widely vary depending on the type of defect. Normally a team of doctors consisting of a dentist, orthodontist, pediatrician, oral surgeon, speech pathologist, ENT surgeon, audiologist, pathologist, etc joins to perform the surgery. You can get some clinics where there is a team ready to attend problems of cleft lip, heart defects, cerebral palsy, etc.

Plastic surgeons along with pediatricians, orthopedic surgeons, occupational therapists, geneticists, etc, assess the condition of your child and decide the type of surgery needed to repair the deformity. If you make a research beforehand and decide for one specialist, the surgeon in most cases will consult with other surgeons for the surgery. Early surgery can also be an option for treating certain types of birth defects and it can take place even before the birth of a baby.

The advancement in medical science makes it possible for surgeons to even operate on the fetuses. Surgeons can now operate in the fetus to correct several structural defects like lung problems, spina bifida, hernias of the diaphragm. In most of the cases, the operations can improve the outcome of the child and can make the condition normal to a large extent.

Preparation for the procedure: 

In case your child has a birth defect, you may do certain things to take care of your baby. You can make a list of questions ready and start exploring options for the treatment of your child. Your child may need care from a multidisciplinary team for which you need to locate a correct facility for repairing the birth defect. 

Explore the options for paying for the ongoing care and treatment of your child as there can be extra medical costs for treating the child. Seek early intervention and bring a team of experts to assess the need of the child and together create a treatment plan. The early intervention program will also help you to find more information on the disability, to provide counseling and to make an important decision about the care of the child. 

Post-surgery expectation, recovery, and result

A birth defect can have abnormal physical change or it can be a health problem that can be present during the birth of a baby. The defects at birth can be mild, and in such cases, the baby continues to look or acts like the other babies. In other cases, it can be very severe and even life-threatening and it is possible to cure some birth defects with surgery and make improvements to the critical defects.

Certain birth defects like the thinking and the learning are possible to correct and repair is possible for certain heart defects, cleft lip, cleft palate, and certain other abnormalities. An individual having congenital anomaly may often require reconstructive surgeries and also support services. Plastic surgeons perform the reconstructive procedure that focuses on improving the function and the appearance of a child and can provide a quality of life to the child. 


About Us:

Contours Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Center (www.contourshyd.com) is a world-famous clinic that attends several types of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. We have a brilliant team of doctors and infrastructure to attend complex cases of birth defect abnormality cases. Our doctors are adept at attending the common birth defects and critical birth defects and provide a quality life to the children. 

Cost for the birth defect restructuring procedure

The reconstructive surgical procedure for attending problems of birth defects may vary widely. Thus, the cost will also vary depending on the criticality of the birth defect and the amount of involvement of various doctors to attend the birth defect.



It is a condition that is present at the time of the birth of a baby, and normally the problems manifest immediately after the birth. Some birth defects are simple in nature and some may be critical to repair.

There are some birth defects inherited genetically, and others may result from chromosomal problems. Still a small number of birth defects are there caused during pregnancy due to exposure to medications and chemicals.

Should I see a healthcare professional before pregnancy?

It can happen if you are older, or a family history of birth defect, or use certain medications not conducive to produce a healthy baby or having obesity or diabetes mellitus, etc.

It is a type of birth defect that causes a split or opening in the roof of the mouth.

It is a birth defect with a twisted or misshaped foot.

It is a birth defect when the brain and head of the baby are smaller than its normal size. Babies with such defects can have delayed developments, seizures, vision and hearing problems, mental disability, etc.

It is a heart defect for a new born child and corrective surgery can fix the problem.

It may be due to the cleft lip or palate that may occur as an isolated birth defect.

The treatment for birth defects depends on the type of birth defect and it can range from surgeries to medications to therapies.

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