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Ear Plastic Surgery in Hyderabad

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Ear Plastic Surgery in Hyderabad


Ear surgery or Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that helps make structural changes to deformed or disfigured ears and thereby improving the shape and proportion of the hearing organ. It is also commonly known as “ear pinning”. The surgery not only treats birth defects but also cures malformed ears caused by injuries or genetic disorders that gradually take effect. This brilliant surgery brings symmetry to the face by giving a natural shape to the ears. It refines your physical appearance and gives a psychological boost at the same time by augmenting your self-confidence and esteem. Otoplasty treats mainly three broad cases –

  • Abnormally large ears or in medical terms Macrotia
  • Droopy or split earlobes that happen to a number of people as they age
  • Lop ear or ears which are folded at the top. It doesn’t affect hearing but makes one look hideous.




Your doctor will administer either general anaesthesia or local sedatives for comfort. The surgery usually takes around two to four hours. However, earlobe reconditioning takes lesser than a full Otoplasty procedure. Your doctor will make incisions on the back of the ear to avoid attention to those abnormal lesions. If incisions are needed on the front then it’s carefully made under the fold to evade visibility. Non-removable sutures are used to reposition the newly shaped cartilage. External stitches close the incisions. The skin naturally tightens over time and the scars fuse with the folds of the skin. Your surgeon would give you a head bandage to protect the ears.

Preparations before the treatment

You must consult an expert cosmetic surgeon who will evaluate the feasibility of ear surgery. He will see whether you meet the requirements or not. You must also be honest and candid when he asks questions about your lifestyle choices, desires, health, and medical history.

You must be open to disclosing your current medical conditions that include allergies to certain medications and underlying conditions.The surgeon would also need to know whether you had previous surgeries or not.

He might need to know whether you take herbal supplements, protein supplements, smoke or drink alcohol or not. Your surgeon needs to take cognizance of your underlying health conditions and evaluate any potential risk factors.

Your doctor would suggest some tests before proceeding with the surgery. You must quit smoking for some time at least before the surgery takes place. It’s also important to reduce your intake of supplements or certain drugs that increase the risk of bleeding.

The expert surgeon will decide on the choice of anaesthesia. You also need to consult him regarding the place of your surgery. Special precautions need to be taken if the operation is going to take place on an outpatient basis.

After the procedure (expectations, recovery, and results)

The risks and complications are negligible for ear surgery. However, whenever you’re getting operated, you must be aware of the potential complications that you might experience. A list of potential risks from ear surgeries includes bleeding, pain, infection, swelling, skin asymmetry, etc.

To assuage immediate pain or discomfort, certain medications will be prescribed by your surgeon. The head wrap must be kept intact until your surgeon decides to remove it. After that, a headband is generally suggested to streamline the healing process. Specific instructions will be given to you regarding how to aid the healing process and reduce risks of trauma or infections. Great care must be taken to avoid any injuries, scrapes, scratches, or exposure to hard sunlight during the course of healing. You can go back to your daily routine after one or two weeks from the surgery.

Almost in all the cases, results have proven to be very satisfactory regarding ear surgeries. When the bandages are removed, you can see the permanent change in the shape and size of your ears. The suture scars are hidden on the back of the ear and get merged over time with the skin.


About the contourshyd.com and our surgeons

Contourshyd, a plastic and aesthetic surgical centre located in Hyderabad is an ideal place for you to get your ear surgery i.e. Otoplasty done. They are well-equipped with advanced technology in medical science and have the best surgeons in the country working for them.

Cost in India

In India, the cost of ear surgery depends on the technique and the medical facilities being availed of. It varies depending on the type of surgery you’re opting for. For a reconstruction, it might cost more. The surgery generally costs around INR 1,00,000.



You should be aware of the potential risks and rewards regarding the surgery. You need to be in good shape before the surgery. Common problems like blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol level must be in check.

Risks are minimal in case of ear surgeries. However, a patient might experience swelling, ear asymmetry, skin irregularities, pain, unsightly scars, ear drainage, issues with ear cartilage, etc.

Local sedative or anaesthesia is administered to the patient so that he does not feel any pain. Post-op pain might be an occurrence but medications are prescribed to the patient to relieve the pain.

There are very slim chances of such a phenomenon. Ear surgery or Otoplasty deals with the outer ear and not the inner ear. The outer ear has a very small role in auditory functions.

There is small downtime as the ears need to be protected from any abrasions during the healing process. You can return to work and resume daily activities after one or two weeks from the surgery.

Most patients see the results between three to six months after surgery, however, the benefits of the surgery can be felt long before that.

No! Glasses rest on ears, and it’s pertinent to keep any foreign objects from interfering with the healing process, especially during the first few weeks. Your surgeon will tell you when you can wear glasses

Surgery can be done when ears reach their full size, usually when one is 5 years or older.

This terminology is a misnomer. The actual procedure involves reshaping the ear cartilage and has nothing to with ‘pinning’.

Not really! The incisions are carefully done on the back of the ear that fuses over time with the creases of the skin.

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