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Endoscopic Plastic Surgery in Hyderabad

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Endoscopic Plastic Surgery in Hyderabad


Endoscopic surgery has been in vogue for decades now in its application in orthopaedic surgery, urology and gynaecology. It has been used to carry out complex surgical procedures like knee surgery, gallbladder removal, laparoscopy, etc. It is relatively new to the world of plastic surgery and its introduction has been a revelation in the modern-day surgical world. Debates are still rife regarding its long-term effectiveness which shows that it has still not fully occupied its place in medical science when it comes to plastic surgery. But plastic surgeons are of the opinion that the technique is ground-breaking. As extensive research goes on, surgeons are using this minimally invasive surgical procedure for cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries with considerable success.

The popular forms of endoscopic plastic surgeries include facelifts, breast augmentation, Rhinoplasty or nose surgery, Otoplasty or ear surgery, Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, breast lifts, breast reduction, etc.



Treatment Procedure

Endoscopic plastic surgery involves the application of a surgical technique known as Endoscopy. It means the use of an endoscope, a pipe-like probe that has a camera affixed at one end with a bright light accompanying it. This tubular instrument is inserted into the body’s internal system through very minute stab incisions(less than even an inch) that are made for this purpose only. Your surgeon then manoeuvres the tube as the camera captures the intended pictures of the surgical area and transmits the live recording to a viewing screen. This helps him get a crystal clear visual of the place he is going to operate on.

The endoscope is a viewing device. It does not perform the operation. To perform the surgery, suitable surgical instruments like scissors, scalpels, forceps, electrocautery, etc. are inserted through different stab incisions.

Preparations to take before the procedure

First, you need to choose an expert surgeon for such surgery. Endoscopic plastic surgery is still at a nascent stage, so it’s important that you use discretion while selecting the specialized surgeon. It’s also a necessity to check if the surgical centre has arrangements for the traditional open procedure, as if any complication arises during the endoscopic surgery, then your surgeon will have to switch to the traditional technique.

You need to have a preliminary discussion with your surgeon regarding your expectations from such surgery.

For most of the endoscopic surgeries, general anaesthesia is administered. For some, local anaesthesia with local sedation can also be used.

Certain precautionary measures are always common when it comes to surgical procedures. Your surgeon would need you to quit smoking well before the surgery takes place. Smoking hinders the healing process. It’s recommended to quit smoking during the recovery period as well. There are some medications that increase the risk of bleeding like drugs containing aspirin, herbal supplements, etc. Your surgeon will advise you to stop taking them. Your medical history including any past surgeries must be disclosed to him. Then your surgeon will conduct a physical examination. The pre-operative instructions must be strictly adhered to. Your surgeon will tell you to arrange for someone to take you home and not to drive home yourself after surgery.

After the procedure (what to expect, recovery, and results)

Compared to traditional surgeries, endoscopic surgeries are minimally invasive or less invasive. This results in negligible scarring. The incisions are minute. Most of the scars are inconspicuous in endoscopic surgery. Swelling and bruising are also less intense. The risk of sensory impairment due to damage in nerve tissues is also very low.

It depends on the type of plastic surgery you are going for. But in general, recovery from endoscopic surgery is quicker than open surgery.

Some of the endoscopic surgeries are even carried out on an outpatient basis. Others may require you to take some time off work.


About the contourshyd.com

Endoscopic Plastic surgery is a nouveau technique that needs specialized surgeons and state of the art facilities. Contourshyd is a dedicated aesthetic and plastic surgery unit in Hyderabad that can be trusted with providing the best endoscopic surgical treatment to the patients. It has a following among doctors and patients for its brilliant dissemination of service with tremendous efficacy.

Cost of the procedure in India

The exact cost depends on the type of surgery. But all the endoscopic plastic surgeries range between 1,00,000 INR – 2,50,000 INR.

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