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Breast Enlargement Surgery in Hyderabad

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Breast Enlargement Surgery in Hyderabad

What is Breast Enlargement Procedure?

Breast also called as mammary glands is the part of woman’s body that enhances her beauty and admiration .It give the feminine soul to her living and it is important source of milk after the child birth. Flat chested females have difficulty especially under age of 15 is natural. However the feminine features and aspects are god’s creativity and natural desire of being beautiful for any normal female.

Breast enlargement procedure is a cosmetic procedure which aims to increase the size and shape of breast by contouring it in specific manner to achieve desired fullness of breast.

Breast enlargement is done to :
Enlarge breasts that are small naturally
Restore breasts after surgery
Restore symmetry when breasts are asymmetrical
Reconstructive breast surgery may be done as a part of treatment for breast cancer. Cosmetic breast surgery is done for aesthetic purposes.




Follow these 5C’s to get the correct contour

Step 1

Consult the cosmetic surgeon. The doctor will be able to provide you with the correct technique for breast enlargement and enhancement There are many invasive and non invasive procedures. Invasive procedures are on which involves surgery and non invasive procedure is one which does not involve surgery

Step 2

Choose the correct technique. The cosmetic surgeon will choose the correct technique involved in enhancement of your breast. There a various lotions and gel like creams in market which gives breast fullness but are temporary and not long lasting.

Step 3

Check the measurements To ensure the correct guidance and procedure followed by the doctor make sure you check your measurements before the procedure and also after the procedure to check whether the enhancement is take place fruitfully.

Step 4

Check body analysis Your surgeon will guide you with the best specific treatment with aesthetic body in accordance with your weight and your body shape. The right size needs to be analyzed well by your surgeon suitable for you.

Step 5

Correct contour The correct contouring is essential step to achieve that shape and size of breast in accordance with your body. There are many natural ways of contouring your breast with some gels and creams. Consult your doctor for the same.


Breast enlargement takes place naturally in females as they mature. Inducing Any kind of hormonal therapy orally can cause various side effects and lead to improper shape. Consider a good cosmetic surgeon who can enhance your breast and vital stats carefully with contouring your body. Remember let me put it in layman’s language your breast is part of you and it should match your body size and shape.It should accentuate your figure and vital stats. The minimal invasive method is safe and quick . In span of few hours , a woman undergoes from a B cup to the C cup

Preparation before the surgery

Check your weight and take care of your body by having healthy diet and walking in form of exercise. Make sure you get that perfect size which matches your body. Study the technical analysis of your body like your BMI (body mass index) which involves fat, muscle and bone weight. Remember the procedure should concise with the body fat and size at all correct areas with the shape which gives contouring effect.


About Contours

ContourHyd.com is a reputed clinic with a well acclaimed professional surgeon who has expertise in breast contouring and enlargement procedure. A after care team which matches your expectations to get that part of the body which can be enhanced with your vital stats. Remember to follow the advice of this surgeon has he is immensely focused and takes care of each and every patient’s satisfaction. From cosmetic surgeon’s perspective the ultimate goal at ContourHyd.com is not just enlarging the breast but giving in the perfect shaped and size in accordance with your body.

Cost in India

Depending on the brand quality clinic and reputed surgeon also the procedure and technique followed by your respective surgeon is of prime importance as the cost may vary. The prices may differe if you go for natural gels ,creams ,injectables or implants which is in accordance to the need of your body . The package would include and range from 40,000 to 60,000 depending on the sessions or may be considered as one time treatment.Generally a safe and best method are injectibles which can be used to enhance your breast.



Yes in few hours , this is not temporary solution where the effects last for sometime. Depending on the procedure the effects can be long lasting.

You again need to follow procedures to reduce the size or revert in back to original shape.

No there are no side effects.

The correct age would be matured female after 15 years of age. As a child the body is still growing and hormonal changes are bound to occur.

Natural breast enlargement is the safer option for mother who are lactating or breastfeeding their child.

No there are no complications or side effects involved.

Yes you can resume work after the procedure.

Any physical activity immediately after the procedure required the consent of the surgeon.

A slight increase in body weight may be noticed depending on the size and procedure of the breast surgery. However that is minimal.

No there are no scar marks mark left after the post operative surgery.

There can be bleeding, scarring and infection after the surgery and sometimes you need to undergo secondary surgery. However, the chances of severe complications are rare when you perform the surgery with an expert surgeon.

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