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Laser Hair Reduction Treatment in Hyderabad

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Laser Hair Reduction Treatment in Hyderabad


Laser hair reduction is a non-invasive technique and it uses a highly concentrated laser light that penetrates the hair follicles. The pigments in the hair shaft absorb the laser light and generate heat that damages the follicle and it inhibits the growth of future hair. Laser hair removal technique only affects the hair follicles that are actively growing and plucking of hair before the treatment may reduce the efficacy of the laser treatment.



Nose restructuring procedure

The surgeon may perform the laser hair reduction procedure with a hand-held laser instrument held close to your skin. A beam of highly focused laser light will disable the growth of unwanted hair follicles when it absorbs the laser light. The surgeon may use a cooling device on the tip of instruments depending on the type of laser that can be useful to protect the skin and to restrict the occurrence of any side effects.

During the procedure, a patient may get slight discomfort during the last few seconds that may not last very long. People having a lot of grey hair may be lacking in pigment targets and may be difficult for consideration of laser hair reduction procedure. Treating a small area will take lesser time than treating a larger area and it may require three to four sittings to have a significant hair reduction.

Preparation before hair removal

It is important for you to choose a board-certified doctor having expertise in cosmetic surgery and having wide experience in laser hair reduction procedure. It is necessary for you to have a consultation with the doctor to confirm whether the treatment is appropriate for you. Your doctor will review the total medical history and also check the use of medication or skin disorders or past hair removal procedures if any.

You need to follow the instructions of the doctor to prepare properly for the laser hair removal. A doctor may advise you to stay out of the sun exposure six-weeks before the treatment and to avoid any type of skin cream that may darken your skin. Also, you need to stop using blood-thinning medications like aspirin or should stop using anti-inflammatory drugs.

Also, you should avoid, waxing, plucking, and electrolysis that can disturb the hair follicles at least four weeks before the treatment and should shave and trim before the procedure.

After the procedure expectation, recovery and result

A day or two after the laser hair removal procedure is over, your skin in the treatment area may look like sunburned. The use of moisturizers and cool compresses may help a lot during this period. Unless the skin is blistering, you can start wearing makeup the next day of the treatment if the treatment was in your face.

Your treated hair will fall out over the next month and you should wear sunscreen in the following month to prevent any change of color of treated skin. The chances of occurrence of blisters can be rare but it can occur to a certain extent with darker complexion people. A series of treatments from two six you may need to undergo an effective laser hair reduction.


Cost of the procedure in India

The cost of laser hair reduction treatment may vary depending on the hair density, texture, color, treatment area, type of laser device and the number sessions. On average the cost of surgery can be within INR 50,000.

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It is a very safe procedure to remove excess or unwanted hair with the help of a laser beam.

It can be top anguish for people when there is a presence of unwanted hair in the feet, hands, upper lip, legs, arms, back or bikini area. Repeated shaving or other methods may not be effective enough to remove the unwanted hair. The laser hair reduction procedure can be very effective to remove unwanted hair permanently.

Women and men alike can choose the procedure to remove unwanted hair. Men who do not like hair on back or neck can opt for the treatment, whereas women having hair in underarms, legs and bikini lines can get good results with the procedure.

You may need to undergo four or five sittings to have a permanent effect of the hair reduction procedure as there are chances of hair regrowth.

If you follow the instruction of the surgeon, there is practically very little risk after the procedure is over. However, if you don’t wear specialized goggles and protect your eyes from laser there can be damage to eye during hair removal. If you do not choose a competent doctor there can be incidences of scarring, burns, blistering, etc.

There can be little sting during the procedure that may last for milliseconds. Every time the laser falls on the hair follicle, there will be a stinging sensation but after the procedure, there will not be any pain.

There can be different results with different persons as some may get an immediate result and some may get the result after a few weeks. There can be around 30 to 40 percent hair reduction after you go hair removal for the first time.

Most people can remain free of hair for years and there may be some amount of regrowth of the hair. You may need a series of treatments for getting a permanent effect.

It can save both money and time and it can be much cheaper than waxing or any other type of hair removal method.

Normally people can return home the same day after undergoing a laser hair reduction procedure.

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