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Hymen Repair Surgery in Hyderabad

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Hymen Repair Surgery in Hyderabad


What is Hymenoplasty ?

Womanhood is the essence of feminine aspect of female . A girl is considered to grow as a woman when she enters all the different stages of life. Virginity is essence of feminine feature of a female .There is a membrane or part of the body that defines the female aspect of womanhood. It is the essence of sensitivity that the girl develops in different stages of life especially before marriage. This membrane is not generally restored after a sexual intercourse. Rupture of this membrane signifies that virginity is lost. However with the new latest technique now its possible to restore your virginity by a procedure called Hymenoplasty which is also called Hymenography. Hymenoplasty is a cosmetic repair , restoration or reconstruction of women’s hymen. Restoration of hymen is also called as revirginization.
In order to explain , a description along with some information about hymen might be beneficial .

The hymen consists of human tissue which resembles an oval rubber washer that partially or completely covers the vaginal opening . This ring shaped membrane can be thin flexible thick or rigid.

It begins to form while the new born female is in the womb at four months of pregnancy. Rupture of this membrane due to any natural cause may lead to loss of virginity but now this can be restored. Depending on the rigidity perforation of hymen can be possible by normal everyday activities strenuous athletics or bicycle riding or a general gynecological examination can cause rupture of hymen




Here are essential steps to restore virginity through Hymenoplasty

Step 01

Consult your cosmetic surgeon . It is important that during the consultation the surgeon inquires about the age of the female patient in order to restore the hymen . The surgeon will discuss about the surgery in detail to create a non existent or ruptured hymen

Step 02

Localized sedation and anesthesia may be required .The surgeon may create one using either some of the body’s own vaginal skin or a synthetic tissue .

Step 03

A small blood supply may be added taken from patient’s own vaginal flap thus simulation the traditional bleeding upon subsequent penetration

Step 04

The surgery can be expected to take one or two hours depending on the amount of repair needed . Though it is clinical procedure no hospital stay is recommended. Personal hygiene is required to be maintained before and after surgery .

Preparation before the procedure

After you are taken through the process of consultation you will be advised to maintain personal hygiene. As this is a painless procedure normal painkillers and antibiotics may be prescribed Your doctor must make you feel comfortable during the procedure. The procedure is done under local anesthesia under the guidance of female co-ordinator . The procedure is finishes within an hour and you can immediately go home. If yo are patient from abroad then 1 -2 day stay will be required .


During the 1 st 48 to 72 hours there might be slight bleeding but that is perfectly normal .Full healing takes places approximately six weeks but that is perfectly normal . There is no visible signs of surgery and it is impossible to tell the difference between a natural hymen or reconstructed hymen . A the time , the reconstruction process will be complete and all the sensations associated with virginal first time intercourse can be experienced . The complications are minimal . Depending on the experience of the surgeon the complications can be taken care of.


Cost in India

There are specific cosmetic surgeons who have gained expertise in this procedure. The skill and the technique matters of highly professional skilled surgeon . Falling in right hands is what matters and should be your top priority Around 50,000 to 80,000 is the expected cost of the surgery in Mumbai along with the follow up and consultation fee as it is one time repair and rejuvenation of virginity

About Contours

Our board certified accredited surgeon have good experience over the years performing this reconstructive surgery as the know the woman’s body inside out and take care of her pelvic region to substantially at greater extent in case of avoidance of complications which is the top priority at Contourhyd.com . It is about giving priority to the health of woman at certain age where she wishes to rebuilt her virginity which is a essence of womanhood and never lost with revirginization. We delicately handle this subject to discuss with our patients and procedure to be understood under professional guidance



After restoration , sexual intercourse will tear the reconstructed hymen which will cause bleeding is a sign of virginity

The success rate of Hymenoplasty is 90 % in many women depending on her age

Any girl or women at any age can undergo this procedure .

Yes certainly and definitely . If the married woman wants to experience this first time bleed which is already experienced with her lifelong partner.

We know the reason fr hymen repair is intensely personal that is why starting from the consultation we keep it as a confidential matter .

You need to take care that you maintain hygiene

This is absolutely painless procedure . This is done under local anesthesia

No special care id needed . You will be advised to maintain local hygiene . All you have to do is clean the area with antiseptic solution

No there is no risk and complication . Any complications if developed like continuous bleeding or infection consult your doctor

A good surgeon who is professional with highly skilled knowledge like at ContoursHyd.com is essential. Choose the best surgeon rather than beat technique as every female is unique .

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