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Dermabrasion Treatment in Hyderabad

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Dermabrasion Treatment in Hyderabad

Overview of dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a skin exfoliating technique that helps in getting rid of the facial scars and acne permanently. The treatment is widely accepted among the younger generation who desire to improve their skin appearance. In the case of people having darker skin, colour dermabrasion helps in reducing the melanin level effectively. It is a painless treatment. With the advancement of the modern world, several exfoliating and cleansing procedures are undertaken by the professionals to smoothen the skin tone.



Procedures of the dermabrasion surgery

The process of dermabrasion treats acne scars, spots, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damages and scars from surgery that are non-healing. This process is very effective in case of tattoo removal as well. Local anaesthesia is given before the surgery. With the help of dermabrader, the entire treatment is performed. The device is slowly rotated across the skin with the help of a motor to treat the rough surface effectively. After the treatment is done, the doctors will actively participate in covering the treated area with the moist dressing. The entire procedure requires 2-3 days of proper care under the nursing staff. To keep the area free from infection, sterile bandages must be used.

Things to do prior to the surgical process

It is very essential to consult an expert doctor who will help the patients to schedule the entire surgical procedure. The doctors will assess the patients with the general physical examination to review medical history. Discussing all the risks and expectations, the doctor will schedule the surgical date. Few medication restrictions will be also provided. Aspirin Vitamin E supplements will be asked to avoid, as there are high chances of a blood clot. The patients must avoid smoking and drinking alcohol prior to the surgical process. Few risks associated with the surgical process of turning operation. Like the face swells up, so the doctors prescribe not to expose the skin to the sun for at least 2 months. Few medication guidelines must be followed that will help in preventing any sort of infections after the surgery. Taking antiviral medication, oral antibiotics along with retinoid cream will help the patients to fetch immediate results.

Postoperative Measures:

After the dermabrasion surgery, the patients can suffer from certain skin related problems such as skin tone alteration, breaking out of acnes, reddening of the skin, skin swelling, enlargement of the pores and so on. Such risks can be avoided by following the instructions of the doctors. The doctors advise the patients to avoid using any kind of scrubber or hard cleansing substances that can be harmful to just treat skin. The ointments and the moisturisers that are prescribed by the physicians are needed to be applied to the skin as instructed. The patients must not expose the part of the body where dermabrasion has been performed to direct sunlight. After a certain level of healing, the patients must use sunscreen moisturizers or lotions. The patients must visit the doctors as the post-operation appointments are fixed. They must not miss the follow-up meetings with the doctors.


Cost of Dermabrasion Surgery in India:

The cost of dermabrasion in India ranges from 50,000 rupees and can rise up to 80,000 rupees. In the metro cities, the clinics provide good treatment and facilities so they charge high rates from the patients. In the smaller towns, the clinics do not offer the best treatments and they provide dermabrasion surgery at a lower cost.

Contourshyd.com and the doctors of this clinic:

The problems regarding skin are very sensitive and skin treatments need special attention. In order to get the best results from dermabrasion people seeking such treatment need to consult good doctors and go to a reliable clinic. Contourshyd.com is a very reliable & reputed clinic and the doctors appointed in this clinic are highly competent & capable. They study the earlier medical reports of the patients and offer suitable advises to the patients. The doctors look after the supreme degree of comfort and satisfaction of the dermabrasion patients.



A surgical method helps in diminishing the scar marks and enhancing the skin tones. This is a skin resurfacing operation.

Dermabrasion surgery is conducted with the assistance of a device named as dermabrader.This device is rotated along with the skin parts that are affected with the help of a motor so that the irregularities can be evened out. After the completion of the dermabrasion surgery, the treated skin parts are covered with a sterile and moist dressing.

In India, the expense of Dermabrasion surgery ranges from rupees 50,000 to rupees 80,000. In the big cities, the charge is higher than the charge offered by the clinics located in smaller cities and towns.

The recovery period for this surgery can be extended up to one year. For some patients, several sessions with the physician are needed.

For the observation of the complete results of the dermabrasion surgery, more than one year is needed tentatively.

The surgery requires one day but the patients must be kept under keen observation at least for 4-5 days

Although there are few risks associated with the surgery of dermabrasion, the success rate is very high. It is more than 80%.

Yes, both men and women can adopt the process of dermabrasion to reduce skin scars and enhance facial appearance.

The process is not all painful as before the initial of the surgery local anaesthesia is done.

There are few dietary restrictions, as the doctors will ask the patients to shift the diet bases from having oily food to leafy vegetables. In addition, the patients will ask to quit smoking and consuming alcohol during the entire surgical process.

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