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Vaginal Repair Surgery in Hyderabad

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Vaginal Repair Surgery in Hyderabad


What is Vaginal Repair or Vaginal Reconstruction ?
Feminine rejuvenation is a complex procedure. It does not involve any risks or complications provided excellent after care post follow up is advised by your surgeon from a reputed clinic. The primary function of this procedure called vaginal repair is to correct the defect which occurs with age like because of sagging of vaginal tissues or muscle or may be reconstructing a vagina after any affected disease or removal of it. There may be various possibilities before you give a thought to vaginal repair or reconstruction. Surgery is performed to enhance the appearance and for health concern . It could be a birth defect, an accident or trauma secondary to surgery or radiation therapy for treatment of cancer or prolapse of vaginal wall, herniated defect. This is not it , the complete description is too lengthy
Vaginal reconstruction means creating a new or artificial vagina after you have had surgery to remove your vagina. If you are going to remove your vagina during surgery in case of some disease you possible will ask your doctor if vaginal reconstruction is possible
Now there are various possibilities to go for vaginal reconstruction or vaginal repair




Here are the essential step for the procedure

Step 01

Consult the cosmetic surgeon . This is quite important and definite step to consult as it is not easy to go for vaginal repair.

Step 02

This is done under local or general anesthesia. During the cosmetic procedure the doctor or the specialist uses skin and muscle from other parts of the body to repair or reconstruct the vagina. The surgeon might use: A skin graft from the side of the bottom or muscle or skin from inner thigh or muscle or tissue from lower abdomen which is suitable or perfect piece for the repair.

Step 03

An attempt to reconstruct or repair the vagina is not possible for all the women. A well skilled professional consultation with the doctor is definite before heading for surgery.

Step 04

Your surgeon and specialist nurse will tell you how to look after your vagina and recommend you salt bath and some natural supplements for the healing procedure. They may also ask you to use vaginal doche to keep the area clean while it heals

Step 05

Once the area is healed you can start with regular routine to keep the vagina tissue healthy. Depending on how your surgeon has skillfully created the vagina , you might need to use dilators to keep the vagina open after surgery. Your doctor will explain you how long the dilator should be placed if needed with lubricating gel is given. Dilators are used so that it may prevent narrowing of the new vagina

Step 06

Remember after care is essential step for vaginal reconstructive surgery. You may need to use the dilator for up to 3 months after the procedure has been performed. You might not need a dilator if the surgeon has used the tissue from the lower abdomen or thigh . Remember a skilled approach from the doctor is essential step for aftercare

Preparation before the surgery

During the 1st step of consultation your doctor will review your medical history and work according to the prescribed guidelines which is professional ethics for cosmetic surgeon. He will give you a step wise approach focusing on the after care and post surgery follow up which is essential.You are also require to maintain proper hygiene before the surgery which is essential on your part to ensure it .Your doctor may ask you to go for liquid diet before the surgery and take small sips of water during the surgery.These are the general recommendations to be discussed with the doctor .

About Contours

A well crafted skilled and unique cosmetic procedure can be performed at reputed branded clinic. This is what ContourHyd.com is all about where they take care of your concerns before the procedure giving a step wise approach and also take care of the overall well being after the cosmetic procedure is performed. Our surgeon at ContourHyd.com is well equipped not only with the advanced skills and procedure but also with the unique master technique involved to get the best in the patient and fulfill her satisfaction . Patient satisfaction and the feeling of healthy well being is of utmost importance.




There are natural concerns about the surgery . You can have intercourse after it heals .

It would differ from patient to patient as the surgery is performed in technical way. Approximately 15 days to 1 month would be required for healing.

Any physical activity after surgery needs to be avoided for healing to occur. However walking after 15 days of surgery is allowed under the guidance of surgeon .

Yes lubrication of the vagina with gel is must while having intercourse which will be advised by your surgeon.

Remember the skin and the nerve supply is taken from your inner thigh or your lower abdomen. The vagina is the part of your body and it needs to be taken care of.

Yes have a well maintained diet before surgerymost preferred light and liquid diet.

Yes certainly you can under the guidance of cosmetic surgeon to correct the defect.

Any girl or woman or lady can go for this surgery even if its a birth defect but preferred would be above the age of 15 because the organs of your body is still developing.

Your cosmetic surgeon will best advise you in regards to this . However blood thinners needs to be stopped before going for surgery

A healthy diet will be prescribed to you probably soft diet which is comfortable for your stomach.

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