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Axillary Breast Surgery in Hyderabad

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Axillary Breast Surgery in Hyderabad

What is Axillary breast removal?

If you probably have secondary breast or excess of breat tissue in the armpit you will probably dislike how it looks when your arm is down .It is thicker and palpable. Weight gain can make it look worse .Tired of fatty tissue protruding between your arm and breast. Get rid of it in unique procedure.
Breast tissue is present along the milk duct line above and below which is considered normal in the breast . However sometimes breast tissue is present along the axilla or the armpit area forming the accessory breast . This might be present from birth or might have developed during the natural course of development. There could be many reasons for it. The same pathology that occur in normal breast tissue can occur in the accessory tissue as well. The ultrasound would give a clear cut picture about the breast tissue in the axilla or the armpit mimicking as additional breast. Accessory breast tissue id defines as residual breast tissue that is present after full development of the breast. This is also known as ectopic breast tissue. Ectopic breast tissue is umbrella term for many breast tissue developing in the areas other than breast . This tissue lacks organized secretory system of milk.




Follow these important steps for axillary removal surgery.

Step 1

Consult the surgeon. This is important and crucial step towards the indication of axillary breast . This kind of breast tissue is located more on the axillary or the armpit region forming a two skin fold.

Step 2

Choose the correct technique : Your surgeon might remove the axillary breast tissue through liposuction if little correction is required which is nonsurgical removal or through method of incison if it needs major removal for extensive correction . Breast tissue make the shape and size of the breast.

Step 3

Common approach : Breast tissue can be present in the axilla or technically the armpit . It is advisable to go for elimination of contouring in the underarm area.Liposuction using a cannula to remove the fatty mass can also be considered

Step 4

Correcting the scars : When the incisions are performed you surgeon will place the incision under armpit fold under local anesthesia and remove the excess fat tissue. This is surgical correction of the axillary breast.There are many excision performed simple tissue excision under the folds of the breast


Results are good and recovery is swift. However if there is incision performed depending on the technique the recovery would take about 4 weeks to 6 weeks .Herbal supplements like bromelain and arnica may be prescribed to you. In addition you may continue to take nutritional supplements along with the painkillers if prescribed by the doctor

Preparation before the surgery

Make sure you take in healthy diet and food. Ultrasonography is required for the patient to check the masses of the tissue and the fatty lumpy area . It is important to make corrections as it is essential to rectify the breast tissue with proper care . Good supportive garments should be worn after the procedure .As breast tends to store more fat you should be aware of teh aftercare post the surgery


About Contours

ContoursHyd.com is essentially designed its procedures and techniques in favor of the patient to develop more strategically and with a followed protocol. They are highly professional in the field of cosmetic surgery and have that class apart to take care of axillary breast . Early line of intervention at Contour.Hyd.com has a fantastic approach for their patients to go through the surgical smoothly and in transition way. They provide with characteristic features of enhancing the breast with its beauty and endurance.

Axillary Breast Tissue Removal Cost

Axillary breast tissue removal cost in India would vary depending on the technique if liposuction or incision is performed or combination therapy is required . Generally there is suction of the breast fat tissue removal is essential for the patient if they develop axillary breast tissue which is difficult to get rid of . A combination therapy of the entire package would cost between 70,000 to 90,000 for removal of fat from the breast which is termed as breast removal surgery. Also the skill and the reputed brand of the clinic would be important as the judging parameter of the cost values .
The efficacy of the procedure as far as results are also considered while valuing it.Take care before valuing the procedure . Instead go ahead and value your surgeon thats more important which has to be taken care



A female aged above 15 is the ideal candidate with axillary breast tissue

If the fatty mass tissue continues to develop a procedure called FNAC is required (Fine needle aspiration cytology) to check for the cancerous condition.

To check and rule out any breast issues it is required before the surgery

Generally sedation or local anesthesia is provided during the procedure for the incision of the breast

This will depend on the extent and indication of the axillary breast removal surgery

Yes this is a safe procedure

Slightly swelling may be noticed around the breast and armpits which will subside in 48 hours

No you need to take rest for 1 week .Any strenuous exercise should be under the guidance of your physician. However light exercise such as walking is allowed

You need to take care of the fatty intake in your diet as your body has tendency to deposit fat

Yes the results as long lasting as long as your exercise and take care of diet.

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