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Thigh Lift Surgery in India

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Thigh Lift Surgery in India


A thigh lift is a cosmetic procedure designed to improve the appearance of thighs by removing excess skin from thighs. It tightens the skin and gives a cleaner and smoother look. Patients who have loose skin in the thigh region with a flabby or saggy appearance are ideal candidates for this. In this surgery, thigh skin is lifted and tightened. It is mainly performed on a patient who has a large amount of weight loss or patients with signs of aging.




Thigh lift surgical procedure takes about 2 to 4 hours and it involves three steps

Anesthesia- surgery is usually performed under the local anesthesia which makes your thigh portion numbed and makes you relax and comfortable.

The incision- incisions are made to eliminate extra fat tissues from the thigh area. Incision depends on the area of correction and patient and surgeon preference. The surgeon consults the patient and ensures that cut made in the most effective manner for every case.

Mainly two types of a thigh lift are there-


Consult a board-certified surgeon who is reputed and experienced. Discuss your expectations of thigh lift surgery. Discuss your medical history with your plastic surgeon.

Your plastic surgeon examines you physically and your medications if you are having any kind of medicines. Refrain to take certain herbal supplements and drugs as advised by your plastic surgeon.

Avoid drinking and smoking at least a week before the surgery. This will enhance the healing process.


You may have numbness, bruising and swelling around the treated area. There can be discomfort for some time after the surgery. Use ice compresses to reduce swelling. Rarely there are chances of infection that can be managed with medication.

After the treatment avoid sun exposure for at least 2 to 4 weeks and use a good sunscreen.

Avoid strenuous activities like jogging, swimming, skipping, weight lifting, cycling, etc for at least a week. Keep your legs elevated as much as possible for a few weeks.

Thigh lift surgery results in tightening of the skin and gives a smoother and cleaner appearance which is long-lasting although there are different aspects that can alter the results later.

The complete healing process can take few weeks. During recovery time swelling and bruising subsides and offers a cleaner look.



It is very important to select a reputed clinic with expert and experienced doctors, who have the advanced types of equipment for plastic surgery. Contourshyd.com meets all your expectations and give you guaranteed results. We have a very nice, caring and very cooperative staff members who are there for you 24 hours and make you feel safe and comfortable throughout the treatment. Our surgeons work with their patients to create best treatment plan and achieve their aesthetic goals. We clear all the doubts of the patients and make them comfortable to discuss their problems, desires and expectations.


Thigh lift surgery in India ranges between Rs. Rs.70000 to Rs. 150000 depending on the treatment requirement, city, complexity of the surgery and experience of surgeons, etc.



Though it is an extensive surgery, patients are released on the same day of surgery. You may need someone to pick up and drop and who will stay with you at least for one day.

All the surgeries have some scarring. Due to large incisions, there is scarring in the thighs but our doctors always try their best to minimize the visibility of scarring.

The results of a thigh lift surgery are permanent. Excess weight gain and aging can affect the results in future.

No such risks are related to this surgery but it can vary from patient to patient. There can be bleeding, infection, some pain, numbness, swelling and bruising in the treatment area.

No, it’s not painful. It’s very common to have some pain after any treatment. During the surgical procedure, anesthesia is given which makes the surgery painless and makes the patient comfortable.

Thigh lift surgery is a safe procedure. It removes the excess fat from the thigh area and no serious complications are there.

Complete recovery can take five to six months but you have to follow the instructions given by your plastic surgeon. For some weeks you have to wear a compression garment that will enhance the recovery. For normal activities, it can take two weeks.

You may have mild pain, soreness, swelling and bruising for a few days. Use ice bags to reduce swelling. Results vary from patient to patient. Some patients can feel results in a few weeks some will after some months. You should follow all the instructions given by your surgeon.

Thigh lift surgery takes 2 to 3 hours to complete the procedure. After that, with your surgeon’s permission, you can go home on the same day of surgery.

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