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Face Threads in Hyderabad

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Face Threads in Hyderabad


A face thread lift is a modern-day surgical procedure that is performed on particular facial areas to give drooping and ageing skin a fresher and tighter look. Small temporary threads are entered beneath the skin surface to bind the tissues together. However, it does not involve bleeding, bruising, or scarring. Collagen, the vital protein that holds our skin, has an important role to play in the complete process.



Surgery Procedure

This new procedure is very popular among the dermatologists as well as effective for patients facing mild skin laxity. Patients, who are in their late-thirties and late-fifties, are ideal candidates for this nouveau surgery. Unlike other surgeries, this is quite affordable, easy, and it does not require the surgery of the entire skin on the face. The doctors mark out some areas on the face, jowl, and neck to perform the stitching only on those targeted areas. The stitches are removed after some days. Basically, this procedure stimulates collagen, and it starts healing the stitched areas by providing them with new collagen. This eventually leads to “new” skin, making it look younger, tighter, and fresher than before.

Preparations before the treatment

It is very important to choose a doctor who is specialized in thread lift surgery. Consult your doctor and know about the procedure thoroughly to be sure if it would be suitable for you or not. In some cases, you may need special care if you are already suffering from any skin issues or any other health conditions.

Apart from that, there is no special need for the patient to make any prior arrangements for this process. As it is a minor surgery, it can be done on any day at any time by simply booking an appointment. The patient has to undergo local anaesthesia. It is during the time of healing that the patient requires to take certain precautions to protect the skin from any kind of irritation or infection (such as, to avoid rubbing the face or rolling over while sleeping). Your doctor may also prescribe you some pain medications. Nonetheless, the patient would be able to function normally after the surgery.

After the procedure (what to expect, recovery, and results)

After the surgery, there can be a little redness or swelling for some patients. Your doctor would give you some instructions on using facial creams and cleansers during the time of healing of the skin. The healing takes a minimum time of one and a half weeks. After a week, the threads will dissolve, and you can notice your new, fresh, and tight skin. If the procedure satisfies you, you may decide to take up new threads once again.


About Contourshyd and our surgeons

It is important to consult the best surgeons and to go through proper clinical guidance that can provide us with experienced professionals, best surgical instruments, good results, and safety when it comes to health and beauty. In India, you can avail of the advanced medical technologies at a relatively lower price compared to other countries. Contourshyd.com is one such medical cosmetic surgery centre that offers the best face thread lift surgeries with guaranteed results. We provide you with the best of doctors who are experienced in face thread lift surgeries. We also offer you the most helpful staff who tend to your needs. Our first priority is making our patients feel comfortable and safe about the treatment and at the same time providing them with the best of services and satisfying results.

Cost of the surgery in India

The cost of the procedure depends on the number of threads inserted, the age of the patient, and on the areas of the face that needs lifting. In India, face thread lift can cost around 2-3 lakhs.

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