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Medical Tourism in Hyderabad


Hyderabad is one of the fastest emerging cities of the country. As such a strong economy they are believed to be the best ecosystem to support medical tourism. When it comes to international patients the city is taking place in the five best cities that attract a huge amount of medical tourism for the treatment in the last few years.

Why choose Contours?

Contours gives the best services when compared to other hospitals in India. Their unique patient – doctor interaction and some of the
best facilities in the country makes it special. The in-house state of the art technology makes them the best of the industry.
Here are some of the best reasons why you should choose the Contours.

Pro looks is one of the top healthcare clinics who provide the best medication. When it comes to the diagnostic case, surgical procedure, treatment, they give the best facilities. We also operate a well established cancer care wing which offers chemotherapy at reasonable costs. We consistently try to enhance our facilities and the infrastructure to give our patient quality of world class care. We assure the world-class system of healthcare that emphasizes safety and breaking the boundaries of excellence. We assure that the practices occur in a safe environment, which means the patient is in the safe hands. We give the highest level of safety and care to every patient of our clinic.



The winter in India is in between mid-November to early March. In the northern plains will temperature ranging between the 5 -22 Degree and in the south it will be in between 20-30 Degree c. During the summers, the north is hot with rising temperature in May. In June it will be between 45 C but in south India is the temperature is 28 Degree to 37 Degrees. In the last week of the June the rainy season starts in the Central, north and south India. The rainy seasons make the temperature down and end the dry weather.

You can choose to come in Hyderabad whenever you feel comfortable. We will help you throughout the process and you can talk to the experts before you arrive in the Hyderabad. We will support and acknowledge you about the weather and other requirements.


Before you arrive in the Hyderabad this is how Contours support you through the process.

  • 1

    We will help you, starting from assistance with the Foreign National Regional Registration (FNRA) with the arrivals formalities. We put our best efforts to make you feel comfortable during the arrival process.
  • 2

    Before you arrive in the hospital our medical consultant will coordinate with you and confirm you about the next steps.
  • 3

    We will also propose a plan of care prior to the arrival that will be reviewed and adjusted after checking with the hospitals.
  • 4

    Our consultants will look over your need with visa and travel assistance.
  • 5

    According to your requirements, the surgeries and the appointment will be scheduled.


After you arrive in the Hyderabad this is how Contours support you through the process.

  • 1

    All your hotel arrangements will be taken care by us
  • 2

    The patient’s desk gives all kind of feedback as the only point of contact to fulfill your all the precise needs.
  • 3

    We give attention to details so our doctors interact with the healthcare professional of your source country.


We will also arrange video conferring and online chat between the international patient and doctors. In short, you can clear your every doubt before you leaving behind the successful practices.

International Patitents

Our International patient team will make sure that you get the world-class facilities here and you and your family go through easier. Here is what we provide to the international patient.



Here is the process that the International patient follows to get the best experience in Hyderabad.


Learn about Contours

Through our website, you can get all the details about the complete information about the doctors, range of services and so on. If you have any kind of query or the doubt about why you should choose Contours then you can contact us.


Selecting your doctor

We have the expertise that ensures you care with the best available resources. The profiles of the doctors are available that you can choose one and we also support you to give the best doctor according to your treatment.


48 hour response time

We aim to give a response within the 48 hours to your any kind of questions. We will communicate you throughout the process and will give you advice on the medical procedure. If the doctors need to talk according to your reports then they will contact you.


Arrange the travel

Before you travel Hyderabad you have to ask your doctor that you are fit or not. You have to inform him and need to know about the procedure, follow up care, time to recover and so on. Airport picks up and drops facilities will give to you.


You stay in India

Until you recover fully you have to stay in India. We will arrange a travel partner for you.


Points to remember when you stay at the hospital
  • Registration at hospital
  • Visa
  • International insurance
  • Payments
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