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Chin Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad – Lower Rhytidectomy

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Chin Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad – Lower Rhytidectomy


Neck lift surgery (also known as lower Rhytidectomy) is a surgical procedure that removes the excess fat in the neck area, causing a double chin or “turkey neck”. One can also choose to have this surgery if their neck skin looks saggy and ageing compared to the other areas on the face. This procedure helps to bring balance in the contours of the neck.



Surgery Procedure (how the surgery is performed):

Neck lift surgery is done in a few steps.

The first step to neck lift surgery is anaesthesia. This consists of two types- local and intravenous. The doctor chooses the best fitting anaesthesia depending on your requirements. He may recommend some medication too if needed prior to the surgery.

The second step is the incision. There are two types of incision depending on what kind of neck lift you require. These are- traditional neck lift incision and limited incision. Traditional neck lift incision starts from the hairline, leading down around the ears and heading at the back neck area. While, the limited incision, also known as the “Massai” neck lift revolves only around the ears.

In both the incisions, you may need to have the fat removed or the fat may be evenly distributed under your neck skin. In the third and final step, the excess skin is trimmed and the incisions are closed with the help of sutures. The neck is bandaged along with the face to avoid swelling and bruising.

Preparations to do before the Treatment

It is important to sit down and discuss the aspects of neck lift surgery with your cosmetic surgeon. Feel free to ask questions and have all your doubts cleared. Discuss your general health conditions or issues, any previous surgeries, consumption of minerals, supplements, addiction to smoking or alcohol (if you are having any). The doctor may suggest you some oral medications after studying your medical history. He will continually evaluate your overall health condition until the due date of your surgery.

After the surgery (what to expect, recovery and results):

Neck lift surgery requires a lot of patience as you cannot see changes within a short period of time. This takes about several weeks or even months for the changes to mature (sometimes, six months or more). Swelling and bruising are very common after the surgery. But one has to be under special care and follow the instructions given by the doctor. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle for fast and better recovery. Applying SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is a must. With time, you would notice visible changes in the contours of your neck and experience a youthful appearance.


About the contourshyd.com and our surgeons:

You must consult an expert surgeon for any type of aesthetic surgery. Contourshyd is a state of the art plastic and aesthetic surgery centre located in Hyderabad, India that boasts of the best of doctors and staff in the country. Contourshyd has modern, high-tech, and up-to-date instruments that facilitate procedures like laser resurfacing procedures and facial rejuvenation. Neck lift surgery is one of the many surgical procedures, Contourshyd specializes in. Contourshyd aims at providing the best of services at an economical cost. They prioritize building familial relationships with their patients, making them feel safe and comfortable before the surgery takes place.

Cost of the surgery in India:

The expense of neck lift surgery depends on the kind of incision you need. A limited incision can cost around 1 to 1.5 Lakhs INR, whereas a traditional neck lift incision can cost around 2.5 lakhs or more. The cost is defined by the complexity of your neck skin.



The risks in Neck Lift Surgery include numbness, bleeding, swelling, prolonged pain, facial asymmetry, rare nerve injury, temporary or permanent hair loss, skin loss, anaesthesia risks, and infection.

An ideal candidate for Neck Lift Surgery can be any man or woman in between their forties to eighties.

Results would take time. One has to be patient. It is very important to have a good lifestyle and to follow the instructions given by the doctor after surgery. Usually, it takes several weeks or sometimes it may take even a few months to achieve the desired results.

The results last up to 10 to 15 years i.e. anywhere between one and one & a half decade. It depends on one’s skin condition and lifestyle.

It may take 2 to 3 weeks to recover from the surgery. The rest of the recovery will follow with time and the medication prescribed by your doctor.

With the help of incisions, the neck muscles and tissues are tightened and the excess skin along with fat is trimmed off. The sagginess of the skin thus is removed and the neck contours look more defined.

That depends on your current health conditions. For a better evaluation of your health before performing the surgery, the doctor may ask you to go through some tests.

There will be post-surgical scars caused by the incisions but they will heal with time.

Local anaesthesia or intravenous anaesthesia, any one of these two types of anaesthesia will be performed depending on which fits you the best.

The post-surgery pain is very common in this surgery. However, pain may exist for a longer period of time. Your skin may feel tight or have tingling sensations. You may also experience burning or pulling. Infection may occur as well. Therefore, it is very important to stay under clinical guidance after the surgery until it is a complete success.

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