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Rhinoplasty Hospital in Hyderabad

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Rhinoplasty Hospital in Hyderabad


Flat nose or depressed nose surgery is intended to reshape the nose by adding volume and dimension to the existing nose structure. As the name suggests it is intended to elevate the nose size by correcting the tip and shaping the nostrils. This surgery substantially expands the nose in all dimensions and presents a much elegant look of the face by correcting the nose proportion.



Flat Nose Surgery – Procedure

The upper part of the nose is made out of bones and the lower part lined with cartilage. Flat nose surgery is done by changing the structure of the skin, cartilage, and bone of the nose. The first step includes anesthesia. You could be given local or general anesthesia depending on your medical condition, the complexity of surgery or your endurance power. You can relax on the ground as our specialized doctors would suggest the best option for you.
Flat nose surgery might be done using an open or closed procedure. In the open technique, slit is made across the tapered strip of tissues that connects the nostrils. In the closed technique, the cuts are subdued inside the nose. These cuts are made to gently raise the skin covering the nose bone and cartilage and hence carry on the restructuring operation. Flat nose might be corrected by adding cartilage from the ear, septum or even a certain part of the rib.
The procedure encompasses neatening and aligning a crooked septum. Thus the overall structure of the nose becomes more prominent and noticeable. Correction of the septum enhances breathing convenience to a great extent.
After the structuring is neatly done the tissues and skin of the nose is draped and the cuts are closed. Marginal slits might be made in the nose folding to change the shape and size of the nose. Gauze and splints are utilized to provide strong support to the nose. These should be kept for few days as it catalyzes the healing process.
You will be under strict observation and monitoring by our team in the observation cabin after the surgery. This is crucial to see if you are safe and reacting to the treatments expected.

Preparation to do before the treatment

Preparing before you go for a flat nose surgery is important. Consulting our specialised doctors helps you to get a crystal clear picture of what you are heading to and how you must prepare yourself both mentally and physically.

The doctors firstly check your medical history, what medicines you presently take and your general health condition. Whether you suffer from any condition of nasal obstruction is documented by our team. This is important to take extra precaution during the operation.

Next physical examination of varied sort and type is conducted via numerous laboratory tests and procedures. Various facial features especially your nose structure is examined in an elaborate fashion. This facilitates the doctors to match your expectation and the surgical output that is feasible on your face structure. Physical features like strength of the nose tip cartilage and the skin of the nose are important factors determining the end result.

Special angled photographs of varied type are then taken. These photos might be fetched into designing software where further manipulation helps the doctors show you what you can expect the end product to be. With the photos in one hand and the projected result on the other, an open discussion about the result is sure to be optimum.

Our doctors even conduct psychological tests to get a picture of your motivation for the surgery. Any sort of achievable expectation is fulfilled by our team by employing the best effort. Matching the dimensional criteria of the nose and other facial characteristics like the chin and cheeks is done flawlessly by our doctors and trained professionals.

After the procedure (expect, recovery and result)

After the surgery it is important for you to give time for the nose to heal. Resting your head on two pillows and lying down is the ideal posture. Thus swelling and bleeding can be controlled easily.

Nominal bleeding, drainage of old blood & mucus and swelling is natural and must not be worried about. In case of extreme situation immediately consult the doctors. Your nose could even be dressed in a drip pad, which helps in easy absorption of the blood drainage. Be cautious not to tighten the drip pad.

You would be advised to eliminate exercises for sometime after the surgery. If needed blow the nose very gently without application of pressure. Smiling and laughter is good but it must be avoided to control any sort of pressurisation in the nose area. Brush your teeth mildly to avoid movement of the upper lips. This is instrumental in restricting the conduction of disturbance to the nose.

Some blue black mark is normal. It is likely to go away in few days. Your nose is definite to shoe remarkable change in shape over a period of one year.


Cost in India

Flat nose surgery might be priced according to the difficulty level of the surgery. On an average the cost revolves around Rs 40000 to Rs 200000.

About the contourshyd.com and our surgeons

If you wish to get your depressed nose surgery done in a hygienic way and in a safe environment, contourshyd.com is the best available option. We are teamed with well qualified doctors and professionals who take care of your requirement to the fullest extent. Employment of advanced technology in the treatment adds colour to our therapy.



Chances are less. But minimal marks under the eye or nose are set to be removed within a week.

Simplicity of the operation depends on the desired output and extends of change of the nose structure.

No, you can easily go back home after some time of the surgery.

Swelling is sure to be gone within few months.

You could commence work in a week.

Not really. Swelling and bleeding can be normally expected.

Cost depends on the complexity of the surgery and your expectations of the outcome.

Not much.

Licensed centres with specialised ad experienced doctors are the best option.

Chances are very less of bruising.

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