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Nipple Tuck in Hyderabad

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Nipple Tuck in Hyderabad

What is Inverted nipple? How to correct it?

Some women are born with inverted nipple or some may develop after puberty or some may develop during pregnancy with inflammation of milk ducts. This development of inverted nipple would differ with age. If the nipple is inverted it lies flat within the areola – a circular pigmented area around the nipple instead of sticking out. Another name for inverted nipple is retracted nipple. Both male and female may have it. It is not a cause of concern for sensitivity and there are many treatment options for it. Inversion is a normal variation in nipple shape and is not usually a cause of concern. A doctor may usually suggest surgery if the underlying concern causes inflammation or malignancy of breast. An estimated 20 – 15% have inverted nipple . Stimulation can cause the inverted nipple to stick out.




Let check easy steps about how to treat inverted nipple

Step 1

Consult a surgeon. It important to consult the surgeon regarding non invasive surgery or invasive surgery to draw out the nipple. A person may wish to change the shape and size of the nipple for breastfeeding or for aesthetic concern.

Step 2

There is a non invasive way by using suction devices like nipple inverters and nipple retractors to draw out the nipple. In any procedure the doctor aims to preserve the sensation of the nipple and maintain the function of breast duct to enable breast feeding.

Step 3

There are 3 grades of nipple:

Grade1 A person can easily pull out the nipple and maintain its projection. This particular type of grade causes no problem with breast feeding.

Grade2 The person can pull out the nipple but not that easily it tends to retract

Grade 3 The person may not be able to retract the nipple outward. It immediately tends to retract.

Step 4

Your surgeon will cut under the nipple and free it from the surrounding tissue after applying local anesthesia. While still attached, the nipple and areola are both lifted from the breast and sewn into protruding shape.

Step 5

Your doctor will then close the incision and apply medicated gauze.

Step 6

There are two types of surgery with preserving the milk ducts and surgery with partial preservation of milk ducts.


There are 3 grades of inverted nipple. The inverted nipple surgery depends on the grade of the nipple, the likely effect of inversion on breastfeeding, the best solution if you want the inversion altered. An integrated approach is important for inversion that minimizes ductal disruption. Remember to choose the correct surgeon for this procedure who masters the technique. The strategy of technique varies from surgeon to surgeon. the one who masters it go for that surgeon for good results. Recovery would take 1 – 2 weeks depending on the technique of surgery.

Preparation before the surgery

The doctor or the surgeon will take your consultation and medically review your entire health history and will also take your measurements will regards to the nipple and breast as it is corrective surgery will follow stepwise approach for the same.


About Contours

ContourHyd.com is a certified clinic for cosmetic surgery. The surgeon is mastered the techniques and is best possible surgeon in India across many countries. He has good hands on skill with the protocol that is followed by the aftercare in the clinic. They take care of each and every patient with utmost importance to the procedure and step wise approach involved during the surgery. It worth valuing the clinic and the technique that they have mastered it over the period of time.

Cost in India

The cost in India depends on which surgeon you choose classifying the degree inverted nipple the surgery cost would vary. Remember its important to value the surgeon and its after procedure care which he is skilled in because we want to avoid all possible complications and risk and wish to have a good complication free surgery. The cost would vary depending upon the choice of surgery and clinic also the technique mastered by the surgeon. The cost in India would vary from 70,000 to 80,000 depending on your location or city you choose the best surgeon from. Your package should include initial consultation along with the sessions of follow up and after care.



The only difference between the inverted nipples and the erect nipples are the contract nerves. Nipple sensitivity can vary from person to person

Some people may experience inverted nipples sometimes some people may experience it all the time. Many people experience inverted nipple during their pregnancy.

Yes if you want more permanent procedure talk to your doctor about nipple piercing.

Any female above the age of 18 who is matured and have inverted nipples.

Corrective surgery for inverted nipples have higher success rate. In few cases nipples can invert after surgery depending on their grade.

Swelling and redness can be seen after surgery which will subside in few days to weeks.

Yes if the milk ducts called the lactiferous drugs are preserved depending on the technique performed by the surgeon, you can definitely breast feed the child after surgery after few days.

After few days you can definitely pick up weight and do some walking exercises.

It is advisable to do that later and not in conjunction of the surgery because of the complications and risk of bleeding and infection.

Yes the nipples will be equal in size with the proportion of the breast provided you are in experienced hands of surgeon who is mastered it.

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