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Anti Aging Treatment in Hyderabad

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Anti Aging Treatment in Hyderabad


Anti aging cosmetic treatments are most popular in the world. These treatments are performed by using fillers and a product extracted from bacteria. This product is injected in the skin and it causes flaccid paralysis. As a result, the skin stretches and wrinkles disappear. Dermal fillers are substances of natural origin which are injected into the skin. This fills out that part of the body and makes it smooth and plump. The effect is that the person looks younger. Many other treatments also have an anti-ageing effect on the person. But nothing gives as instant results as fillers and bacteria product. At Contours, our experienced cosmetologists provide safe and effective Anti Aging Treatment in Hyderabad to restore your youthful look. We use advanced technology and natural ingredients to help you achieve your desired results. Visit us today to get the best anti aging care and treatment!




First procedure uses the product comes from the bacteria that cause botulism. The effect of the toxin is flaccid paralysis, in which the muscles get relaxed. This product involves the ingredients to achieve the desired result. The doctor injects droplets of the product into the skin and facial muscles. This causes the muscles to relax for a temporary period. The relaxed muscles take up a larger volume. So the skin in the area distends to accommodate them. It removes the wrinkles and fine lines. This product is most usually used on the forehead, corners of eyes and lips, and other wrinkled areas.

Dermatologists use many different substances as fillers. Hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite are the most common options. Other than these, fat autografts, organic polymers, bovine collagen, silicone and PMMA are also used. The surgeon will first administer local anesthesia in the area. They will then inject the suitable amount of the filler into the area under the skin. In the case of fat graft, the doctor first extracts the fat from a different part of the body of the patient. Calcium hydroxylapatite and organic polymers like PLLA helps the body restore lost collagen. That is why, even after degradation, they leave the area taut for a long time. Silicone and PMMA are synthetic. So, they act as permanent fillers.

Preparation for Procedure

Consult with a primary care physician before getting bacterium injections. Consult with your dermatologist if you have gotten similar treatment in the recent past. Also, let him know about any medicines you take. Stop blood thinners, sleeping pills or allergy medicines a month before the procedure. These can interfere with the bacterium product.

If you are getting fillers, stop using blood thinners a month before the procedure. You should not get fillers if you have herpes. Check for an allergic reaction against the substance used, except for fat fillers.

After the Procedure

Do not disturb the area where you got the injection for at least 24 hours. Otherwise, the product injected may spread to other body parts and affect there. Immediately call a doctor if you start showing symptoms of botulism. You may also experience bruising, pain and swelling at the injection site. Other side-effects are headache, irritated eye and symptoms of flu. Consult a doctor if they persist.

You can return to your daily routine soon after getting fillers. But avoid strenuous activities. Also, avoid the sun and try not to strain the treated part. Common side-effects of fillers are redness, swelling and itching. You may also get pain, allergy, infection or toxic shock. If symptoms persist for over 3 days, consult your doctor immediately. But an experienced dermatologist reduces chances of side-effects to almost nothing.


About Contours, Anti Aging Treatment in Hyderabad

Anti Aging Treatment in Hyderabad and dermal fillers are delicate procedures. There are many reports all over the world of these treatments gone wrong. A bad procedure can have serious effects like blindness and even death. That is only why you should let only board-certified dermatologists do this procedure. The Contourshyd team has all the necessary qualifications and a lot of experience. We guarantee full results and zero side-effects.

Cost in India

One session of bacterium injection will cost at least ₹10,000. An average session usually costs between ₹15,000 and ₹18,000 for good quality product. Dermal fillers are costlier. Smaller areas like lips cost around ₹25,000 to ₹30,000. But larger procedures like cheek fillers will cost almost double at ₹50,000. The cost also varies with the type of filler used.



You can get bacterium injection after fillers and vice versa. Getting them together enhance the anti aging effects. But it is best to give a gap of at least 2 weeks between both the injections.

These injections are affordable in India. Fillers are costly than bacterium injections. But it is important to note that one usually requires more injections of bacteria product than fillers. Fillers also last longer than the other.

On an average, fillers last longer than bacterium injections. Bacterium injection last an average of 2-4 months but fillers can last for 6-8 months or more. It also depends on the quality of product used and the site of treatment. Lip fillers last for about 6 months while cheek fillers last even for 2 years.

Bacterium injection smoothes wrinkles and fine lines while fillers plump your face. Both have the same end results, which are anti aging effects. Both are good but fillers are considered better.

Bacterium injection is best used if you want to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. it also has other medical uses. Bacterium injections or the product extracted from bacteria can also treat spasms, headaches and excessive sweating. More advanced treatments are used for constricted bowel and bladder movements.

Very small amount of the product extracted from bacterium is used that do not harm at all. But the procedure performed by inexperienced hands can spread and cause serious problems. Only certified dermatologists should perform it.

The FDA approves the use of bacterium injection on people over 18 year’s age. It should be only used when you start getting wrinkles on your face or for medical treatment purpose.

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