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Facial Implant in Hyderabad

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Facial Implant in Hyderabad


Facial implants are insertion of specialized silicon structures or scientifically formulated solid materials that are placed in certain required zones of your face to restructure it and provide symmetrical balance. These implants are tested and compatible with the human tissue system, specially designed to augment your face structure and enhance your physical appearance. Ageing is a natural process to experience but shows up with lots of sluggishness, fine lines, and wrinkles. Facelifts help to achieve your desired look while boosting your confidence. Many patients experience a hollow cheek, giving an aged appearance.

In many cases, it helps to strengthen jawline, upliftment of cheekbone and balance the appearance of your face. Presently facial implants are suggested by surgeons rather than injectable fillers, as they are for specific time frames and displacement of fillers can take place, giving you an imbalanced structure. For attaining best results, facial implants are combined with several other surgeries like rhinoplasty and lip augmentation. Facial implants are also beneficial in face reconstruction operations; patients with severe accidents and facial tumours require injectable fillers and soft tissue reconstruction to get comprehensive results.




After studying the facial structure and requirement of the patient, different implants such as jaw implants, chin implants, and cheek implants are suggested. Generally, most of the implant procedure remains the same; some minute variations are observed according to the regions.

Firstly, the surgeon makes lines on the patient’s face which help in selecting the right space for implantation, underlines marks are made for the non-operational areas.
The patient is advised to lie with their face-up on the surgery table, administration of local and general anaesthesia is done. Then, incisions are made on the area that is subjected to be implanted; capsule sized incision pockets are made for implant insertion. Facial implant surgery may last up to 30 to 45 minutes, later covering up of incision are done with sutures and skin glues which tend to disappear after few days or two weeks. In some patients, chin implants are also performed after rhinoplasty surgery, where, the surgeon makes an incision on either side of your mouth and insert silicone implants.

Before the procedure (preparation)

Facial implant surgeries are highly advanced, and modernised machinery are used during this surgery. You should consult with your doctor before opting for such an extreme procedure, your doctor should prescribe you with medicines that are to be taken before and after facial implant surgery. Blood-thinning medications and supplements should be avoided a week before an operation. Your doctor should be well known about your previous medical histories, such as any deformities or allergies. Several points are to be considered before a face implant surgery; concern has been shown as facial implants are formulated with silicone, and no research has proved silicone to be harmful. It would be best if you thought about the financial cost and other out of pocket costs that you can expect during this procedure.

A smoker has higher risks of getting into complications and any deformities during the surgical operation. For your general wellbeing and surgical demand quit smoking turn out to be the best way. You should get all the necessary details in the best possible ways and aware of all complications that later you can come up with.

After the procedure

A facelift is a complicated surgery; it carries some degree of risk factors. After having several incision getting bruises and swelling is very common, the patient may have a sense of little discomfort, some fluid discharge and a tinge sensation of a few days. In severe cases, discolouration of the skin is also possible. Some friends or family members have to be present during the surgical operation and should keep an eye on the first day after getting the face implant operation. In the case of a medical condition such as allergic reactions, heavy bleeding, blood clots, infections, keloids, numbness, itchy scars, nausea, you should immediately consult with your doctor.


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Cost of procedure in India

Facelift surgery varies according to the type of implant and the procedures. India is the best solutions for all your medical treatment, and surgical problems promise to provide you with solutions for all your facial requirements. The cost of facelift surgery varies according to the region and the selection of hospitals. Facelift being critical as well as delicate surgery demands 1.5 lacs INR to 2.6 lacs INR in some renowned hospitals. Surgery charge includes bed change, food charge, and staying charge. India is famous among patients with in the country and patients outside India. An individual can negotiate about the cost of performing the surgery.



Chin surgery is practised with mouth incision and filling implants into pockets, surgeons either use small implants or cut and shift the position of the bone.

After completion of the surgery, the patient may have little discomfort and have swelling around their face.

Popular materials like silicone and Gore-Tex are used for implanting operations.

These problems arise due to weak chins and are very common; it can be corrected by this procedure.

Fluffy cheeks are a result due to the accumulation of excessive fats; they can be removed and done with smallmouth incision.

There is no side effect known till date, due to implantation of silicone.

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