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Wrinkle Treatment in Hyderabad

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Wrinkle Treatment in Hyderabad


Beauty has always been the center of attention for the human race since ages, but with advancement in the medical science now you have more options to maintain your beauty. Fillers and wrinkle treatments are most popular procedures in involved in cosmetic procedures nowadays. While, people have become more conscious about their looks and tend to go for such procedures more often.



Treatment procedure

Both these procedures are noninvasive i.e. they don’t involve any surgical treatment or painful blood shedding. Wrinkle treatment is a procedure used to minimize or remove dynamic lines and wrinkles present on your face. This procedure uses a purified form of a product extracted from a certain bacterium. It blocks the nerve signals in the area and freezes the tissues and muscles around the area. You might go for topical anesthesia before beginning the process and then an ice pack is applied to the area. The product is injected directly into the tissues of the desired area on the face. It takes around 24-72 hours for the product to show its effect, although it might take a few days in rare case. This treatment is useful for wrinkles and fine lines which are caused due to constant movement of muscles while smiling or frowning etc or due to aging.

Fillers or dermal fillers are chemically manipulated substances mostly in a gel form. These gel-like substances are injected just below the skin to make that area more voluminous. This makes the skin plump and soft and free of wrinkles as well. This is most useful in providing volume to the skin and might work only to a certain extent on the wrinkles. It only works on the fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

Pre-treatment preparations

The most important part is to select a doctor who has complete knowledge about the treatment you want to undergo, so do a good research. Make sure that your skin is compatible with the treatment you want to be done and whether it will be good for your skin or not.

Tell your doctor all the details about your medical history and explain the exact look and results that you are expecting from the procedure. Stop taking any blood thinning medications at least one week before the treatment begins after consulting your physician. Do not use any chemical products on your face before the treatment.

After the treatment (what to expect, result and recovery)

Avoid touching the area where the treatment has been done. Do not rub or massage the treated area for at least 24 hours after the procedure. Do not consume alcohol in large quantities. Do not rest your head or sleep for at least 4 hours after the wrinkles treatment, try staying in a vertical position.

Also avoid direct exposure to the sun for 4-5 hours immediately after the procedure. Avoid using any kind of chemical or cosmetic products on the treated area for at least one to two days after the treatment. The treated area might show some inflammatory reaction for a while so it is best advised to place ice packs but without applying any pressure. For 24-72 hours after the procedure is done, do not try doing any kind of vigorous exercise.


The contourshyd clinic and our doctors

We at contourshyd clinic are always looking forward to provide you with the best of services in our field. We have the well-trained group of doctors appointed to attend your problems and find absolutely perfect and comfortable solutions to them. We are expertise in the field of cosmetic treatments with all the advanced contemporary technologies and equipment available in our clinic used with keeping hygiene and sterilization as the priority.

Cost in India

On an average, the cost of wrinkle treatment in a good clinic in India will start from anywhere around ₹10,000 and might go upto₹25,000 or more. The cost completely depends on the quality of product and the extent of area to be covered for treatment. The cost of dermal fillers depends upon the type of filler you are opting for. Good quality filler will cost you approximately ₹15000 – ₹25000 for minimal area.



Wrinkle treatments are mostly pleasant experience if performed by an expert. There are minimal side effects of the treatment which can easily relieved by medications

The effect of one session of wrinkle treatment last for up to 3-6 months. Although the repeated sessions can give you long lasting effects.

Yes, because the effects of these both procedures are temporary i.e. maximum for 6 months. So if you want to maintain your new improved look then you should get the repeated sessions.

Both of these procedures aim to remove and minimize the wrinkles and fine lines on your face so of course these procedures give you a younger look.

Yes, dermal fillers have a longer life span and prolonged effect as compared to the wrinkle treatment.

It is advised to wait for 24-48 hours after the procedures. After that you can fly without any worries.

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